Straight from the Heart

November 7, 2020




Dear Ground Crew:


Here’s the latest message from Apollo on November 3, 2020: “Someone’s illustrious career is going to fall. The truth about him is being revealed. When people know the truth, the separation and hatred of the other person will go away for the most part. This will allow for unity with people in the whole. The planet is going through chaos and turmoil to find out the truth. It is a grinding and churning of life’s desire to be free. Little did most realize the state of darkness in which they have been living. The word is cesspool. The great awakening means the darkness is being cleansed and cleared. The light will bring the stability and cleansing for a healthy and heart centered paradise planet. Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence and devotion to the light.  The divine plan it is playing out. We are with you always.”


How are you doing, ground crew? We know that many of you are exhausted from this unusual and elongated election. It is aggravating, confusing, uncertain, possibly frightening, and a mess. We knew that 2020 was not going to be a year when anything was going to be normal. This one takes the cake!


What is important to know in all of this is that the light has already won. It is like the end of the reel of a movie where we are waiting for the finale. I assure you that the finale is almost here. This is the great awakening and humanity has to find out what has really been going on. They have to decide whether they want to be controlled and live in an energy like China or have the freedom to choose for oneself. Some people like being told what to do so they can feel like they are good boys and girls. Others prefer to follow their hearts, to be creative, and to live natural, normal lives. Remember that feeling? We used to be able to hug, smile at each other, meet new people, see our families and friends, go to the movies and to the gym, and eat in restaurants inside. We took it for granted for little did we anticipate that these could be taken away from us. 


Living with rules like wearing masks, social distancing and keeping us from being connected with the earth and each other, is not human and not natural. Yes, there is a sickening agent out there but we have been misled about most of it. Fear and the need to control us is behind it.


Are we victims or are we the spiritual warriors that we came here to be? Are we ready to stand in the strength and the courage of the light that we are? It is why we are here now.


There is a large amount of censorship going on with social media and the high-tech companies. There must be something that they don’t want most people to know. However, the light is shining on the darkness, and there will be no more secrets. When humanity finds out what has happened to the children, millions of children, most likely they will cry their hearts out.


Remember we are rising in consciousness. The planet is ascending and so are we. What served us in the third dimension will not serve us in the fifth dimension and higher consciousness. In the long run, this temporary discomfort will disappear and we will be living in the Golden Age. We will have technology that will heal us, free energy, ways to heal cancer and other diseases, abundance for all, and a different form of government that is based on councils rather than this type of service to self-government. Taxes will disappear. There will be a new financial system that is based on gold. We will be doing the work from our hearts and souls that we came here to do.


Please do not despair for that which is fading away. You have a glorious future so let go of what no longer serves you. It is superior to anything that you could have imagined.

Wake Up

By Valerie Donner


Wake up people.

 Take off your mask.

The dark forces

 Are being called to task.


They had the wool covered

 Over your eyes and your mouth.

For this they should be punished

 And they will be led to the trough.


Take off your mask.

 Tell the truth.

The dark forces

 Are slimy sleuths.


This is the end 

Of their dark and dirty reign. 

We are taking back the earth

 And starting over again.


Open your eyes.

 Shout it out. 

The dark game is over 

And we have the clout!


Let the light shine

 And heal your heart. 

The divine plan is in action.

It is really smart.


No matter what they do.

No matter how hard they try.

When they’re all gone.

 There won’t be a dry eye.


We will cry tears of joy

 And let freedom ring. 

There’s a new earth

And a new human being. 


Master St. Germain


On November 3, I had my monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. This is an experiential class in which we go into three different rounds of meditation merging with the master. The Master St. Germain was with us that night. He is the one who brought forth the I AM. He precipitated at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Some people in the class see things, others hear; each have their own experience. Since I’m a channel, I get words. He was very funny that night, so this is what he said: “Drink in a cup of tranquility with me. Let it transmute uncertainty and fear. Let us clear out your worries and troubles. Let it soothe your wounds. Make up for lost time by dancing with me in a purple sky with a violet pink sunset. Let your heartaches heal from the sparkling sun as it casts its light upon the water. You are and I am. “


“More opportunities are coming for expanded abundance. The pen is mightier than the sword. Let’s talk about the capitol, W.H. (White House). The election is extreme contention without direction. Violet flame all of it. Cry if you need to until you can’t cry any longer, then you will be fully present in your I am. You should all get some rebates from those debates. They should have paid you to listen no question about it.”


