Dear ground crew:

I have been receiving daily messages from Apollo. He is a Galactic who is assisting with the removal of the dark forces from the planet. He has told me that there are just a small percentage of the dark forces that still need to be removed. They have made many triumphs with the removal of the dark ones. We still have to reckon with the darkest of the dark who do not want to let go of their control. From what he says the Galactic’s have it taken care of. It is exciting. I have been writing information from him since January 2014. It sounds like we are getting close to the shift. This is what he said February 5, 2019:

“The time has come to forget the past and move into a glowing day is arriving. You won’t know what hit you when it comes. Out with the old and in with the new. The Revelation Day is really upon you. It will be like turning on a switch. The light will come in and you will be blinded with the light. You are a part of the new earth. Your hearts will be illuminated. You will be energized. You will be free.  Beautiful colors will astound you. It will be like the earth is becoming a playground for you. You have much to look forward to. Focus on the light. Release your worries and your burdens. Feel the divine oneness and love. Trust the plan.”

“It’s all designed with God in mind.” This is what came to me the other day. We must acknowledge that there is a divine plan in action. The following is a 15 minute video” Was Trump Chosen by the Illuminati to Deceive the World? “Q” [Nothing Is a Coincidence]: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos | Opinion – Conservative.  This is not about politics. It goes back to the late 1800’s when Baron Trump, a poor little rich guy, was written about in a book. There are other examples of Trump in an old Western, a guy with orange hair; Trump was talked about in some 20 Simpsons episodes on television, along with some other examples that I can’t remember in detail. The video is mind-boggling to me. I don’t know if it means we are in the matrix, some other timeline, are a part of holographic tampering, or something else? Perhaps this is predestined. I do know that we came back from the future as Lightworkers to change this now moment because we did not like what happened to the earth.

In the San Francisco Bay Area on February 5, we had many rainbows. I saw three or four of them, with one being a beautiful double rainbow. It was magical. What I saw in front of the darkest clouds was rainbows. I’ve never seen so many rainbows in one day. This meant to me that even though it feels as if we are in the darkest hour on mother earth, there is always something beautiful.

I woke up to a Rainbow

By Valerie Donner


Today I woke up to a rainbow.

I’m as happy as can be.

How often is there a rainbow

Waiting for me to see?


This will be a special day,

For it’s all good and new.

There is a lot of beauty here

For me and you.


Our earth is rapidly changing

All for the better.

We are moving into 5D

With the crowning letter.


It won’t be very long

Before the Golden Age.

The old world is leaving; and

There’s a whole new stage.


Look to the sky.

Open your heart.

It will be filled with rainbows

From the very start.


We are simply blessed

To be here right now.

We will live in love and light.

It’s time to take a bow.

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Speaking of peak experiences, (like rainbows, and snow on the mountain tops here in San Francisco bay area),  on January 26 when I was driving over the San Francisco Bay Bridge, I had the most profound fifth dimensional experience. My heart felt so much love, warmth and happiness, that I got blissed out. I have had some other experiences of great joy and happiness recently. This energy is how we are going to be feeling in the fifth dimension. We are going to be coming from our hearts and feeling the Jubilee energy. It is almost impossible to completely describe the feeling, I just want you to know that it is here. There are probably many other people who have been having these feelings too. When you feel it, hang on to it for as long as you can, and let yourself be happy. Bring back the feeling whenever you need it.

How are you adjusting to living in the fourth and higher dimensions while you have to deal with the third dimensional material world? I’m finding it increasingly challenging. It’s not as easy to accomplish what needs to be done in 3-D as it used to be. Some examples of this are: My credit union of 30 years moved to another town that requires freeway driving and traffic to get there. Favorite foods are disappearing from the shelves yet I am finding some replacements that I like better. It is more complicated and onerous at times to work with technology for financial transactions. It’s taking longer to get things done. Old songs don’t have the same ring to them. In fact, it is challenging to listen to ads on the radio and all of that 3D palabra. It feels strange to have deal with money or to even put importance on it.  Some businesses are going out of business. We cannot count on things being the way they used to be. They simply are not. The flow in the material world feels choppy.

