Straight from the Heart

December 1, 2020


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest from Apollo, November 30, 2020: “Make no mistake, the war between the dark and the light is over. The positives and the negatives have been canceled out. It is time to leave the old. There are a few stragglers who have not gotten the message but I am telling them loudly and clearly, it is over! They are done! They are off to some other place because the earth is finished with them! We have all had enough. I make this pronouncement and it holds. Our Creator has spoken. All obstructions are cleared. The New World is ready for those who can rise in consciousness and who will be able to allow and live in the Golden Age and the golden light. Welcome!”

November 29, 2020, “The gateway to a new tomorrow is opening. Things will never be the same on Mother Earth. We are preparing our landing craft. All systems are ready. The dark have lost their grip. There is much cleaning up to do. Completion is at hand. As above so below. The light is blasting through. The total cleansing of the planet is going on in a very big way. Look out for the debris! Humanity is in for a huge awakening. Say goodbye to the dark forces of evil. You are ascending and you are free!”

Twenty-five years ago, when I first started writing on the Internet for the ground crew, we mistakenly thought that we were ready for ascension. Reflecting back, it is obvious that we had to go through much more. We were told that when the Schumann Resonance reached 12, we would be in the null zone, zero point. The Schumann Resonance measures the heartbeat of the planet. At that time 7.8 was normal. This past year, or more, it vacillated all the way up into the high 90’s and has been hovering recently around the mid-teens. It is interesting to note that as of this writing on December 1, 2020, the Schumann Resonance is at 70!

We are in the null zone of the photon belt which comes around every 26,000 years. Just think about what we have learned since the mid-nineties and how much more aware and awake we are right now. This 2020 year has been the most challenging for most people. It is the great awakening.

There are forces of dark who would like to prevent the awakening by using lies, censorship, mind control, physical force, chemicals in the sky, vaccines, prevention of human gatherings and connection, and by polarizing friends and family. Many lightworkers have been taken off YouTube and other bringers of truth have had their platforms attacked. We have to remember that none of this will work. Censorship is like putting a blanket over the sun to prevent the light. The light is for our enlightenment and cannot be stopped. Light is information. It is far more powerful than any of the means the dark forces are using to prevent the ascension.

Dark Forces

By Valerie Donner


Nasty little dark forces

Jamming up things.

 They had better watch out

For what Santa brings.


Will it be a lump of coal

 Or a messed-up flight?

 The reindeer won’t be flying

 To their houses Christmas Eve night.


They’re just like two-year-olds 

Who always want their way.

Sorry it doesn’t happen anymore.

The light is having its say.


There are some parallels

That many are starting to see.

 The company you keep 

Is important for you and me.


The light has the stronghold. 

The dark has lost its grip.

 It’s time to celebrate 

And go on a light ship.


 Let freedom ring!

 Shout it out!

 Everything will be OK

 For today and throughout.


The nasties had their time.

 Now it’s way overdue

For them to go away

For us to begin a new!

Other important Information

Three weeks from today as of this posting, December 21, 2020, the earth is moving into the age of Aquarius. Here’s the song “The Age of Aquarius” from the 1970’s Broadway musical “Hair”.


Many would like to know what this portends. Is it a big wave of light and love? Is it the time of shifting the consciousness into the fifth dimension? Does this mean that our planet, Solar System, galaxy and universe are going to be moved into another quadrant in the multi-verse? Some are skeptical and think it could just be another big nothing burger. But my heart tells me otherwise. I am optimistic about what will happen three weeks from now. I also have galactic connections that give me a sense that we are moving in to the New Earth. If this is so, it would make this most challenging year of 2020 worth it!

Someone sent me the following quote: “The year is not over yet. We still have two eclipses and a rare alignment to go, full moon Lunar Eclipse November 30, then a New Moon Solar Eclipse December 14 and a major rare conjunction December 21st, so expect major miracles and unexpected events before the year ends. The year is not over yet.”

According to we had a major M4.4 solar flare on November 29. (This is an Italian website so you must translate it into English.) This solar flare might sideswipe earth’s magnetic field December 1-2 according to NOAA. The impact could spark a Minor G1-class geomagnetic storm over northern countries such as Canada, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

One of my light worker friends told me that he and other light worker friends are more or less stepping it up so they can be light warriors because so much light is needed now on the planet. Lorie Ladd does an excellent job of explaining how we can go from the 3D material world of fear, greed, service to self, control, etc. to the fifth dimension. This dimension is of love, harmony, balance, kindness, abundance and all good things.

