Straight from the Heart


April 29, 2022

Early for May 2022



Dear Ground Crew:


Here’s the latest message from Apollo:” We greet you today on our special mission of peace. The turmoil on planet earth is creating crisis and chaos throughout your planetary system and other places too. This cannot be tolerated any longer. Special forces of light are in place redirecting the dark and negative energies that invaded the earth throughout eons of time. It is necessary to embark upon this most important Mission to resurrect the earth and return her to the light. Everything is in place for this impending shift. You are already beginning to feel these energies. You may feel unbalanced, nervous, strange, overly tired, indecisive, and like a stranger in a strange land. You may be hungrier than usual, or not hungry at all. You may feel more inwardly and like you want to get rid of things. You may have also noticed the fast pace of time. There is much going on behind the scenes and much to attend to in your own lives. It is advisable to reconcile situations in your lives that have been unattended to. Procrastination will become something of the past. If possible, attempt to clean up what you can. Ask us for help if you need it. We are with you.”


Ground Crew, I am writing a few days early because so much is going on right now. It’s a lot of good news! It is about new life and new creation. It is very exciting! I’m sure some of you can relate to what Apollo is discussing in his message. There is so much more to be said. On Saturday, April 30, we will have the most extraordinary Solar Eclipse. This is something that can preclude massive change on the entire planet. It is about new life and new creation.


According to healer, teacher, Jelelle Awen,, in an April 27, 2022, article entitled “Energy Update: Rare Planetary Alignment Offering Balance & Healing of Polarities.” “There is quite a powerful planetary parade, as it is called, going on now as Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and the moon are in visible alignment with each other in our early morning skies. . . It’s an extremely rare and unique planetary event.. . . Venus and Jupiter, the two brightest planets, will be seen very close in conjunction along with a black moon partial eclipse of the sun.”


Again, in conjunction with the Solar Flare information, Jelelle Awen and her husband, Raphael Awen, did  a special “Solar Flare Ascension Energy Update & Video” on April 20. They mentioned that “In the last 24 hours alone, the sun has produced more than 19 solar flares. The tally includes 5M class explosions and a powerful X2.2 class flare. The fusillade is likely to continue as colossal sunspot complex  AR2993–94 turns towards earth in the days ahead,” according to


Jelelle and Raphael, who’ve studied solar activity for over 10 years,  pointed out in their video, that the ancients recorded that prior to a Solar Flash, the sun acted up. There have been five previous solar flashes in earth’s history. We are preparing for a sixth.


On April 23, 2022, Channel,  Michael Love received a “Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission, The Event and The Great Solar Flash.” In the article he says:  “The Pleiadians are masters of light, consciousness and ascension are indeed benevolent watchers over the evolution of humankind!


“They speak higher truths clearly to humans, in a down- to- earth and easy to understand way!


“The information they bring is pure light and is encoded in such a way to activate dormant DNA strands and increase consciousness levels!


“There is nothing more true than ‘What is.’ and this Higher light is eternal Akashic data and is the ultimate truth! 


“When this light comes into the body, things start to activate and turn on.


“This new light data triggers cellular DNA and causes much larger or more complex streams of cosmic-level information to flow through the DNA strands or optics of the body. 


“This new higher data then becomes available to consciousness, greatly expanding awareness and levels of knowing. 


“Furthermore, when this high vibrational cosmic light data begins to flow through the body, it unlocks memories stored in the cells of the body, even ancient memories. 


“When all of this happens, one will experience an amazing, blissful aha moment where everything will begin to make complete sense, for the first time! 


“At this point, all states of amnesia and ignorance of ‘What is.’ are removed and the light of truth shines, forcing all things to show themselves as they truly are!


 “This is the Great Awakening, and the grand process of ascension is underway right now on the planet earth!


