Dear Ground crew:

A message from Apollo, May 9, 2018:

“Look to the sky for answers. There are many occurrences, signs, symbols and events to help you be informed and to entertain you. We marvel at how our lightworkers are doing. You are going against the nefarious ones simply by being who you are. They are being squeezed to the surface and are reluctantly being moved to their next station. They have taken advantage of you humans, and the earth and their time is over. You have suffered for long enough. The biggest clean up of any planet is being conducted right now. Right! You are all arriving. You are almost there. Just be patient a little longer. We are with you!!”

Have any of you wondered why you have not heard from me sooner this month? It’s because I have been busy working in the treacherous trenches! I have been gathering information to share with you and I hope you appreciate the experience and effort that is has taken to do this work. What we learn and heal is never just for us. It is to be shared with others. Our consciousness provides exponential healing.

Last month in Lee Harris’s Energy Report he said that April was going to be a “gnarly month” and that “there would be a lot of grief.” Did any of you experience that? I surely did. This month has been off the charts. On May 1 and 2 Uranus, the planet of sudden change and surprises, kicked in. For many of you last week might have been one of the most challenging weeks that you can remember. I experienced this too. It probably doesn’t help being a Taurus with a Scorpio rising. (We are in Taurus and we had a Scorpio moon.)

Some of what I experienced goes like this:

  • Mish mashed energies
  • Big dark attacks
  • The disappearance of things (in more detail later in this write-up)
  • Important messages from the separated aspect of oneself (the wounded inner child)
  • Disappointments
  • The speeding up of time and challenges functioning
  • Health challenges that came to a head and needed to be healed
  • Increased sensitivity
  • Reactions to the changing electromagnetics
  • Discomfort with any type of limitation
  • The juxtaposition of polarities
  • Financial challenges
  • The feeling that the world has gone mad
  • Terrible drivers
  • Headaches
  • Lucid dreams
  • Changing tastes in food
  • The need to be flexible and to be able to with the flow (like changing schedules, etc.)
  • Extremes-feeling great laughter, joy, blissfulness, love and sweetness and then moving to unexpected challenges
  • Gratitude for all that is good



Treacherous Times

By Valerie Donner


Treacherous times make me sad.

They awaken me the most

To what has been bad.


So tired of seeing the lies and misdeeds,

Makes me wonder what else will be seen.


How can humans behave as they do?

Where is the loving kindness?

How do they treat you?


These are treacherous times

Of skirting the dark.

They are not fun

Or a walk in the park.


We are in the trenches

That’s what I know.

Let’s get it on

With the real Light Show.

In the last ten days I have been losing things and it is making me crazy. At the new Living Expo, I bought two raw desserts and the raw brownie disappeared. Then I was holding a big piece of black tourmaline, dropped it and it disappeared. My son gave me a new pair of earrings for my birthday and one of the little gold chains fell off one earring and I can’t find it. I put my glasses on my altar when I was meditating and I couldn’t find them. Fortunately, they came back a couple of days later.

Losing things can be part of the fourth dimension. It is frustrating.

What I have observed is that we are getting to experience the limitations of the third dimension so that we can move into the unlimited. That is what I mean by the “juxtaposition.” Our souls already know that we are unlimited and want to break free. It is not the natural way to live. We have been living under a spell that is the opposite of the way we were intended to live. We are awakening to our powerful true selves. Look out! Here we come!

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May 9, 2018



I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I work full time with the Earth Council and am focused on the ascension process.

You are proceeding rapidly with your Ascension Process. We are with you every step of the way. You are pulling your energies away from the third dimension. You are focusing on moving through the fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension.

Some of you are still quite attached to the material world. You are beginning to understand the lessons that you came to learn from the third dimension. We know that you would like to retreat from some of these lessons, yet they still require your completion. If you look at what you are going through you will see that you are putting the finishing touches on the karma so that you can be free to ascend. You will not have to go through these lessons again. Then you will be able to pat your self on the back. If you like, we will even give you a diploma so that you can put it on your resume when you apply for other planetary service.

You are reaching new levels of understanding of yourself and the world in which you have been living. It is like none other. You are a special needs planet due to extreme diversity and the energy vampires who have settled on your planet. Their energy scavenging is nearly over. Their reign of terror will no longer be allowed. You will be dancing in the streets perhaps singing “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” Then you will be singing “Let the good times roll” and the streets will be paved with gold.

Please mark my words. They are filled with love and truth. They are a predictor of what lies ahead. Do not let these challenges overwhelm you. You are spiritual warriors filled with light, power and truth.

I proclaim that the time is now. You are ready for the Golden Age. Change is at hand.

I am Mira saying good bye today with bountiful love.


Other News

One of the reasons that the energies are so challenging is that the earth is getting a whole new electromagnetic grid. This comes from my teacher the Archangel Gabriel (Benu through Karen Cook.) This can be intense for empaths especially since we have sensitive energy fields. Gabriel also said that most women need to take 325 mg. of magnesium daily. Some of you may be getting enough. It can make a big difference when dealing with these energies.

We are still finding new comfort levels with those with whom we associate. It is about resonance and if we are not in resonance with someone we may need to make new choices about whether or not we want to be in their company. When we are with those with whom we resonate it is wonderful.

Gordon Asher Davidson did another Galactic News #21 on May 6. Here’s the link: