Straight from the Heart

September 3, 2021


Dear Ground Crew:

This is the latest from Apollo on September 2, 2021: “The days of yesteryear are no longer. You have entered into a new cycle on planet earth. You may have noticed how things feel differently every day now. You can’t expect the old flow to carry you through the higher dimensional consciousness of the fifth dimension. The old ways are no longer working. We have you in mind and we are restoring your planet so that it will work. Life has become too laborious on the earth for everything and everyone. You have to extricate yourself from the past and be open to an easier more flowing way of life. This is happening in all kingdoms. The results will be good and you will live in an astonishing New World.”

We need some levity, ground crew, don’t you think? I have a few funny examples to share with you today that started my day with laughter. I was texting with a client. At the time I had a little burp and I said “Excuse me.” There was no one else there but Siri and there was no reason for me to say “Excuse me” except that’s what I usually do. I didn’t even realize I said it at the time until I looked at the text after I sent it to my client. We cracked up.

Another text I got this morning was from a client who is a teacher. It said “Play music at 9:05” I didn’t understand what she meant because I was already listening to Native American flute music a friend had sent me. That message was intended for her assistant.

Siri can mess up. Sometimes she inserts bad words that I never use. I dictate because it is faster for me. Even if Siri slips up, I can usually go back and readily fix it. Sometimes she’s funny and other times she is an exasperating AI that some of us might feel like slapping if possible.

This could be considered truly tasteless humor by some but it is a creative solution to a frustrated mother’s problem when her child, who’s almost 3, had refused to be potty trained. The mother is the daughter of a friend of mine, so it is her grandchild. As a very last resort my friend’s daughter offered this little three-year-old a choice. She could have a “Poop Cake” or give up her Binky. Guess what she chose? And here’s a picture of the cake.



Even common 3-D irritants can be magnified. I have had an infestation of what I am calling “commie ants.” These are tiny little light-colored ants that infiltrated the area around my cat’s food. They do not go into the regular little ant traps. Like Commies they live in the walls and other places where you can’t see them.

Our current state of living, at least from this vantage point, is not only insane but surreal. In the past several days it has been challenging to function in the material world. Everything seems to be encumbered or slowing down. Regular cards that usually work for purchasing got stuck, or didn’t go through. Processes that should’ve been easy, like paying a bill, had someone brand new who took forever. An accident on the freeway created a big traffic jam. Poor planning on my part for going to Whole Foods at the wrong time when all the high school kids get out, created another big traffic jam. Going to get Boba tea to offset the challenging day I had yesterday, was sabotaged with a long line with a bunch of high school kids getting there before me. What should’ve only taken three hours took four.

Do you see what I mean? The flow is choppy for many of us these days. It is challenging to plan anything. Due to the poor air quality and the closure of the forest service parks, I had to cancel my Mount Shasta retreat again. There are fires all around Mount Shasta and smoke to go along with it.

In the last couple of days, I have chosen to laugh it off. I wrote this poem this morning:



By Valerie Donner


A little bit of laughter

And a lot of tears,

Take away our sorrows

From these past couple of years.


Who cares if the Commies,

Take over the world,

This is just a video game

 And we’re not really here. 


We came back from the future

To change this moment now.

Are we doing a good job?

We will find out somehow. 


It takes a lot of miracles

To rewrite a story.

When it all comes down to it

We will have our moments of glory. 


Pick up your spirit.

Don’t buy the disease.

We’ll have our planet back

So we can live in grace and ease.


Many good things are happening now. More people are waking up. Some people are taking their power back. We are coming together in unity and oneness. Some people are reaching out and helping each other. In my heart I feel the separation between those who have had the shots and those who have not, could become a unifying point for the planet. Most people will find out the truth.

My galactic friend just told me that 61% of the ground crew are now activated and working. A few months ago it was only 13%. The front-line ground crew have been working hard for very long time and can now let others pick up the slack.

Did you ever wonder what percentage of alternative media is accurate? I understand it’s about 50%. The dark forces have infiltrated every aspect of our lives. We still need to question everyone we watch on the alternative media and be discerning. Please pay attention to your heart and how it feels when you read some information or hear something on a video.

