Dear family of light:

Here’s the very latest information that I have received about our progress with the Ascension process. On Sunday, February 11, I asked Apollo what percentage of the dark forces have been removed from the earth. He told me “about 75%.” Today, February 14, one of my friends had a session with Archangel Gabriel, my teacher, aka, Benu (channeled through Karen Cook). She asked Gabriel what percentage of the dark forces have been removed from the earth and he told her “72%.” (According to someone I know who is familiar with the Kabbalah 72 is a most auspicious number. There are 72 different names for God. It carries secret codes. 18 means life and 4×18 is 72.) When I asked Gabriel the same question in September 2017 he said that 18% of the dark forces had been removed from the planet. He told my friend that the dark is being taken to another planet.

In my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class on February 2, 2018, the Master King Solomon came to be with us. My friend Linda, who was there, and who is also very psychic, and I both tuned in at the beginning of the class and asked which Master wanted to attend. We both heard “King Solomon.” Having never worked with him before I did not know what to expect.

The first thing he said is that: “We are removing all of the curses placed against humanity.” After a couple of rounds of deep meditation with King Solomon, I opened my book “The Secret Teachings of all Ages,” by Manly P. Hall. The book said that Solomon removes demons and that many of the techniques he used are still being used today! I began to cry. This truth deeply impacted my heart. I could feel how much we are loved and how hard everyone is working for the earth and humanity and life to ascend.

We are making huge progress in clearing the earth from the darkness. I have a sense that many of you have been feeling big energies circulating around the earth and upon the earth. This process is accelerating and before we know it they will be gone, and we will be reclaiming our beloved Mother Earth. I pray you will celebrate with me as you know how close we are to cleaning out the swamp.

Therefore, please understand how angry the remaining 25% of dark beings are right now because they are losing their power. They are doing numerous things to try to keep us down like spraying chem trails, attacking Lightworkers, creating man-made flu, instilling fear with false flag events, building up the military and instilling fear about nuclear war, working the fake news, distracting us as much as possible and by playing with the stock market. These are the nastiest of the nasties.

By the way, we did confirm, with the Archangel, that President Trump, is doing away with the pedophiles. If you’re interested there is an Executive Order that he signed December 17, 2017. These creeps are being arrested and are having their properties impounded, etc.


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Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Channeling Wednesday, February 21, 7:00PM  9:00PM Pacific time.

This is a comment from someone who attended last month’s Mira channeling:

Dear Valerie,

I wanted to thank you for last night’s healing and love, it has been a while since or that I have even felt so much love, it was just incredible! It was so uplifting! 

I wanted to make another comment that I didn’t mention last night where I noticed the third-dimension kind of shrinking back and it looked kind of ugly from where we were, at least last night and it was kind of strange to see and hard to come back today 🙁

Anyways thank you so much for your time and I feel like I received so much more than the monetary value you assigned to the channeling. May God bless you for all of your beautiful work!

In tremendous appreciation,

Thank you!

Mother Mary Channeling, Wednesday, February 28, 7:00-9:00 PM.

You can also ask personal questions to Mother Mary. St. Germain makes a short presentation in these channeling’s too.

We call him Mr. Wonderful.

That’s about all the news I have for now. Stay positive and know that so much more is being done than meets the eye. 

Blessings love and light, 


Mira from the

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  • Wednesday, February 21, 2018
  • 7:00PM  9:00PM PST

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Mother Mary



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