Straight from the Heart

January 31, 2023


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest from Apollo: “Greetings, I am Apollo. I’m here to check in on you and to check in with you, for much is occurring now on the Earth. Many changes are happening in your lives. We honor you and support you with all of these changes. Right now you are encapsulated with the energies of higher consciousness. This has many people curious about why they are feeling so differently, and why things are not working the way they used to work. This is because everything is changing and higher consciousness means that you know there is something much higher and better for you, a new way of living. We uphold you and your desires for the transformation of the planet and yourselves. We surround your skies. We envelop your hearts with our love and energy, which brings all of us closer to the Creator.  This closeness is what you will need in your new future. After all, ascension is about going back into the heart of the Creator. There is an orchestration of events that will bring you to your desired destination. You are in the process of co-creating the New World. You will be pleased with the results because they are magnificent. Trust this in Divine hands.”

How are all of you doing? Can you feel the acceleration of the light? Do you understand how important it is to be able to go within to trust your heart and what you know is truth? Have you experienced the need to consciously be peaceful and grounded in the presence of others who are not? Are you doing loving, nurturing and caring things for yourself to bring joy and happiness? Is the need for creativity calling out to you? Please realize these are symptoms of ascension. They are combined with physical issues, emotions and thoughts. We must rearrange ourselves because the light is illuminating us at every level. This necessitates we let go of the past and realize our bodies have been holding past life pain. While this is occurring, we are dealing with this crazy imploding 3-D planet. 

January has been a month where we have needed to nurture ourselves. We have tried to find ways to create pleasant, peaceful ways of living. Due to the intense ascension energies many have required more rest. Even the animals are feeling it. We are learning to trust too who we are and to listen to our bodies like never before. We are becoming more aware. Some of us are feeling joy and bliss as we move into higher consciousness. This is the feeling of living in the 5th dimension and higher. You feel a lot of love inside and you radiate that love wherever you go. Other people pick up on your energy and might look at you and smile back at you. You could find yourselves talking to other people, dogs, cats, and kids. It’s about whatever comes your way where you can make a loving connection and find the God within and all around you.

While this is occurring we are having interesting occurrences. The other day I was driving on the freeway and I saw something unusual. It was a golden striped zebra in a roadside pasture. It was beautiful with black and golden stripes. I read an article that said  only 5% of zebras in Uganda don’t have black and white stripes. The golden one was rare and it was beautiful. As we continue on our Ascension journeys some of us will begin to see more golden animals. Won’t that be a treat! It’s how animals appear in heaven on earth.

Speaking of animals, have any of your animals been acting up lately from the energies? My cat was restless yesterday and not handling the energies very well. We need to pay attention to these signs to see what is up with the Earth, sun, or something else. We simply need to pay attention, especially when the animals are acting differently than usual. Check with your friends, and check with your animals, to see what they have to tell you.

In my desire to reside in higher consciousness with peaceful, loving feelings, I like to listen to 432 Hz music on YouTube and I also like to play music for my cat and pet her, especially at night before bed. She even likes to listen to famous singer, songwriter, poet,  Leonard Cohen, because I like him (Particularly, since he is a poet.). In his song called “Anthem”, part of the lyrics in this song are like this: “ . . . There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in . . .” 

These lyrics grabbed me because so many cracks are opening now and the light is getting in more than ever. Have you felt it?  The sun is actively preparing for the solar flash, also known as the love wave. There is a crack in everything, and while the third dimension is imploding upon itself, we are being flooded with light.

Here’s the link for the song: Leonard Cohen Anthem (w/lyrics) London 2008 YouTube:


A Crack in Everything
By Valerie Donner

There’s a crack in everything.
Look around and feel each human being.
Life hasn’t been all that it’s been cracked up to be,
Especially, these last few years numbering three.

Let the light come in
And penetrate the openings.
It’s all falling apart
Because that is what Spirit brings.

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle
That never got completed.
The Earth was consumed
And humanity felt defeated.

The cracks are appearing everywhere.
Let the golden light clear the air.
Wherever there is an opening.
The light can fill the despair.

Human hearts are cracking open.
It’s time for the light to heal the broken.
Much has been said and much has been done.
We now get to heal everyone.

I am grateful for Leonard Cohen’s inspiration. Even though he is no longer here, he continues bringing healing to many hearts and souls.

Another beautiful lightworker for whom I am grateful is Joanna Jinton, an artist from Sweden. After she reached 4 million subscribers on YouTube, she sent the question out to her followers asking them what would they like to tell 4 million people. She received thousands of responses and she shared some in this video that is 53 minutes long. It has responses from beautiful people around the world. If you need inspiration at this time I recommend you watch it and here’s the link:


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council January 30, 2023 through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I speak to you today with reverence and all the love in my heart. I am here to encourage you, and the Earth Council is here to inspire you. We have the best team ever comprised in any ascension process on any planet.

This is because of you, ground crew. You are the best of the best. You are doing an excellent job! Things are starting to get a little jagged and rocky. We are all working overtime to maintain balance and harmony. We recommend you do the same. Keep yourselves in balance and harmony. Restrain from getting caught up in the frenzy of the masses who do not know what is going on. They are looking for love and relief wherever they can find it. Many are opening up and having awakenings. With their discordant behavior they are sometimes awakening to new truths. They are also exhausted from what it takes to maintain life on earth and survive. Many simply want to escape.

We want you to know that the Creator is in charge. This divine plan is bringing out new truths that the dark forces cannot stop. It is part of the great awakening and the homecoming back to Source. Pretty soon you will discover that your main stream news will not have the impact it has in the past because they have been dishonest. A large part of humanity no longer trust their governments, or the media. This is a positive step in the right direction.

We can share with you that you are a part of a brilliant masterful plan for the freedom of the Earth. It is like the ending to a movie that has unexpected events bringing humanity together. This is part of Ascension. It is the rising awareness of perfection, magic and miracles that come from the quantum energies of creation. This plan is toppling the dark ones by increasing their demise. There is simply no more room for them, and there never will be, back on this planet.

We ask you to please assist and help each other as necessary. You are no longer living in the wrong interpretation of the Darwin theory of survival of the fittest. The actual theory is about cooperation and helping each other, not just looking out for one’s self. We’ve already told you that those who are Service to Self will no longer be on the Earth.

You will begin to see more departures from the earth. This is important to remove the dark ones and also to honor peoples’ decisions that they have made with the Creator. We know that many of you have had losses of loved ones. Please be assured they are being given what they need on the other side. Some are truly angry their lives were shortened. They wanted to do other things and to experience more, but it was not their future. They’ve also been signposts to awaken others and many people are starting to realize this fact.

Please stand united ground crew. The best is yet to come!

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council looking after you as always. I love you!



Other Information

Galactic Connections


Some of us are experiencing more connection with the galactic’s. They are present. We get connections through our dreams and telepathically. Some of us get visitations where we hear them, or feel them around us. We are accessing a deeper presence of ourselves, who we are and what we will be doing in the future. This is part of the awakening. We see them in the skies. 

You can ask the galactic’s telepathically to show themselves in the daytime or at night. Wherever I see ships, like at Mount Shasta, I will ask them to “Strobe me baby!” Then I will start seeing blues, reds, and green flashes of light. It’s fun! I’ve also asked them to “Go dark!” and I’ve seen them turn their lights off. You can talk to them telepathically. You can meditate and ask them to come and talk to you. Ask them for a name, or ask them for help. Ask for guidance about how you can be more connected to them. They are waiting for us. Sometimes we see flashes of light for confirmation when we say something, or we hear ringing in the ears when a ship is around. Become more galactic because that’s who you are!



Little Esko


Esko, my darling grandnephew who is now four, is having surgery today to replace his skullcap. In October 2021 he was sitting on a park bench in Northern California when a branch from Redwood tree fell 200 hundred feet and crushed the right side of his skull. Starting with his mom and her friend, who are both nurses, they rushed him to the closest hospital and he was airlifted to Children’s Hospital in Oakland California. With all the prayers, love and miracles, the little guy survived and I’m sure he will through his surgery today. I ask you for your continued prayers for Matt and Monica, his parents, and our family, as he goes through his healing. He is improving with his development because the injury put him back about a year. We have so much to be grateful for and thank you, ground crew, for your support and love.



My Zoom Classes in February

I will be doing the following Zoom classes in February:

Thursday, February 9, from five to 6:30 PM Pacific time, the Master Kuthumi, who was St. Francis of Assisi, will be with us. He will provide a special message and healing for all of us, including our animals, if you want them to be involved in the gathering. $30

Thursday, February 16, from five to 6:30 PM Pacific time, Mother Mary and St. Germain will be with us. Mother Mary represents the divine feminine energy. And Mr. Wonderful, St. Germain, shares  his humor and his energy. $25

Thursday, February 23,  from 5:00 to 6:30PM, Mira from the Pleiadian high Council, will speak through me. If you like Mira, you will love being in her energy. $25

You may also ask questions in these classes. They are payable on PayPal: vdonner99 @ I will send the link after payment. 


My Work

As a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer /reader, channel, energy healer and teacher, I can assist you in many different ways. At this time on the planet, I am doing a lot of energy clearing with people for their pains in their bodies and other physical issues. I’m able to get down to the emotional reasons for peoples ailments. I’m also clearing a lot of relationships and this is helpful at home, work, with families, etc.

I can assist you heal relationships, contact those on the other side, provide clarity, directions and guidance, and help you heal from trauma, abuse and addictions. I can help you get in touch with your inner child, help your spiritual growth, assist you with your ascension, emotional clearing and improving your self-empowerment.

My rates are $70 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minutes and $140 for an hour. You can call me at 925-287-8976 to make an appointment or email me at:




If you feel called to contribute to this website with a love donation we will love you back BIG time! You may use PayPal: or by mail: The Ground Crew, PO Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


In Conclusion

It is my intention with this message today to bring peace, joy and celebration to you through poetry and music, along with my regular words. We are on our way Home. The galactics celebrate everything and so we’re going to celebrate going back Home into the Heart of the Creator. Here’s a link to this beautiful song from Kenny Loggins called: “Celebrate Me Home”

With love, light, golden zebras and all good things, from my heart to yours,



Straight from the Heart

January 4, 2023


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo: “You find yourselves at the beginning of a new Gregorian calendar year, which is a man-created out-of-sync-calendar. You also find yourselves increasingly involved in the energies of new creation, which some call the New Earth. When you reflect back a year ago you realize that the energies have changed significantly. You are no longer the same person that you were and that your planet is no longer the same planet that it was. You have the sense of unfamiliarity. In some ways there is a familiar sense of profound love and light that have entered your surroundings. You know that you are ascending. You feel the symptoms in your body and you realize that everything is fluid energetically and unpredictable. To some this can be exciting and yet to others, it can be off putting, but for certain, it is different. We hold you accountable for your own consciousness so that your deliberations bring you to the highest possible consciousness. When you enter into the fear energies, you get back into the third dimensional rut. The love energies are much higher and do not accept fear. This is my recommendation to you, that you follow your heart and listen to the love within. Trust what you are feeling and don’t get enveloped in the outside world that others would like to draw you into.”

Most of the ground crew have questions about this year; what will 2023 bring? Many on the planet have been wondering a myriad of questions:
Will we have NESARA or GESARA? When will it happen? Is there going to be a reset financially? When will we ascend? How much longer will the deep state be doing what they do? What will the price of gold or silver be? What’s going to happen to the banks or real estate? Am I safe where am living or will there be earth changes here? When are the galactic’s going to show themselves? Am I still going to have my job or do what I’ve always done? Will my family be all right? What about my pets? The list is endless.

We can continue to ponder these possibilities and questions but what does this all come down to? What do we have some control over? What is the most empowering direction for us to focus our energies on? And the answer is within. When we go within and focus on our I am presence, or God Self, whatever you want to call it, we will get the direction. By focusing on love and trusting God, we will keep our consciousness in the fifth dimension and even higher. When we revert back to fear, we find ourselves back in the third dimension. At this pivotal time, we cannot afford a negative thought. We need to learn to live with uncertainty and to follow our hearts.