“The great masters have said, “Now it is time to fully ascend so that you may know all things.. . . “


There is more to read. Here’s the link:


Ground crew, this might be the most important message I have written in 25 years of sending you messages. I have known about the Photon Belt for at least that amount of time. We are in the Photon Belt, which comes around every 26,000 years. We were taught that when we hit the null zone of the Photon Belt, we would have that flash of light. I remember waiting for that solar flash, that blast of light, that will hit our eyes, and our pineal gland, and shift us and the planet “In the twinkle of an eye.” The entire consciousness will change. It will change the consciousness of all of creation. I believe The Solar Flash is imminent.




 By Valerie Donner 


I am waiting.

Who or what am I waiting for?


It’s close. 

I can feel it coming.


 It hasn’t taken form, 

Yet it is coming.


 What do I do? 

Where do I look?


It’s deep inside

 Like a spiritual book. 


Its presence is real.

 My heart can sense it.


Everything else is on hold. 

This is the essence of it.


I know it to be true. 

It’s coming to an end. 


What is true and real?

Who are our real friends?


 It’s been so quiet,

 Getting ready.


 Staying in the unknown

 Keeps me steady.


 I will venture out

When the timing is right. 


It will be a huge form

 Of the brightest light.



There’s still more good news ground crew! We’ve had many ships here helping us. On Good Friday we had more ships than I have ever seen here in 25 years. That night they brought us a powerful rainstorm that was greatly needed. It had not rained here in the San Francisco Bay area since last December. Maybe we had a few drops, but nothing like we needed. The ships also came several days later. Again, they brought us very powerful, cleansing rain. It was so loud it woke me up at five in the morning. It sounded like thunder but there was no thunder. When I took a walk that day I could feel that they were measuring the water levels in our soil. It feels to me like they could come back and bring us even more.


Here’s some pictures of the ships:

Here is even more good news! This time it’s good things about little Esko, my grandnephew, who had a Redwood Tree branch fall 200 feet on him on October 22, 2021, while sitting on a park bench at the age of two. It crushed the right side of his skull. He was at a park in Northern California with his nurse mother and her nurse friend. They rushed him to the hospital a mile away and he was flown in a medical helicopter to a Children’s Hospital here in the San Francisco Bay Area. He had surgery, was in ICU for ten days, and in the hospital for two months. On April 8 Esko had a successful replacement of his skullcap. It was a four-hour surgery. It was so successful that he was discharged four days after surgery and two days later he got to go to the Monterey Aquarium as a special reward. He no longer needs to wear a helmet and is pretty much a normal little three-year-old boy. This is nothing short of a miracle! I know Esko is some special master to have a story like this! I want to thank all of you for your prayers over these last six months, and for your contributions, and for holding energy for his healing. Praise God!


Oh, there is one more good piece of news. I heard from a higher authority that “The money we are to receive is there.” We should start receiving money in the near future and I know most of us can’t wait.


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council from Valerie Donner,  April 28, 2022



Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with all of the love in my heart. 


You are such an amazing ground crew. I want you to know how important you are to the whole Divine Plan for the ascension of the earth. 


As you might have realized by now, the ascension of the earth is a complex order of things. They are interlocking and intertwining, almost like the wiring of a computer but far more complex. The complexities contain past, present, and future considerations, which are also modulated and modified with ongoing, ever-changing quantum circumstances. 


Some of you may ask, “Why isn’t this happening sooner?” In all sincerity, you are about to see everything expedited to lightning speed. The crumbling old system is chugging its way to a halt. It’s like seeing a runaway train that suddenly comes to a stop. It shakes itself loose and all that is left is a foundation, an amorphous form remaining with which to work. 


This is a simplified way of saying your lives are in for a big planetary change. You have been sleeping on the earth and most people are still not awake. What is about to occur is going to be like a blast off into a whole New World. It is going to be taken care of simply and easily. You will awaken to a New World, a new you, and a glorious planet.


We are telling you this now because it is the right time. We know some of you have been hanging on for years. We understand how your patience has worn thin. We don’t blame you for having had enough. We know it is impossible for life to be returned to the way it was. You thought it was normal to live the way that you were living, yet that is far from the truth. 


