Straight from the Heart


March 7, 2019


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest message from Apollo, March 7, 2019: “It doesn’t pay to be patriotic anymore. Your country is not what it used to be. Every country is in a state of flux. They are run by the cabal and those who serve themselves. The times of the past are being undone. The flags are false flags with false intentions and messages of service to self. The flags are merely waiving in the wind and are not about being loyal to the people. You have been brainwashed to believe that your United States cares about its people, but this could not be further from the truth. Stand up people everywhere and be true to yourself. Everything else is blowing in the wind. Pay attention to what is happening. It’s coming down with all of the fake narratives. This is what you call imploding.”

In last month’s message, I wrote that I was wondering about the Matrix and Artificial  Intelligence. I was on a search for more. Then I went to my dance class at the gym and saw a “New York Magazine” with the leading article,  “We are living in the Matrix.” There was the answer. The movie “The Matrix” spelled it out. Then I began wondering a myriad of things about ascension. Like how does Spirit overrule AI? I was told “Not to worry about it” or that we can go into meditation and say that we “Want out of the matrix and AI.”

What I learned is that we need to remember that we are more powerful than any external creation. We are powerful beings of light and we can change everything. In fact, this is why we are here now. We came back from the future to change this now moment. These are the same energies that we went through with Atlantis. We didn’t like what happened then so that is why we are here now. Doesn’t it feel eerie at times and all too familiar? What happened in Atlantis was one of the worst things that ever happened to the planet. Let’s change it, ground crew!

Have any of you ever read “E.T. 101, The Cosmic Instruction Manual”? It was written in 1993 by Zoev Jho and Diann Luppi? I recently re-read this delightful little book. In essence, what they talk about is the ground crew and all that we have been learning. They said that “The most important thing to learn is to trust Spirit.” “The most important tool that we need is to use is laughter.” Then the idea is we can sit back and watch 3D implode upon itself and laugh it off. What a charade we are viewing daily in the media with one crook, creep or evil person in power resign or fall off of their pedestal! This is a better show than any Hollywood production, don’t you think? There is not one crooked attorney, or gifted P.R. person, who can bail out these miscreants.

The other area of play for me has been with the manifestation energies. In a recent session with Archangel Gabriel (Benu through channel Karen Cook), he reminded me that 5D is not an actual dimension. It is an energy field of manifestation. It is pure energy. I have been tapping into these manifesting energies and having some fun experiences. For instance, I was at Trader Joe’s with a friend getting the ingredients to make my special gluten free, sugar free cookies. ( I usually use stevia sweetened chocolate chips but couldn’t find them.) We got all of the baking goods and put them in the cart. They only had chocolate chunks, so I said, “I want chocolate chips!” Right then around the corner came a tall handsome young man wearing a Trader Joe’s uniform who threw a bag of chocolate chips on the empty shelf. He said he “Found it on another shelf.” My friend and I laughed until we almost fell over. I am still laughing, actually. I just found out from a psychic that the person came from someplace else in the stars just to show me how we can powerfully manifest. She said, “He didn’t work at Trader Joe’s and if we went back there we would not find him.”

In this process, I was telling my friend about using the manifestation energies. She had not seen a rainbow in 20 years, and we saw a rainbow a couple of days previously. See how much fun it is to play with these energies! It surely beats 3D!

Rainbows and Chocolate Chips

By Valerie Donner


Rainbows and chocolate chips

Are up for grabs.

Look to the sky.

See the beauty it has.


It’s completely remarkable

When these magical occurrences come.

They are not just for me;

They are for some.


It’s delicious

To taste the sweetness and delight.

When these things appear

That were out of sight.


What does it take

To make it happen?

Faith and trust,

And knowing you can tap in.


Go about changing the matrix.

Tap in to higher energies,

Then you can learn

To play fun tricks.

Other Information


Some people are expecting large sums of money to come to them from various programs. I still get the sense that we have to rid the earth of the dark forces in order to receive these funds. There are numerous sources of disinformation that can dis- empower the lightworkers by keeping them waiting for this money. In the meanwhile, the dark is still being eradicated from the planet. It is called the re-set or re-evaluation. Recently, I have concluded that we must first re-set or re-value ourselves. When we do this, we do this internal re-set, we can work with the manifesting energies and create whatever we need. When the large amount of abundance comes we won’t be feeling so needy. We will have belief in ourselves and that is the most important thing to learn.

One other important lesson is that we need to get comfortable with the unknown. Have you noticed how quickly everything is changing? It feels totally unpredictable and fluid. We have to go with the flow. It’s weird.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner March 7, 2019


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I come to you today to help you incorporate some of what is going on with the planet at this time.

There is much disturbance on the planet and around it. Vacancies are appearing. You might find some on the planet one day and gone the next.  This is occurring through various means, accidents, illnesses, self-inflicted departures, and other ways. Some do not want to experience the ascension and they feel need to leave. Other places and beings are calling them. This is a true battlefield at this moment in the earth’s history.

This is called the time of the great awakening and the great departure. Some have lost hope and others want to go be on another planet. Some are leaving in groups for they have contracts to come and leave together. Others cannot handle the higher frequencies of light. They are not comfortable with the loving energies.

Although it may appear the dark is winning, this is not so. They are diligently working to maintain their old stronghold to little avail. Do not believe what you hear in the mainstream media. Most of you should be able to read through their lies and manipulation. They are transparent and desperate. Even the alternative news on the Internet is suspect. The dark gives out some truths and then fold in lies. Some people with fame and reputable stature are falling from their pedestals.

Look at all of the babies that are being born right now. These souls cannot wait to experience this amazing time on the planet. They are powerfully awakened beings of light. They came for divine purpose to be the leaders of the new earth. Bless them and watch them shine. They are your beloved teachers and examples of how to live in higher consciousness.

Be aware of what is changing around you. Take notice of what no longer serves you or who you are no longer comfortable around. Pay attention to the beauty of nature. Take nothing for granted except your enlightened pathway with the Creator and others of similar mind. Consciousness is what you develop in this earth plane and what you take with you when you leave your physical. Your soul travels with you also.

The brevity of this report is intended to clearly show you succinctly what to do. We cannot do it for you, but we are with you. We are completely committed to you and have your best interests at heart. Remember to look to the skies, to ask us for help and to never give up. You are the masters who are here to accomplish the ascension of the earth. You will be successful. We are together and count on you to be the gifts of light and to do your jobs.


I am Mira with loving blessings.

Heart of the Mountain Retreat


My annual retreat at Mt. Shasta will be from July 18-21. We had a fantastic time last year that included a day time sighting of an Arcturian ship. Who knows what we will have this year?

Please click here for more information. You can also call me at: 925-287-8976 for information or e-mail me at:


Sessions with Valerie


I am changing the way I do my work. As a spiritual counselor, intuitive healer, reader, teacher, and channel I am incorporating more laughter into my work. I have always wanted to be The Fun Channel, so I invite you to have laughter as a part of your healing. Try it! You might like it and find yourself in a higher state of consciousness after your session. We all need heart healing, so this helps heal your heart too. It’s not that your issues are not serious but perhaps we have taken ourselves too seriously and it is time to lighten up.

My new rates are: $70 for 30 minutes and $35 for each incremental 15 minutes. Current clients will have a 10% increase from $120 an hour to $133.


In Conclusion

This is a time of profound healing. We can have a lot of fun as we ascend, and 3D unravels. It is tricky territory and we get to dance the sidestep between the old and the new. Miracles are awaiting us and are there for the taking.

Blessings, love, and light