Most of us know that we’ve been living in some kind of movie that is almost over. It appears that one of the main themes of the movie is to remember who we are as divine beings. We were taught to think that we were nothing, worthless, that we made a mess of our lives, or that our bodies don’t know how to heal themselves, and to rely on the external world that has power over others and has had power over us. Now we have enough information, as we awaken, to walk away from the reliance on the old material world. We are done with it!

Won’t it be a relief when we can throw away the old programs and start  anew! We will be able to create magic, miracles and perfect lives for ourselves. We will be empowered, amazed and astounded at what capabilities we have. We had to forget all of this to come to the third dimensional earth and participate in this movie. 

Some of the things that we will find ourselves doing will be flying, manifesting things out of the thin air, walking through walls, walking on water, time traveling, teleporting, telepathy, creating new technologies, space travel, meeting our galactic friends and families, terraforming, seeing the elementals, devas, fairies, and nature spirits, living in spiritual communities, creating multidimensional art and music, having open communication with animals and plants, reversing aging, and talking with family and friends on the other side. We will be able to discover that we can do pretty much whatever our mind can create. We will live in harmony, kindness, cooperation, love, abundance, joy, beauty and magnificence. How is that for a start at 2023? We will be free!

The earth is becoming our playground, a laboratory for our lives. We will be energized by our creativity and our relationships with our spiritual family and friends. Loneliness will be a thing of the past, so will self doubt and blame. There will be no more need for antidepressants or the old invasive ways of medicine. We will be unstoppable like torpedoes of light blasting throughout creation.


Torpedoes of Light
By Valerie Donner

We are torpedoes of light
Blasting throughout creation.
We are sparks of the divine
Dancing through time.

We pop up here
And show up there.
The sparkles of light
Are everywhere

You name it.
We will be there
Making pretty pictures,
Decorating every chair.

We are simply gorgeous
Manifesting the beauty.
It’s our favorite thing to do,
To be a real cutie.

We experiment
And explore,
Working with tones
And various colors galore.

We follow
What Source wants.
We create for the Creator
With words and extra fonts.

We are torpedoes of light
There’s no other words for it.
We are creators of love
And we are adored for it.

Now get busy
Write your own song.
Let’s play together
So we can run along.

As sparkles of light
We get our attention.
We are just one way
Of showing divine intervention!


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council January 2, 2023 through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I am pleased to speak with you today, for it has been a little while in your earthly times since I have spoken with you.

In your new year you will find this is the time of disassembling. You’ve already begun to experience what it is like as the third dimensional material world is deconstructing. You are seeing where the system is broken and is no longer functioning. This has created some gaps and some shortcomings in the system. You are adjusting and adapting and you will have to be doing much more of that.

As we review the Earth from the Earth Council’s position, we see that much is amiss. The truth is what you thought was serving you and functioning for you, wasn’t really serving most of you at all. The old way simply allowed you to function in a more rote manner. You didn’t have to think and figure out new ways of accomplishing what needed to be done. Now it is forcing you to be more creative to allow for new opportunities to provide what is necessary.

There are many old rules, regulations and laws that are now de- compiling. You might see them almost turning into compost, for that is about what many of them were worth. They just held you and kept you in line. You were forced to do certain things that really were not necessary. It gave some false power to those egos that needed to be fed, for one reason or another. We will just slam that behavior into the folder of the past and say that was the third dimension and that it no longer applies.

The third dimensional material world no longer has the strong hold on you that it had in the past. You are beginning to see how unreal some parts of your lives have been. Right now you might be wondering where you are and it seems strange. This is because change is rampant right now. It has to change because you are moving forward with love, light and truth at breakneck speed. Most of the dark ones are gone so they do not have the control over you they once had. This is to be celebrated. You will have much more beneficial lives.

The past is the past. It’s a lower vibration that pulls you down into a lower frequency when you get caught up into it. Let it go. Rise up into the new beautiful higher consciousness light and spread that light within your body and wherever you go. The Earth is becoming increasingly beautiful because you are infused with higher consciousness and light.

We are admire you, we love you and we support you. We are here for you. We are going great places and you will be happy!

