Straight from the Heart

August 4, 2021



Dear Ground Crew:


Here’s the latest from Apollo on July 26, 2021: “You may find it challenging to grapple with all that is going on right now. That is because some of it is designed to confuse you and distract you. It is intended to keep you from listening within. This is truly a deeply disturbing energy on the planet. The carriers of darkness are being destroyed. As they depart, they are wailing sounds of pain and loss of their plans for continuing to enslave and destroy the earth. The road ahead is of profound beauty and joy. When the final segment of darkness is gone, your life will be free to live in the golden age. It is nearly here. We are continuing our work and are working with you.  We have the same goal to free the earth.”


Apollo mentioned the “deeply disturbing energy on the planet” right now. Most of us had no idea how dark it was going to get before we would move into the golden age. It is almost as if the air is contaminated, along with thoughts, behaviors, actions and reactions, relationships, demands, health challenges and the imploding of the third dimensional material world. It is a challenge!


What do we do, ground crew, to rise above these energies and focus on the ascended energies? Recently, when I was feeling bleak about these experiences, I remembered the song from the 1965 movie “South Pacific,” with Julie Andrews, “My Favorite Things.” I started my day by going to YouTube and bringing up the song: My Favorite Things I proceeded to fill my day with some of my favorite things and favorite people. I indulged myself from the smallest, joyful things to having a delicious meal. I was grateful for everything that I have and for my friends and family, everything and everyone. 


Laughing is helpful. I find that I get bombarded with so much information that takes me into despair at times. I need to offset the despair with some of the funniest comedians I can find, again on YouTube. I try to watch something funny before I go to sleep at night that make my heart happy so that in the morning I wake up and my heart still feels happy.

Glimmers of Hope

By Valerie Donner


A glimmer of hope,

An uplifting story,

Brings some relief,

From the Covid so gory.


A twinkle of light

In the stars at night,

Shows us that things

Will be getting bright.


A new spin

On news not so keen,

Picks us up from

 The in between.


A moment of laughter,

Something funny,

Is worth it all

And is more valuable than money.


Travel the new.

Let go of the old.

The ground crew

Need to be more bold.


Some are making positive predictions for this month of August. We can use this positivity and pray that some of these promises that have been made will come to fruition. The 8-8-8 Lions Gate will bring a powerful gateway like no other. Maureen Moss is doing a special meditation that day. Her e-mail is: if you are interested.

Here’s a list of some positive information displaying the changing tides in the favor of  the light:

  • Many truth tellers and whistleblowers coming forth with information to assist humanity
  • Class action lawsuits against the dark forces who never thought they would be culpable
  • Heroes in all aspects of society from sports to medicine to the media, military and the government
  • Activists protesting in the streets globally
  • Dirty politicians being recalled from their posts
  • Children and others being rescued from trafficking
  • Legal action being taken against perpetrators of horrific crimes
  • The take-down of the institutions that have not been serving humanity
  • Exposure of the dark institutions
  • Parents taking over school boards and advocating for their children
  • More home schooling
  • The elimination of service-to-self beings
  • Reptilians, draconians and dark forces are dissolving because they cannot be in the higher energies of 5D, etc.
  • The truth coming out about the central banking system and their eventual demise
  • The removal of top CEOs in major corporations and even in main stream media
  • The white hats are involved in every aspect of these changes.
  • Some stories of people whose credit card debt has been forgiven
  • More people are awakening and questioning
  • Truth slipping into the mainstream media
  • Increased assistance from the Galactic’s 
  • The dark forces are freaking out because their ways are no longer working.
  • Some disclosure about Galactic’s
  • Some indication of a new financial system, even gold backed
  • Possible improvements in the workings of the stock market


Another Galactic Contact


The other morning a new galactic named Lika came to be with me. It feels like she is Pleiadian and we will be working together. She is very high up in the galactic command. This is the message for the ground crew:


“The scuffle is beginning. We are about to break through the roof into a new reality. This is a message for the ground crew- Don’t just stand there do something! Do whatever you can to help the ailing earth and humanity. This is why you are here. You will be hearing more from me later. I stand in command!”


Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner

August 4, 2020


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and also the Earth Council. I am with you today to shed some light on the current situation. 


There is much occurring on the earth and in your planetary system. We see that humanity is under great stress and so is the ground crew. There is a rapid influx of light and energies from creation contributing to vast change on the planet. This change is a requisite for ascension. Some might be feeling lost but please understand we are with you. There is a delightfully positive future coming your way.


Some are feeling the building energies of freedom and the higher dimensional consciousness of the fifth dimension. This can require the need to shift and let go of lower consciousness energies. There is much to be determined still as the process continues. It is being created in the process. When vacuums occur, they need to be filled with other energies and that is what’s happening now. The other energies are higher, like love not fear, joy, happiness, peace, abundance and well-being. This is your future and it is appropriate to claim it daily as part of your routine.


The unknown can make people feel unstable and insecure. That is why we recommend that you anchor in more of your  I Am presence, your God Self. Deeply connect with the Creator. Find that place in your heart that needs the love and reassurance. Fill the vacuum.


Powerful openings such as the Lion’s gateway of the 8-8-8 will be facilitating the rising consciousness. Humanity is seeking solace from the spirit within. Attempting to hold onto the old will no longer serve you. This is the great awakening. That which served you in the material world will become less significant. You have an amazing future to look forward to where you will be able to manifest anything you need.  It will be far better than anything that you have had to which you were attached previously. 


I wish you peace where there is sorrow, healing, love where there is fear, understanding and compassion for yourselves and others, strength, courage, awareness, laughter, and light heartedness. Stretch your minds so you know that you will get through this and it will all have been worth it!


I am sending you love and truth,



Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mount Shasta

September 9-12


I rescheduled my Mount Shasta retreat from July to September 9-12. The energies were not conducive for us to go there in July. Since then, there has been openings so we are getting excited about making this trip together. For instance, it feels like the Lemurians who live in Telos, one mile under the mountain in the fifth dimension, are getting ready to come out. We will be connecting with them. It is lovely in Mt. Shasta in September and not as crowded as it is in the summer. If any of you are feeling drawn to the mountain you are still welcome to attend the retreat.


Please click here for the information. Mt Shasta Retreat


I’m still honoring my 10% discount if you pay by August 9.


You may contact me my phone: 925-287-8976 or e-mail:




Many people are challenged right now so some of you could find a session with me beneficial. I do spiritual counseling, readings, energy clearing and healing, whatever you need. I am still charging my old rate: $60 for 30 minutes and $120 for an hour.


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In Conclusion


Even though we know the world seems insane we can draw from within to our own God presence to rise above the outer worlds. Meditation and prayer are helpful along with being in nature, listening to beautiful music, being with children and animals and each other. Doing inner work to clear core issues is helpful too. We are coming back into unity from separation even though it still appears disparate. 


Hang in there, ground grew! The BEST is yet to come!


Blessings, Love and Light,