On the positive side, it seems that we are magnetizing more people of like consciousness. It is so fun to get together with spiritual family. I get the sense that we could be part of Galactic councils, and that we could be working together as ambassadors and teachers when we shift into the fifth dimension. We are getting reacquainted and our souls notice when we meet. Many Lightworkers seem to be having blissful fifth dimensional experiences. We are more capable of clearing and releasing old patterns and beliefs that no longer apply to our consciousness. Many people are still doing clearings. You will notice when issues come up that you will want to release them because they no longer belong to you. It also feels like we can manifest more easily when we are coming from 5D! I have had some instantaneous manifestations!

In my monthly meeting with the Masters Class on February 6, Sananda (Jesus) came to be with us. This is part of what he said: “The majority of the people on the planet want to go home. Not to the home that those of the light call home-back to the Creator-but whatever that means to them. If they love the third dimension and they love their way of life, they will call it home. It could be the home planet from which they came. Few are comfortable with the chaos and crumbling third dimension right now. Their souls are calling forth change. Love is the call from the lighted beings and love is what you will have. I am with you. Please don’t despair. Focus on the light and you will see beauty everywhere. It will even be beautiful to see the fallen ones leave the planet, for they no longer can be here. You will breathe sighs of relief as they leave. Call upon me more often. . . When the evil ones leave it makes the planet lighter. They relieve stress fractures upon the earth. Dark ones synergistically feed each other. . . ‘I am preparing a table before you in the presence of thine enemies.’ ‘Thy cup runneth over.’ ‘You shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.’


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadean High Council through Valerie Donner February 7, 2019

Greetings I am Mira:

I am pleased to speak with you. We have much to share. Your days are rolling by quickly. We understand that you have been working diligently to keep the peace within and around you. You have many resources to assist you with this even though the dark forces would like to prevent you from finding the truth. They will not be successful because you carry powerful light and the mastery with which their advanced technologies cannot interfere. They have underestimated you and your capabilities.

We appreciate all that you are doing for the Ascension of the earth. You understand that we from Pleiades work with other planets to assist them with their Ascension. You are the most exceptional beings of light that we have ever seen. We understand how much the Creator has entrusted you in this most important shift of the ages. All of creation is waiting for the earth’s Ascension so they can evolve also.

The dark forces are lagging behind with their nefarious plans to remain in control. They are beginning to see that they are losing their hold of the earth. Much still remains to be done yet most of their removal from the planet is complete. This is when the implementation of the plans for the transfiguration of the earth and the new way of life begin to occur. The templates are in place. Adjustments have to be made according to variables over which we have no control.

Every day you can ask yourself who is in charge now? What can I do to be even more aligned with the divine plan? What can I do to improve life where I live? How can I participate with other like-minded people to remove the falsities under which I have been living? Who has benefited the most by some of these laws and decisions that are made that are not for the highest good for life on the earth? Where does the light need to shine so that justice can prevail? How can more and more light focus on the good so that humanity can live in abundance, health, happiness, safety, joy, love and peace?

You will be given everything you need to accomplish the work that is set before you. Your bodies are changing. Your DNA is being activated. Your brains are morphing into greater intelligence. Your intuitive abilities and awareness are expanding. Your hearts are opening to the utmost intelligence. Your bodies are becoming more sensitive and conscious of what is good for them or not. You are becoming refined and you will become lighter. The living libraries that you contain within are being activated along with the earth’s living libraries. There is a boundless unfolding of your magnificence.

We Galactic’s are excited about meeting you and working together to assist the earth. We are your family. We surround the planet and are here to assist in bringing the earth home.

I am Mira sending you love and gratitude.

My Heart of the Mountain Retreat

It is time to start planning to come to my annual Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mount Shasta. It is from July 18-21. Please check at the beginning of this website to learn more about the retreat. You may e-mail me at: if you are interested or call me at: 925-287-8976.

Last year we had a fabulous time! It was peak experience, at the 14,162-foot mountain.

Personal Sessions

If you’re interested in having a session with me for spiritual counseling/guidance, readings, healing, or clearings please schedule your session soon. I am going to be raising my rates after many years. It has become increasingly expensive to live with higher rents, etc. but also with costs to maintain my website.


In Conclusion

We are becoming higher dimensional beings and remembering who we are. We are becoming enlightened with information that make us increasingly aware. Our job is to keep holding the light and raising our vibrations. Our open hearts and their intelligence will bring us home.


Blessings, love, and the brightest light ever,


Valerie Donner