Straight from the Heart

June 1, 2022



Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest from Apollo: “Greetings from the Galactic Command Center. I have moved closer to interact with the earth’s ground crew for obvious reasons. I am sure you understand the importance of the incredible shifts that are occurring now on your planet. The Galactic’s are focused on assisting with your ascension. Most of the obstacles and barriers have been removed. This means that whatever was blocking your transformation has been transported. The darkest of the dark are no longer on  the planet. We have seen to that. You are beginning to see the inherent love and beauty coming from the earth. This removal is making the earth extremely happy. She has been waiting for a long time for this transition to occur. The month of May has been pivotal for your planet. We are in your skies. We are cleaning them up and holding loving energy for life on the planet. We are assessing and evaluating where we are needed constantly. We love our jobs. We are very good at them. We honor the work of the ground crew. Please go outside often and look for us. We are in celebration mode and soon you will be too. Please prepare for all the joy that is coming your way.”

It is in deep gratitude that I write this message for June. My last message for May was posted in spite of some dark obstacles. Not only was the message that I wrote and sent to my webmaster, Gigi, removed, but she has had to rebuild her computer three times this year. I realized that the information that I was sharing with you was not something that the dark forces wanted you to know. This is the first time in writing for over 25 years that I’ve had this kind of interference. I really appreciate Gigi’s great work and I’m so sorry that she’s had such interference. The only way I could send you the last update was to get a new secure email address and use a different server. It was stressful and far from my customary joyful writing for the ground crew. Let’s be grateful for each other and what we have to share. “Gigi, I am so grateful for you. You are a great webmaster, and we are fortunate to have you serve us!”

So what has happened this past month? We are in the energies of the solar flash! If you go outside and feel what it is like now and look around, you’ll see there is a much softer, sweeter, more beautiful planet. We had the Galactic’s present here in the San Francisco Bay Area in the first week of May every single day. The chemtrails were gone and the sky became bluer and bluer, like it used to be when we were children. If you take the time to breathe in and feel the energies, you will experience lightness that is new and palpable. If you allow yourself to breathe in the energies, you will feel the fantastic energies of light that are here right now.

Some of us are having increased visitations from the Galactic’s. On my birthday, May 4, my living room was filled with galactic friends. I recognize them by the popping sound they make when they come when I’m doing a session, a class, or meditation. The sound comes from the windows and the walls. It’s almost like when the wind blows in through the windows. The sounds are all different and some are stronger than others. It’s so much fun to have the room full. They were even playing with my cat who was running back-and-forth. She’s pretty lazy now and doesn’t do this often. I can’t see them, and I can’t telepathically hear them, but I can feel them. It’s comforting to know they are here.

I do get some sense of what they want me to know and sometimes some visuals.

Here’s some recent photos of the ships.


In the “Bible” Corinthians 15, verse 52, it says  . . . but we shall all be changed, in a moment in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet and for the trumpet will sound and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.” What has become apparent to me is that we have made a huge change. It is complicated. It was in the twinkling of an eye, maybe just one person’s eye? Perhaps we weren’t all supposed to see that solar flash like we were told when we were given misinformation combined with fear? Who knows?

Here’s a link on YouTube for a short video from Kerry K. On the “End of May Energy.” She discusses some important things like ascension symptoms and how consciousness is affected from the removal of the veil. “This will allow for much deeper contact with life,” she says. “We should be able to contact now with pure source consciousness and feel more of the oneness and connection.”

We still have residual paradoxical experiences left over from the imploding third dimension. This is obvious in the mainstream news, by the way some people are driving, along with how systems and organizations are falling apart. There are many examples of how the old way is no longer working. Some of the news is atrocious and absurd so I had to write a poem about it:

Atrocities and Absurdities

 By Valerie Donner


Atrocities and absurdities flow across the land.

They are beyond preposterous, sounding like an offbeat band.


There’s Twitter and TikTok, Facebook and Instagram,

Mainstream news and Elon the man.


There’s new renditions playing a different tune. 

We will find out the truth. It will happen soon.


There’s much more to come like faulty elections,

People going to jail for their stupid selections.


Some of these creeps think we’re in kindergarten.

 They tell so many lies even they have forgotten!


Some line up like dummies and wait for more. 

Too bad the technology can’t take them to the floor.


There’s more than 2000 mules and millions of jackasses too.

They made mockery of our system and they belong in the zoo.


They’ve tried to keep us locked up with masks on our faces. 

Pretty soon some people won’t be able to tie their own shoelaces.


The situation is completely impaired. It’s rotten to the core.

When will people put their feet down and say, “NO MORE”???



A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May 30, 2022


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working full-time with the Earth Council.

Currently, there is much to behold on the earth. The comings and goings are quite exquisite. The light, the life, the cleansing and clearing,  are transforming your planet. We also celebrate the removal of the dark ones. Their removal is long overdue. It should warm your hearts to know their reactions to being removed. They are getting what they deserve and will never be allowed to return to the earth again.

You are in a time of restoration that is an important necessity for the survival of the earth and life upon it. We would recommend the ground crew consciously strive to cleanse their bodies, minds, thoughts, and words, because this will also affect the consciousness greatly. By becoming more aware of vibratory sounds that come from your vocal cords, you will begin to understand how you can make higher contributions to elevating the consciousness of the planet. The old thoughts and words are stagnant. The fear-based visuals used in movies, and other media, contaminate and will no longer be acceptable on the earth. If you pay attention, you’ll begin to see how some people are already delving into this subject. They are powerful and they are going to cripple some of these businesses that have been perpetuating the toxicities.

Please go into your hearts and rank what is most important to you. Ask where you can be of great service and assess where your passion is first and foremost. We assure you that you will have the resources that you need to follow your hearts. You can become examples to others so they can do likewise. Your communities and your expanded spiritual families are drawing close. This is how you go about creating the Golden Age. You might also remove those you have put on a pedestal. Realize you are all equal and some of those on the pedestal do not deserve to be there. What’s important is your light and your gallant hearts directing you to your most passionate projects.

As the old systems begin to fail, you may find yourselves working miraculously to create new systems. Some of  you already have ideas for starting anew. The earth will become your canvas and you will use your paintbrush to create your infinitely beautiful new earth. By looking around you will notice, with your raising consciousness, where attention is needed. From these observations you’ll be able to gather other like-minded friends to take action.

Begin to imagine a safe, quiet, clean, cooperative, loving, well-functioning, happy, fun, and joyful new planet. See how joyful it will be for us, your galactic family, to come and go. You will share, and we will share, and learn from each other. We are excited about being with you. We enjoy celebrations and there will be many.

What do you have to do now, ground crew? Hold the light. Pay attention. Watch the skies. Follow your heart. Create new dreams. Have compassion for everyone. Release fear and choose love. Be in your truth. Help others. Share. Be in nature. Enjoy animals. Let go of what no longer serves you. Stay in the present. Be patient. Look for magic and miracles. Feel the well-being that is here now and continue to improve upon it. Take good care of yourselves.

The skies around the earth are filled with your galactic brothers and sisters. We are doing our part for the transformation of the earth, as well as, for all of creation. The earth is so special that what happens here affects all of life. You are special too. Please understand the truth of these words. We are all so pleased to be with you and to experience this ascension together.


I am Mira sending you lots of Love.


Other Information


Aluna Joy, wrote a beautiful article entitled: “Realigning with the LIFE we were meant to live!” Aluna is a world travel guide to sacred places and has worked with the Mayans for a long time. The article is dated May 31, 2022. I highly recommend it.


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