The Ground Crew in California presents a spiritual retreat at Mount Shasta
Come to the Heights of Mt. Shasta for a peak mystical experience!

Date:  July 21-24 , 2022

Location: The City of Mt. Shasta
(directions will be provided upon registration)

Space is limited so please register as soon as possible.
Cost $444 – Register by June 21st and Save 10% !
Pay $400 if you pay early!

Go to our Our Event Registration Page – When you pay, mention that you are registering for this retreat.
Or Use our registration form below.

Contact Valerie for more information.
Call 925-287-8976 or email vdonner99@gmail.com
Through spending time in nature, walking, meditating, and being nurtured deeply, you will experience teachings, channelings and visits around the Mt. Shasta area.

Come be touched in the heart and soul by the beauty of Mt. Shasta.

The Ground Crew / Who are we?

The Ground Crew is a global group of people who are united in the belief that we are co-creating the New Age of God. They are light workers who want to serve humanity now because they love and revere life and Mother Earth. They feel a oneness with all of life, including our space brothers and sisters. They are aware of many of the ancient prophecies, the strange weather patterns, increased seismic and volcanic activity, and other changes that all point to the fact that something big is about to happen on our planet.

The Ground Crew are human beings of Light who serve here as guardians of the planet. They serve by holding the Light for the new Heaven on Earth. They serve in numerous ways at the call of Spirit. They may be counselors, healers, teachers, artists, scientists, computer experts, leaders, spiritual spokespeople, channels, psychics, etc. Whatever task they perform, they do it with service to humanity and the planet in mind.

Some of The Ground Crew have known all of their lives that they were going to be involved with some important work for the planet. They may feel a strong connection with the stars. Some believe they come from other star systems (as star seeds) to be here now to assist with this transformational process. The Ground Crew are here to perform the mission of helping Mother Earth and Earth humans ascend into the higher dimensions.

If you resonate with this information, you are a part of The Ground Crew.

Welcome and let us come together in doing our work!

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