Straight from the Heart

October 2, 2019


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is a September 30th, 2019,  message from Apollo:

“Along with all of the clutter and the same stories, the light is breaking through the darkness and is gaining huge momentum. You can trust that we have the utmost authority to do what is required to remove the dark and scaly ones who took over control of the earth. You will be feeling better and better as the light shines everywhere. The celebration is in the offing. Remember, we are the good ones and we are here for you.”

My Experience at Mt. Shasta

Instead of having my annual retreat, my friend Cristal, from San Diego, and I went to Mt. Shasta. On our way back from Stewart Mineral Springs, Cristal got the message that we needed to stop at Black Butte, which is a small mountain next to Mt. Shasta. We parked and a message started coming through. It is from Ashtar, a being that I don’t usually channel.

A message from Ashtar, channeled by Valerie Donner,  September 12, 2019, Mt. Shasta, California.

My friend, Cristal,  and I are feeling lots of heart energy.  “We have some time sensitive information. The portals are being opened. You are about to enter the time of no time.  We have been waiting for you. Welcome!

“We greet you with great love and understanding. We bring you the Sword of Truth. There are more and more light ships entering through these portals daily, everywhere around the planet. It is necessary as part of the alignment for the heart of the earth and the calling home of the beings of light, and for the ground crew, who have been working diligently for eons. You are about to go home. It is time for us to take over and do what needs to be done.  You have called it forth and we have heard you. The spells that have been cast upon the planet, particularly on the light, have been completely removed to lighten your load.  We are here to facilitate you on your path. and we have heard your call on behalf of the planet.

“What has been in will be outed.  We will assist in the governance of the planet until things can be stabilized. There is an overlay of a new financial system that will change the planet completely. Everyone will have what they need. It is not as the dark forces have planned, for what they have done to you and the planet will be taken over by the light.

“Just because the dark forces say they want something doesn’t mean they will have what they want. They are setting themselves up for a big awakening.  We are grateful to them for what they have done and for getting you to a place where they can be taken over by the light. Just because they say they want something, or plan something,  doesn’t mean that it will come to fruition. They do not understand.  They think they know everything and that they control everything, however, this control is very much slipping away.

“We are today preparing for a big, big meeting here.  We are welcoming you and thanking you for your direction and for all the hard work that you are doing. Please know that in your time is no time in terms of long periods of linear time that it’s going to take to shift all of this troubled planet. We encourage you and your friends of the light to know that we have powerfully taken over the planet. Nothing can stop  what we have in place.  We are here with you. You are with us. Nothing can stop us from what we are doing.  We have plans in great detail and it’s going to come forward like a huge wave. First there will be gentle maneuvers; you will see immediate changes, unusual circumstances. For those who are just focused on the material world, they will begin to have little satisfaction with what they have.   For those of you who are focused on the golden era of Mother Earth,  you will love the beauty of this earth. You will love your new lives and the abundance that comes with this.

For all skeptics with good hearts, some of their hearts will be convinced very easily and many of them will change their points of view.

“There will be many arrests all over the world,  and we will see to that. Those who are being arrested will go exactly where they belong. We have never before seen such darkness or suffering on a planet. You have the full support of the Light Realms along with all of us Galactics.  Because of who you are, we are going to accomplish everything that needs to be done for you to have a wonderful new world awaiting you. We don’t think that you will be missing the criminals too much.

“We are your Galactic counterparts. You came here to be with us and to have some fun. We do like the fun you are having. You make us laugh. We are celebrating you, great ones.

“We thank you for your hard work and for all of your endeavors.  Believe in yourselves. Know who is in charge and that we are real. Our love is with you everyday when you are here and even when you are not. Good bye for now.”

Two days later, on September 14th,  Crystal and I went up to Panther Meadows, the beautiful place the Native Americans call their church. We basked in the abundant meadow filled with wildflowers.  We listened to the bubbling creek that comes from the sacred spring from inside the mountain. It is a pristine beauty that fills one’s heart and soul. After spending a couple of hours there, we ventured to Ascension Rock. We rested there and went etherically into Telos,  the city under the mountain that is inhabited by over a million Lemurians. They have been there  for about 11,000 years. (For more information about Telos, you can read Aurelia Louise Jones’ books, Telos 1, 2 and 3.