“Valerie I can’t thank you enough for your session. It has totally changed. I’m not plugged into this stuff anymore and it was totally life transforming. It was huge, huge for me and powerful.”
“Thank you so much for your help yesterday, I do feel a lot better thanks to your intervention. I also know that my intentions are honorable and I value that and you showed me that.”
“Dearest Valerie, I wanted to express my gratitude for the healing you facilitated for me recently. The medical doctors now believe I do not need surgery and plan to monitor the tumor via sonograms over the next year. If the tumor does not grow larger, there will be no further action required on their part! The most profound result of my healing however, was t he healing that took place between my son and myself. It had been a year of silence from him. Two and a half days after our healing, I received a call from him! And that was not the end of it. I heard from him again, less than a week later. That is truly profound and the miracle in my healing! I have a wish for anyone that might be having difficulties. Its that they be fortunate to find their way to you for the blessing’s of your healing! With Gratitude and Love,
  “I had an appointment with you last Saturday at 2:30 (my sister sat in with me). I just wanted to thank you for a very special appointment. I went there not knowing what it was all about or even what to expect, not to mention skeptical. Since the appointment I can’t tell you how different I have been feeling. It is really strange. I feel as if I am “lighter” inside. My mood is happier and I don’t feel so stressed out and at my wits end even though I still have the same stressful life. You made me realize things that I didn’t realized until you said them, and I thought about them for the next couple of days.”
  “Last time you did a Chakra clearing it really worked, I used to take tranquilizer before speaking publicly. Now I haven’t needed a tranquilizer since then, I relate that all to the experience we did. Tremendous clearing and healing too.”

      “Valerie is a wonderful, inspirational teacher, healer and spiritual counselor. Over the years she has helped guide me along a rocky road with kindness and compassion. One of the qualities I most admire is her genuineness of spirit of truly caring for the individual. As long as I have known her, she doesn’t fall into the trap of being egocentric of many others. The last thing but not the least of all is her great sense of humor; we’re always laughing. Valerie has lightened many souls by just having lightness and spirit.”

Hi Valerie,
      I AM (double meaning) feeling better. My breathing is still labored when I walk, but I recover much faster now. The most impressive part is the piece I can measure with my ‘peak flow meter’.
      “A peak flow meter is a portable, inexpensive, hand-held device used to measure how air flows from your lungs in one “fast blast.” In other words, the meter measures your ability to push air out of your lungs.” This is from the web, below is a link to give you a little more info.
      What is so impressive about this home test that I have used for years, is yesterday I was in the yellow zone (between 200-250) This was a very low score for me that matched the symptoms I was having (extreme shortness of breath) It’s a very short drop from there to the red zone. In the past, when I hit the red I was in the hospital or on massive prednisone. Over the years, I learned to take action when I was in the yellow zone, and not wait as long for the prednisone as once it’s gotten that bad, it takes longer and a higher dose to clear my lungs. While the meter reading goes to 800, On my best days I can hit 300, and on some extra special days I can achieve 350. Oh high doses of prednisone I can hit 375-380. When I called you yesterday, before our session, my readings were between 220 for much of the day, and once or twice 255. You could hear how I sounded. Heaving like a fish out of water. Today, after our amazing healing session, I was able to walk to the mailbox with my dog, ate some more chicken soup, sat and rested for a bit and then did the peak flow meter test. I hit 275! And it didn’t take any prednisone. There is such a big difference between yesterday’s readings and today, not just the numbers, but in how I feel. There’s a huge difference between gasping like a fish out of water, and just being breathy. I am profoundly grateful, Valerie, to you and your team. It also occurred to me today that part of the reason I can ‘receive’ more (healing energy) is due to all the work you have done with me over these past years. I was aware today how very open I was to all the healing energy. I realized that at times in the past, I asked for help but was (self) limited in what I could receive. I guess over the years my tolerance (grin) for receiving has improved, thanks to all your love and help. I am so deeply grateful for all your love, compassion and kindness, not to mention your black belt in healing (big grin).
      Thank you and bless you for all that you have given and shared with me.