Dear ground crew:

Here is Apollo’s latest message from March 6: “There is no escape from the changes of today and tomorrow. The only way out is through. You are on a powerful trajectory of change that will result in a most wonderful transformation in yourselves and your planet. Let the fear go and know that you and the earth are in benevolent hands. All good is coming to you. That which would try to prevent you from anything but good is being dealt with and will soon no longer be a hindrance to your having goodness everywhere on the earth. Be steady bearers of light and love and know the divine plan is unfolding at breakneck speed. You are loved beyond measure.”

The past month some of the most exciting information is about the departure of the dark forces from the planet. I wrote about this in my February classes:

 “Number one: As of mid-February 72% of the dark forces have been removed from the planet. “On Sunday, February 11, I asked Apollo what percentage of the dark forces have been removed from the earth. He told me “about 75%.” Today, February 14, one of my friends had a session with Archangel Gabriel, my teacher, aka, Benu (channeled through Karen cook). She asked Gabriel what percentage of the dark forces have been removed from the earth and he told her “72%.” . . . . . When I asked Gabriel the same question in September 2017 he said that 18% of the dark forces had been removed from the planet. He told my friend that the dark is being taken to another planet.”

I had a personal session on February 20 with Archangel Gabriel and asked him what is happening with the dark forces. He said that they are being taken to a penal planet and he would not name the planet. They are taken in physical form where they go through a past life review until they grow and change. Imagine what a past life review must be like for these beings who have hurt billions of people. My understanding of the past life review is that we get to feel all the pain that we have inflicted upon others in our past life. I asked him how these beings are transported to this penal planet and he said with spaceships.

The second most important piece of information is what I received as follows:

“In my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class on February 2, 2018, the Master King Solomon came to be with us. My friend Linda, who was there, and who is also very psychic, and I both tuned in at the beginning of the class and asked which Master wanted to attend. We both heard “King Solomon.” Having never worked with him before I did not know what to expect.

“The first thing he said is that: “We are removing all of the curses placed against humanity.” After a couple of rounds of deep meditation with King Solomon, I opened up my book “The Secret Teachings of all Ages,” by Manly P. Hall. The book said that Solomon removes demons and that many of the techniques he used are still being used today! I began to cry. My heart was deeply impacted by this truth. I could feel how much we are loved and how hard everyone is working for the earth and humanity and life to ascend.”

Do you have any idea how important this is for humans? For eons of time we have had curses placed upon us and our lineage that have impeded us in our incarnations. To receive this kind of assistance from someone as powerful as King Solomon is a gift beyond measure. We are making huge progress in clearing the earth from the darkness. I have a sense that many of you have been feeling big energies circulating around the earth and upon the earth. This process is accelerating and before we know it they will be gone and we will be reclaiming our beloved Mother Earth. I pray you will celebrate with me as you know how close we are to cleaning out the swamp.

“Therefore, please understand how angry the remaining 25% of dark beings are right now because they are losing their power. They are doing numerous things to try to keep us down like spraying chemtrails, attacking Lightworkers, creating man-made flu, instilling fear with false flag events, building up the military and instilling fear about nuclear war, working the fake news, distracting us as much as possible and by playing with the stock market. These are the nastiest of the nasties.”

If you are interested in this big picture you might want to listen to Jared Rand on YouTube. He is quite informative about many things including how the dark forces are so angry that they are losing their power that they would just assume blowup the planet. We know that’s not going to happen because we are taking our planet back in love and unity.<

For those of you who want to know more, Gordon Asher Davidson reported in his Galactic News on February 17, 2018 about how the light alliance is in full control. He discussed how the financial system is being revamped here in this country and abroad. We will be going back to a gold standard just like many other countries are in the process of doing. Gordon will be doing another Galactic News report this Saturday, March 10, at 10 AM Pacific time.


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By Valerie Donner

Nasties, nasties when will you stop?
Guess you won’t halt until you drop.
Why don’t you surrender to the Galactics;

They will make it clean and easy to rid you of your tactics.

Nasties, nasties we don’t want you here.
You’ve wreaked havoc on our planet that we hold so dear.
Can’t you see that your days are done?

On our new planet we will all be one.

Take your separation, desperation and greed.
Go play with each other and work out your misdeeds.
Your days are over there is no doubt.

The light is here and has the most clout.

Nasties, nasties away with you!
You are subject to universal law.
Goodness and love are in order

And you won’t be able to lift a claw.

Your days of power are blowing up.
You’ve taken it to the max because you’re so corrupt.
Humanity is awakening and seeing the truth.

You are not welcome here anymore because you are so uncouth.