This is Mira and I am sending you all of my love today and always.




Thank you for following me regarding my great nephew Esko. He is now four years old. In October 2021, right before his third birthday, he was sitting on a park bench when a tree branch from Redwood tree fell 200 feet and smashed the right side of his skull. It’s a long story but thanks to his mother who is a nurse, and her nurse friend, who was there at the park with her, they got him to the hospital and then he was flown to Oakland, California to a Children’s Hospital where they did surgery. So far he has survived two surgeries and he is going to have another one on January 26 to replace the skullcap. I ask for your prayers for the little guy, and for our family, and especially for his parents who are stressed out. It is a miracle that Esko is alive. He’s a little behind in his development but he is here with us. I am so grateful!


Solar Activity

According to, on January 2, 2023, we had a C class solar flare 90%, 35% M class solar flare and an X class solar flare 5%. The sun has been very active and is contributing to the rising consciousness on the planet. It’s also preparing us for the Solar Flash, which some believe could be soon. It is activating ascension symptoms. Some of these symptoms include: headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, fluctuating emotions, which are keeping us in a “state of flux.” “These energies are growing at a high level. This is all intended to get us to a higher version of ourselves. They’re helping us to rise up,” according to S.A. Smith from You can follow her on Telegram.



My Zoom Classes for January 2023

You are all cordially invited to attend any of my zoom classes. We would love to have you. They are experiential and you get to feel the energies of the Masters and Mira.

You can pay me through PayPal: vdonner99 @ I will then send you a link.

Thursday, January 12, from 5:00PM-6:30PM Pacific Time, the Master Kuthumi, who was Saint Francis of Assisi, will be with us. He is a beautiful Master who is responsible for the Earth, the animals, fairies and nature spirits, etc. He is a healer and offers healing for animals and humans in this class. He has beautiful energy. $30 Personal questions are allowed.

Thursday, January 19, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM Pacific Time, Mother Mary and Saint Germain will be with us. Mother Mary represents the divine feminine energy and Saint Germain is close to her and represents the energy of freedom. He also has a great sense of humor. $25 Personal questions are allowed.

Thursday, January 26, from 5:00 to 6:30 PM Pacific time, Mira from the Pleiadian high Council will be with us. You will love her energy if you enjoy her transmissions through me. We have been working together for many years now and know each other well. $25



My Work

I work deeply at the heart and soul level and use my gifts of claire- sentience, clairevoyence, clairaudience and claircognizance. I’ve been meditating twice daily for over 40 years, which allows me to go deeply into your heart and soul. This is where the healing needs to occur. I work with your team of guides, Masters, and Angels, as well as, my team of Angels, Archangels and Masters for quantum healing.

I can assist you heal relationships, contact those on the other side, provide clarity, directions and guidance, and help you heal from trauma, abuse and addictions. I can help you get in touch with your inner child, help your spiritual growth, assist you with your ascension, emotional clearing and improving your self-empowerment.

My rates are $70 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minutes and $140 for an hour. You can call me at 925-287-8976 to make an appointment or email me at:




Your heartfelt love donations are always appreciated. You may use PayPal: vdonner99 @ gmail.comor send them to: PO Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596 Thank you for sharing your abundance.

I can assist you heal relationships, contact those on the other side, provide clarity, directions and guidance, and help you heal from trauma, abuse and addictions. I can help you get in touch with your inner child, help your spiritual growth, assist you with your ascension, emotional clearing and improving your self-empowerment.

My rates are $70 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minutes and $140 for an hour. You can call me at 925-287-8976 to make an appointment or email me at:



In Conclusion

We are living in unprecedented times, ground crew. Our consciousness is rising and we are in preparation for moving into the Golden Age. Our bodies are changing. The answers are within. The Creator is with us and we are coming back into Unity and peace.

It’s an exciting time for us to be here and we are just about complete with everything we have needed to do. Good times are coming! We will be celebrating and celebrating and celebrating!

Happy 2023! May this year be filled with lots of love, perfection, light, joy, abundance, magic and miracles.

With love, magic and miracles, from my heart to yours,