“You have two people vying for the White House who are at odds with each other and will never get it right. Polls are for polarity. They perpetuate duality. This is a hit and a miss. One will be a hit and the other a miss. You will gain your freedom and the whole world will sing. Celebration is on its way. Let freedom ring.”



A channeling from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council November 6, 2020

through Valerie Donner


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am pleased to speak with you today, to lift your spirits, and to invite you to move more into being your galactic selves. Can you feel the connection?


As you continue to be displeased with what is occurring on your planet right now, you are reaching for the stars, for more of your true home. I assure you that this is where you are headed. You are going through a major ascension and transformation. This can only occur with your help and your energy on the earth. It is why are you incarnated at this time. You are the light and your energy are needed. The Ascension process would not have progressed this much without you, for this we honor and we thank you! We are doing this together because this is what it takes. It takes brilliant light and brilliant minds and hearts to transform such darkness back into the light.


I can confirm that with all of my work with the ascension of many other planets, this one is the most dramatic and far-fetched that I have ever seen. There is much at stake. History is in the making. What happens on the earth affects all of creation and that’s why we are all here focusing with you on the earth. My planetary system, the Pleiades, assists planets regularly who are ascending. We are indeed sorry there is such suffering, fear, deceit, lack, illness, treachery, and greed. The darkness has done much damage to the planet and to all of life. By heavenly decree, this can no longer be tolerated!


Soon you’ll begin to see the spoilers been returned to their spoil. Their energy is simply no longer allowed on the earth and they are aware of this fact. It is why they are behaving so poorly since they have never lost before so why should it happen now??? This should make you all more convinced that the light has taken reign and their defeat is imminent.


What you are experiencing now is the final battle between the light and the dark. Know that you are being looked after no matter what! You shall have everything that you need. 


The ascension is progressing well. Please remain calm, balanced and centered. Trust the brilliance of the unfolding plan and know that all will be well.


I am Mira and I am sending you an abundance of life. 


Other information


Today before I started writing this update, I heard that a friend of mine was transitioning. I picked up the phone to call her to tell her that I love her and that she was surrounded with many angels. The attendant on the other line told me she could not relay the message because my friend Deborah had “just passed.” I was shocked and started to cry. I have known her for 30 years and she was a beautiful light-worker. She survived Huntington disease, which is hereditary, far longer than most people. I will never forget her love of beauty, adventure and her desire to always have fun, and to make the most of every day.


October was a challenging month. A family member passed, and so did another ground crew member friend from Oregon. I know many of you have challenges right now. We all have to help each other, open our hearts, and give what we can. Be like Deborah and enjoy every day!


Some of us are voracious consumers of information. We are scholars and researchers. Foster Gamble, from the “Thrive Movie” and new “Thrive II” Movie, calls himself a “conspiracy analyst,” reads both sides of the stories 40 hours a week. And after he does his analysis, he and his wife, Kimberly, both called themselves “conspiracy realists”. Where do you fit? (


Getting information is entertainment for many of us. It is our job! We still have to be discerning. There are trolls out there and disinformation specialists who want to keep us dis-empowered and confused. Please always check within and see how the information resonates in your heart. Some are not who they appear to be. This is true especially if they have to keep telling us they are telling you the truth. These are some of the ones that I question the most.


In Conclusion


These are intense times. It is when the ground crew are needed to be our best. We will get through this and then we will have big celebrations with dancing in the streets. We will be able to take off our masks, hug each other, find our beloveds, and never have to worry about money again. Keep holding the light, meditating and praying, and visualizing our beautiful new future.


As I mentioned, October was a challenging month. If any of you would like a session, (spiritual counseling, readings, healing, energy work), I am charging my old rates of $60 for 30 minutes $120 for an hour. If any of you can make a contribution, I would really appreciate it. You can reach me or PayPal me at: or you may call me at 925-287-8976



Blessings, love, and light,