Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo, January 3, 2019: “A major event is on its way. These are the days that have been long foretold. What matters the most is your love of self, of life and love itself. You are a part of the earth so love of the earth is also paramount. You are living in a re-construction zone. Much needs to be done to de-construct you from your past way of living in favor of the new. There are signs and guide posts wherever you turn. You must be aware and on guard awhile you are moving around. Don’t take anything for granted. Pay attention to the signs around you. Take things slowly and fill each day with the pleasure of moving through this mess. All is going to be cleaned up with the event that is at hand.”

On January 2, 2019, Apollo gave me this message: “There are numerous breakdowns in the old system. In fact, it is almost running out of time. The dark forces are scrambling to remain in control but they cannot keep afloat. Currently, their anger is backfiring on them so as they try to maintain a stronghold, things get worse. Nothing is working as before. Fifth dimensional energies are at the forefront and are overlapping with the light and goodness until the old fires of darkness fade away. We are happy that you raised your light to bring permanent changes and transfiguration. The rewards will be many, like freedom, love, abundance, beauty, health, restoration, healing, and renewal that is happening now and is in place.”

Happily, 2018 is gone. Most seem to conclude that it was a challenging year. Right now, some of us feel infatuated with this year 2019. When I awakened the morning of January 1, things felt different and fresh. It seemed as if we had removed darkness and that we were living much more in light. Perhaps we have a sense that we are in the throes of the last vestiges of the dark forces. There are many rumors of powerful forces that are working to change the very workings of every aspect of life on the planet.

What are some of the possibilities? The elimination of the Federal Reserve; the arrest of well over 60,000 beings who have committed crimes against humanity; a new financial system and global reset; a new currency in the US and other countries backed by gold; monies that have been taken from the people being returned to them; new governments across the planet; the elimination of the cabal; the completion of the removal of the dark forces from the planet; new technologies for healing and manifesting; the elimination of the mainstream media particularly in the US; disclosure of the Galactic’s; the elimination of the old systems such as education, healthcare, legal, financial, and anything that doesn’t serve humanity. The days of service to self instead of service to others are nearly complete.

In Lee Harris’ January 1, 2019 energy report we will be experiencing a rebirth of the heart. We will be listening to the heart and letting the heart lead the way. Lee talks about how many Lightworkers are most accustomed to giving to others and not to themselves. This year we will be focused more on allowing what we need, as we listen to our hearts on a daily basis. Our heart intelligence is at an all-time high on the planet. In fact, the heart is thousands of times more powerful than the mind. We are beginning to align with the heartbeat of the planet as well as the universe. We need to fill up our hearts soul energies so that we can continue to raise our own frequencies as well as that of the planet.

On January 1, I listened to a webinar entitled, “A Renewal of Heart,” by Maureen Moss which included Lee Harris, Celia Finn, Jacqueline Joy and Berry Goldstein. Celia Finn channels Archangel Michael. She talked about “the old patriarchal masculine energy being focused on greed, power and sex.” We are now moving into “the new masculine energy which is about love, empowerment, and hope.” In the last couple of years much has been revealed about the old patriarchal energy, through noted males like Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and now John of God. For those of you who do not know who he is, he is a Brazilian healer that thousands have visited for many years for healing.

In December 2018, he was arrested for corruption and spiritual/sexual abuse. Over 700 women came forward to join this claim.

We can be sure that the dark forces are shaking in their booties. Never before have they lost such footing. There is so much light shining on the planet, that everything has become transparent. For instance, if you look deeply at people in government some can see the reptilian energy in many. Some people that we thought were light are coming up dark, and vice versa.

Shaking in their Booties

By Valerie Donner


The dark forces

Are shaking in their booties.

They know that we are finding out

That they are not the cutest of the cuties.


It could not happen

To more appropriate beings.

Now we know that they had been undermining us

In almost everything.


They thought

That they were the elite of the elite,

That we were nothing

That could always be beat.


They didn’t think

That we would get

Up close and personal,

And that they would get wet.


They underestimated

The light,

So that the power of darkness

Would become clearly in sight.


They didn’t think

That they had to be on their toes.

They thought they had it all together

And that they wouldn’t have to sit in jail rows.


But little by little

It is coming out

That the light is a force

With powerful clout.


It’s too late

For them to repent.

Their reptilian dealings

Have already been spent.


They might as well surrender

For there is no place for them

to hide.

Their nasty selves is where they abide.


They are shaking in their booties.

Yes, it’s true.

  It’s good to see them

Becoming lonely and blue.


It couldn’t happen

To more deserving beings.

They are learning about karma

And what it means.


Buckle up, ground crew,

Get ready for the show.

There’s much to be discovered

For you to know.


Other News

On the evening of January 11, 2018 when I went to put my garbage out, I saw a ship. It was moving horizontally across the sky like a plane without lights and all of a sudden it disappeared. It’s always a thrill to see a ship, so of course, I had to call my friends.

Last year I set the intention to become more Galactic. I am sure the Galactic’s get a kick out of me because I am always surprised and excited when they make contact. I just know I have a bit of the galactic touch!

On December 20, 2018 there was what was reported to be a mysterious meteor in the sky in the San Francisco bay area. It appeared like a “Q” to some of us.


A message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner January 5, 2019


Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council serving full-time through the Ascension Process.

From our perspective the Ascension Process is proceeding rapidly and effectively on the earth. The energies are perfect to set the stage for the new. The energies of this new year 2019 are clear and clean. They reflect the illuminated cleansing that occurred in 2018. These energies released expressions of darkness that had to be cleared. The horrific situations were beyond the understanding of those with heart and soul. There will be long-term ramifications of those events. Those involved affected everyone, helped people open their hearts, and helped people to see how important it is to help each other and to come together in oneness.

What happens to one affects everyone. Many sacrificed their lives, their livelihood, their homes, family, pets and their well-being. Needless to say, many lessons were learned and are still being learned through these heart wrenching events. The planet is in a state of flux. It is important not to take things for granted and to be aware. Being grateful that all needs are being met is integral to living daily on the earth right now.

In this new year there will be more shocking news, earth shattering events, major political upheaval and heart awakening. Humanity will begin to learn more of the truth about how they have been living, and the truth behind the scenes. It will be given in doses so that it can be processed at a rate that will not overwhelm the masses. This is part of enlightenment so that humanity can be freed.

Much is going on behind the scenes that cannot be revealed this time. The earth Council, the Light Alliance, the Angelics and Masters, are all working together to assist in aligning the energies that are not for the highest good of humanity. We are looking out for all of you. Clearances will be given at the appropriate time for information and action. Those who are part of the Galactic’s will become further involved with their missions. They will be coming together as teams for divine assignment. There is a lot of work to be done. Re-settlements will also need to take place so flexibility could be important.

We want to remind you to take excellent care of your selves and each other. It will all be worth it because the shift is nearly here. If you feel you need extra assistance please call upon us. We hear you, know you, and are with you.

I am Mira sending you love from the earth Council, the Pleiades, and the forces of light.

In Conclusion

It appears that we have a star-studded 2019 ahead of us. As we make way with all of the changes, the revelations, and the light powered events, we will surely know that we are ascending. We have all the help that we need to fulfill our missions.

Stay in love and faith, and enjoy the show.


Blessings, love and light,