What is real and true about how to live is in peace, harmony, joy, kindness, cooperation, abundance, and respect. The way you have been living is the antithesis of what we have just described. The ease with which you will be living could be shocking for a few minutes until you realize you are out of the old mold. You will never return again. This planet will never be treated the way that you experienced it and you will never be treated the way that you were treated either.


Together we are creating a New World. With this consciousness all of life in all of creation will be celebrating. You are to be honored and glorified for your good work. Your dedication and devotion have made this possible. Soon we will be able to unite as one big galactic family.


I am Mira and welcoming you open heartedly into our New World!


Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta, July 21-24, 2022


I am happy to say I’m having a retreat at Mount Shasta this summer. I’ve been doing these retreats for years and this year I think it will be easier to plan for it. The last few years have been tenuous based on weather conditions, lockdowns, etc. 


Since I used to live in Mount Shasta, I know many sacred places to visit. We spend most of the time in nature, going to the mountain, swimming in lakes, going to waterfalls; I do channelings; we commune with the nature spirits; we have experiences with the Lemurians and the Masters; we have sky watches at night, crystal experiences, and live in the spontaneity the higher dimensional energies. The walking that we do is not strenuous. We bring our lunches and eat out in nature. We go to dinner. One meal is provided but the $444 price does not include lodging.


There is a 10% discount if you pay by June 21.


If you need more information you may contact me at: or call me at: 925-287-8976



Getting out of the Box eBook


A new eBook written by my friend, (which includes me as a participant), Dr. Robert Gerard, called “Getting out of the Box.” Working with Spiritual Concepts” has just been released on:


Amazon Kindle “KDP” at 

Oughten House Foundation “OHF” at 


The KDP price is $5.00 USD for the General Public (available worldwide)

The OHF price is $0 for 10 days (after May 15th, the price will be set at $5.00 USD)


If any of you decide to get the book now and read it, I am sure Robert would appreciate your feedback. 



My classes for May


As I told you last time, I’ve decided to stop hiding and step out of my comfort zone and do some Zoom classes. This month for the first time I had three classes. Two were “Merging with Mira” classes and the other one was a “Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class”. This time the Master was Djwal Khul. It was uplifting and fun for us to get to know each other and to meet in this way.


My classes are experiential, so you get to feel the energy of those with who are working.


For May here’s a list of my classes:


Monthly Meeting with the Masters, Tuesday, May 10, 5:00PM-6:30PM, Pacific Time, $30. The Master will be announced before the class. I will send a link after I receive payment, and this applies to all classes.


Mother Mary Channeling, Tuesday, May 17, 5-6:30 PM Pacific Time, $25. Mother Mary presents the divine feminine energy. I started channeling her over 20 years ago. Usually the Master St. Germain comes with her, so we have fun with him before she starts.


Merging with Mira, Thursday, May 26, 5:00-6:30PM Pacific Time, $25. We work with Mira’s energy in this class. She also provides us with information and healing. We can be offered to visit her ship in the etheric body and experience what that is like. 


Please let me know if you’re interested in any of these classes. You can sign up: or call me at: 925-287-8976




My Work


If you need spiritual counseling, readings healings, energy work, energy clearing, heart healings or galactic connections, please consider having a session with me.


My fees are: $70 for 30 minutes, $105 for 45 minutes, and $140 for an hour. I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I feel things, see things, and information comes. I can do a combination of whatever you feel you want or need. I am good at helping you understand the emotions behind whatever is going on with the body and then clearing it. You can contact me at the or 925-287-8976 





I still need financial assistance because everything has changed so much with my business. I do believe that soon we are going to be getting lots of financial assistance but until that happens, I continue to have to ask you to help me if you can.


You may use PayPal:


Many thanks and lots of gratitude to everyone who has helped support the website. 



In Conclusion


This is it! It is finally happening ground crew! I am so happy that our lives are about to change in “The twinkling of an eye.” It’s celebration time! Let your hearts be filled with joy! We are the grand ground crew! We are one!


With love, bliss, light,  joy and happiness from my heart to yours,