Nasties, nasties you might as well relax.
The old earth is done with you

And these are the facts.

In every facet of life, the world will be changed.
There will be no more heartache and pain

And the world be rearranged.

Nasties, nasties put down your nukes,
 Your AI, your guns and your dukes.
We’ve had it with you.

You make us all puke.

We are planning our parties
While you rot in your own hell.
May you have a good time

 Stewing in your own creations that we know won’t go well.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council channeling through Valerie Donner March 7, 2018

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. My full focus now is on the earth’s Ascension and with my work and the Earth Council.

On the Earth Council we observe all that is going on with your planet, around your planet and within your planet. We are determined to see you and the earth through your Ascension. There is much at stake and we want to reassure you that you are doing an excellent job. If you could only see the extent of the beautiful work that you are doing you would be astounded. Much of your work is done in the dream state as well as throughout the day even if you are unaware of it. You are such higher dimensional beings that you are present only to a small extent in your physical form. This is perfectly acceptable and necessary for this is a big project to rearrange everything on the earth.

Your lives are valuable beyond measure. Your hearts are prepared and open for new whole way of life. Your souls are finely tuned to what is most necessary for you to do every single day. For many of you your primary focus is on the Ascension. You are primed to want to know as much as you can about the progress that is being made. Unfortunately, you cannot receive this information from your mainstream media. We have already discussed this. It is often important to simply allow your own knowingness to show you where to go for up to the date important truthful information. Most of you are pretty good at this by using your intuition. More information is forthcoming from those divine communicators who receive excellent input from the higher realms.

Right now, it is important for you to take excellent care of yourselves and to love your selves. What you think and do matters. You are at the apex of the final decline of the dark forces. Their demise is accelerating like a snowball rolling down a mountain. The dragon’s tail of karma is whipping around wherever necessary and there is no stopping it. In other words, there is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide for these evil ones. Their time is complete. You will begin to recognize how much lighter the planet is feeling as the percentage of light grows stronger.

More of humanity are beginning to awaken. For some this awareness is earth shattering for it means that their lives have been lived in fantasy, some of which has been more like a nightmare. They are beginning to see through the deceit of the mainstream media. They are questioning everything and are looking deeper for truth. Little by little all will be revealed until it becomes an explosion of truth and light. From there it will only be forward movement. The light beings left on the planet will have important big bold new assignments.

For most of you the third dimension has lost its luster. It can be challenging having to be going through your third dimensional paces acting as if everything is normal, like the way it used to be. You already know this is not true. Some of you are anxious to begin living your fifth dimensional lives. You are ready for love and unity, peace, abundance and joy. Please be a reassured that you are being directed in your appropriate spiritual path.

This is an exciting time of chaos and change. It precedes evolution. It is about beautiful new creation. You are microcosms of the macrocosm so in your lives know that as you transcend whatever challenge that is set before you, you are doing it for everyone. You must be strong and courageous. Stand up to the challenges whether it is dark attacks, old patterns within that need to cleared, health issues, lack, or fear. Change is the norm now. Go with the flow and you will be quickly stepping up the Ascension ladder.

I love and respect all of you. I am Mira.

Other news

Some of you may be aware of the censorship that is going on with the Internet as well as YouTube. The other day one of my friends tried to send me five different videos that had to do with someone who recently passed away and they were all referred to someone else who was a fortuneteller type. There are new choices that we will be able to use instead of YouTube:

These other systems are creation friendly and you can make your own videos.

Jared Rand is doing daily meditations through teleconference calls that he began a little over two weeks ago. He now has over 4000 people calling in daily with the intention of reaching 8000. This number and higher will help us focus on the goals of abundance and peace for the planet.

Please join if you can by calling:
641- 715- 0857   Use pin number: 303471 #

The playback number is: 641–715-3579

I also understand that there are uncorrupted replacements coming for Google, Facebook and other choices that will be much better than what we have been using.




Mt Shasta Retreat – July 19-22 2018

My Mount Shasta Retreat is being held this year from July 19-22.
As some of you may know I lived in mount Shasta for three years. This enables me to take you special places to experience the wonders of the beauty of nature and to share some of my channeling’s with you.
This is always a special life transforming experience. If you pay by June 19 you get a 10% discount.
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In Conclusion

We are living in exciting times. We are helping each other. Please know that if any of you need spiritual counseling, energy healing, or just an open heart and listening ear, that I am here to help you. You may contact me through the information on this website.
(925-287-8976 or
It is always my intention to give you the most up-to-date and important information that I receive to assist you with your Ascension process.
Blessings love and light,