Here is an example of how I assisted a client to get rid of an unwanted roommate. She waited for eight months for this person to move out. She could not evict her due to the Covid restrictions here in California. The person was given 60 days’ notice in September. She procrastinated and waited until the very end to find a place. She was supposed to move out two days past her deadline. She got all packed up and got a moving van. The person who told her she could have the new place changed his mind at midnight the day before she was going to move in. My client called me for a session when she found out the client didn’t get the place. She desperately needed the person to move. I suggested that she be kind and offer the roommate the possibility of storing her things there, including her cat, but that she could no longer stay there. The other option was to go to the 3D way by calling the police, getting an attorney and paying over $10,000 in legal fees that would take 2 1/2 months to get the person out. It turned out that both the client and the roommate had a healing. Both were drawn together because of the man who refused to let her move in. It is all a divine blessing because if the man had not initially accepted the woman for a roommate, she would not have packed up all of her things and been ready to leave. This is what I call “a 5D solution in a 3-D world”.

Some of us are more in a higher 5D state of consciousness.

We can make choices that are kind and helpful without having to use power over others in the third dimensional consciousness.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council

through Valerie Donner November 30, 2020

Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I am pleased to speak with you. Much is occurring on the grandest scale. Truly, this is a huge operation in which we are involved to shift the earth into the fifth dimension and all of life along with it.

You and the earth are pivotal in the ascension of all creation. Never forget for a minute how important you are and how grateful we are for the work that you’ve done to get the earth and the consciousness to the stage that you are in now. We acknowledge your greatness and the vastness of your light, your determination, your commitment and your skills that are facilitating this grand shift.

We know this has not been easy and again we know that you are tired. You are working diligently day and night to make this happen. You have no idea how important your work is. It is making a huge difference.

On the earth counsel we observe that some of you are rattled at times due to the outrageous behaviors of the dark forces. Please do not let them get you off-balance or in fear. Hold the light constantly and remain in the fifth dimension in your consciousness. You are the way showers. We need you to stay straight on purpose focused on the ascension.

Please take excellent care of your body’s, minds, hearts and souls. Do what brings you joy, laughter, and peace. Get lots of rest, eat well and do whatever you need to do to nurture your body. The body is going through upgrading including the endocrine system and your cellular structure, along with the amount of light that it is bringing in. Every aspect of creation is assisting you and the earth right now. Everyone will benefit when the ascension is complete. Major shifts need to happen now. Life is too untenable and too precious to be tampered with in the way that you are being forced to live right now.

It was decided earlier this year that time would be sped up so that the ascension would go faster because the dark forces were creating too much destruction.

 The chaos with the election in the United States is part of the Ascension process. It is intended to add light and truth to what many did not know was happening. It is also necessary for empowering people to take their power back to claim their freedom.

What is most important is that our lightworkers keep their vibrations up and that they follow the truth in their own hearts. The disinformation being spread “like a fire hose” as one recently said, can be disarming and disheartening. If you buy into it you are lowering your vibration and are not as capable of holding the light and doing your work.

We do not want you to energize the dark schemes with your focus or your energy. It is unproductive. Trust and believe in the divine plan and know that it is in action. Every aspect of it is brilliant and is designed for the truth and the light to come out for all to see.

We are with you with each breath, each choice, and each victory, whether large or small. We celebrate you and we celebrate every victory. Soon we will be dancing together in the streets.


I am Mira and I love you and support you.


Other Information

Some of you may know that I am participating in Foster Gamble’s ( weekly Freedom Portal. Here’s a suggestion: you might want to go to if you’re interested in seeing how people are working with their local sheriffs to get them to only enforce situations where there’s a victim and a crime. For instance, in California our Governor Newsom has instituted many draconian executive orders and laws that he is not permitted to do according to our state constitution during an emergency. He has made over 50 executive orders and over 400 laws since March 3 this year. He is being sued for it. In some parts of the state sheriffs are already refusing to enforce the governor’s rule of people not being able to go to the beach, or parks, etc.


One of the suggestions as a solution in last Saturday’s talk about the virus, etc. is to choose to live life for life not for death. I’m sure most of you realize that all of these rules are to instill fear of death. Fear is terrorizing much of the populace. We have the power to make different choices for ourselves. Please take this into consideration.

If any of you are interested in receiving assistance in making 5G solutions in a 3-D world, you may contact me for a session. I do spiritual counseling, readings, healings, energy work and channeling. I have rolled my rates back to my old rates to assist with these challenging times: $60 for 30 minutes, $90 for 45 minutes and $120 for an hour. You can reach me at: 925-287-8976 or:


In Conclusion

We have unlimited assistance as ground crew even though it seems that we have insurmountable problems. Nothing is too difficult for Source. We are a part of Source. We are remembering our mastery and we will use it every step of the way to fill our mission of creating heaven on earth!

Have a most wonderful, magical, mystical, fifth dimensional holiday season!

Blessings love and light,