Straight from the Heart

October 1 2020


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest information from Apollo: September 30, 2020, “You have reached the Apex at the end of the old way of living. The new earth and the new way of living are on the horizon. Think about it! Begin to feel the Golden Age coursing through your veins. You are changing. You are experiencing the end times. No longer will earth experience the trials and tribulations of the dark controllers. You are seeing it fall apart before your very eyes. All is well for you to live perfect lives on a perfect planet. Get ready! You have a New World to behold.”

We could use a more perfect planet right now, don’t you think? The ineptitude’s of the third dimension are right before us. What used to work is no longer working. Time is speeding up, which is a good sign that we are going into higher consciousness. (I just heard that this September was like a year in one month. October is supposed to be like six months in one month.) Here in California in the San Francisco Bay area we are having hot weather and smoke from the fires in the Wine Country. Fires started there on September 27. Thousands of people have had to evacuate. As of this writing only about 5% of the fires are contained.

Some of these fires are the result of not-so divine interventions. They are the result of chemical spraying, arson, and other direct assaults on the earth and humanity. The dark forces are relentless and angry as their power and control continue to dissolve. If you controlled all of the money on the planet and had everybody else working for you, most likely you wouldn’t be happy if you were having your game end. That is what is happening. Just watch what is occurring. Please pray for divine prevention and divine protection, along with divine intervention and divine resolution.

What is important is that we keep our vibrations up through prayer and meditation, beautiful music, art, communication with like-minded friends and others, nature, animals and that which brings us joy. We need to stay on the trajectory of light. The light is huge and is getting stronger every day. I had an experience recently at night where a vast amount of light came to me in my heart and in my body. I felt profound love and happiness. These events are happening with other light workers. We are transducing the light and assisting in elevating the consciousness. In my class with Mira on September 22, she gave us a magnificent light acceleration.  I told some friends that “I feel like I’m packing light.” This light is being appropriated to us so that we can use it wherever we go and whenever it is needed. 

The sky was red upon awakening on September 13, 2020. There was no sun all day.  It was eerie. It felt like we were on some other planet. It was like nothing any of us had ever experienced. Some thought that we were perhaps in the time of darkness that has been reported to be a part of the null zone of the photon belt. According to Magenta Pixie, who channels the Council of Nine from Sirius, we are in the null zone of the photon belt. She claims it could take a thousand years to get through it.

Here is a poem that I wrote that day:

Red Skies

By Valerie Donner


Lock them in!

Smoke them out!

The sky is red. 

“Help!” I shout.


Burn the trees. 

Burn my eyes.

Whatever happened

To our blue skies?


The situation stinks.

It’s not nice. 

Our country is burning.

Throw on some ice!


Too many people

 Are crying real tears.

 They’ve lost everything 

And are up to their ears.


What do we do?

Where do we go?

Rise up with the angels.

Let heaven flow.


There is no answer

For these horrible times

But to write a few words;

Make some rhymes.


Pray for rain,

Divine intervention.

There’s nothing swell 

About this intention.


Be up in arms

With all that’s all awry.

We want normal back

And this is why!


What is happening?

Is this the new normal?

It isn’t natural

And it is far from formal.


A lot is at stake

While too much is lost.

Our beautiful states

Are a very high cost.


All of life

Is burning wild.

This isn’t normal.

It’s crazy, my child!


How could this happen?

How can it be

When we are a part

Of one family?

My retreat at Mount Shasta

I glided up to Mount Shasta on September 2 in great anticipation of my retreat. The skies were smoky until getting out of Redding, which is already about 3 1/2 hours from the San Francisco Bay Area. The last hour of the drive to Mount Shasta the skies turned blue and I could see the mountain. My heart was singing with joy because I was so happy to see the mountain. I knew that I was on a special mission with two other people who were the ones who needed to be there.