Recently, I am paying much closer attention to how I feel after I listen to someone or read something. My main focus is to keep my consciousness in the 5th dimension and higher. If my happiness drops off, I know I have had some dark infiltration. I guess it’s kind of like the commie ants? It could be that some of our favorite entertainment personalities in the alternative news are not who they say they are.

The other day I picked up my friend Jerry Gin’s book called “The Seeker and the Teacher of Light.” It is about the mystery of the 3-6-9, the numbers of creation. It is based on the teachings of Joachim Wippich. The 3-6-9 bring harmony and balance and was used by Tesla.  They correlate with  bio geometry discussed in the book. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“The energies of disease. Bio geometry is based on the view that disease states have specific detrimental energy qualities, which can be measured. These negative energy qualities are present in the following conditions:

  • Lies
  • Negative states of thought and emotion (as well as suppression of natural healthy thought and feeling)
  • Active disease states
  • Electromagnetic and other non-toxic radiations
  • Toxic components of Earth Energy Grids
  • Detrimental spiritual (non-physical)


“Disease can be reinforced and intensified by resonance with the above phenomena.

“Disease is a combination of imbalance itself and the body’s corrective action. Whenever there is a disease problem the body attempts to correct the imbalance.”

When I went to a friend’s house recently, I was in awe of these beautiful flowers growing in the rocks of her front steps. We have to be as strong as these flowers growing in the rocks, ground crew. Be strong!


Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Donner

September 2, 2021


Greetings: I am Mira. I greet you today from the Pleiadian High Council, as well as,  the Earth Council. We watch over you with earnest regard and loving tenderness. You are our main focus.

We understand the problematic energies in which you are living. There are truly toxic’s disturbances in the force field of the earth, as well as in the earth plane. We are monitoring the situation closely because such toxins are detrimental to life on the earth.

The most toxic disturbance is from the energy of fear. Fear is causing humans to make choices that might not be for their highest good. We honor and understand how these choices have come about. We recommend humans take a pulse of their own levels of fear and see what is driving them in their choices.

These energies are forcing humans to evaluate earth and to look deeper to see what is influencing the actions being conducted globally. Some are doing this and yet others are running rampantly on the fear-based energy that lowers frequencies and affects decisions. It’s a disease in itself, a rampant virus that is overwhelming humanity.

We observe that humanity is not behaving in its normal ways. People seem to be out of sync with themselves and others. The imbalances are almost catastrophic. We encourage you to stay out of the fray and to take excellent care of yourselves to bring forth balance, reason and harmony in your life. Step away from the discordance and anchor yourselves into the light. This is your role and we will not let you forget it.

What is most appropriate right now is to deepen your spiritual practice. As ground crew you know what to do. Perform your spiritual routines or create one if you do not have one. Add more to it. Take it from nature. Fill in the blanks. Take classes or ask for help as you need it.

Wipe your sweat from the brow. You don’t have to make this so hard. Your work is pivotal. It will bring positive results and every bit of effort is magnified exponentially. Before you know it, we will be through this and you will have earned your celebration. Remember how powerful you are and what masters you are or you would not be here at this time.


We love you and we are with you. I am Mira


Other information

For those of you who don’t know how to meditate I did a meditation CD a number of years ago called “Welcome in the Light.” It has three tracks and the first one is how to meditate and then two guided meditations that have a lot of healing energy channeled into them. Some people told me they thought it was the best meditation CD they have ever heard. If you want one and you are in the U.S., you can send me $18 on PayPal: and let me know where you want me to send it please.

If any of you need assistance, I am still doing spiritual counseling, readings, energy healing and clearing. I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I specific information about how to help you. I may be reached at 925-287-8976 or email:

Your contributions are always appreciated and can be made through PayPal via my e-mail address.

Lee Harris’s September Energy Report is well worth listening to.



In Conclusion

When we cut through the smoke and mirrors, the lies and fear, the dark and the light, it all boils down to the light. In the simmering, shimmering light, our hearts will spill over as a part of the brilliant golden galactic sun. We will find our parts in the new earth and all of this turmoil and turbulence will be gone. We are integral to the divine plan. 


Stay on it for victory is already ours!

Blessings, love and light,