Straight from the Heart

December 1, 2021

Dear Ground-Crew:

 Here’s the latest from Apollo:

“We are here today to bring you an overview of what is occurring on your Earth, your solar system, your galaxy and beyond. All of life is excited about the elimination of the dark ones who enslaved (dark reptilians and Draco’s) beautiful earth. They thought it was there for the taking and they took, and they took, and they took. And now they have been removed and will not be allowed to do harm again. All of the remedies are in place to remove the rest of the dark ones who have turned away from God. The battle is nearly complete. Life on earth has been saved and the earth will be turned into the promised land of heaven. The light beings who made this possible will be greatly rewarded. It could not have been accomplished without you. Soon you will find yourselves celebrating. You will come together in love, harmony, and joy. Peace and happiness are only part of your future. We will all be meeting each other and loving the New World together. Thank you for your diligence, dedication and your hard work.” 

How was your holiday here in the US, ground crew? Was it a little different this year? Some of us have felt isolated and have been left out from family gatherings. That is why I wrote the Thanksgiving 2021 Poem that I emailed right before Thanksgiving. 

It can be painful to be judged and prevented from being with your family during special holiday times. Some people are feeling that Christmas might be another strange holiday this year. Instead of calling Christmas Christ – mass I think we should call it Christ-mess, because this year it is a mess for many people. Who would have ever thought that the dark forces would intervene between us and our families? They have successfully separated us in ways that are unloving and unhealthy. I believe they will pay for this. I’m not quite sure how but I know they will.

Perhaps we need to create new traditions this year to partially straighten up this mess? What are some things that we could do to offset the pain of not being with the family? Or if we are with family, what do we need to do to take care of ourselves in their presence? 

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Create gatherings with other like-minded people. 
  • Do some volunteer work that would make you feel happy. 
  • Take some of the money that you would spend on gifts and give it to charity. 
  • Set up some decorations depicting what freedom looks like to you. It could be colors, signs, pictures, anything that removes you from the normal. Who said red and green are the only Christmas colors and where did that come from? Is it part of the Christ mess?
  • Study the real history of this time of the year.
  • Question everything that you’ve done in the past for the celebration.
  • Think about what is truly important to you and those you love. Do something to expand that and bring it to greater light about how important these people are in your life. 
  • Think about the gift of life is because it is a gift. We can’t take anything for granted anymore because it is all changing. Welcome the change! 
  • Cook something different that you would love to have that you don’t normally have this time of the year. 
  • Contact other family members with personal messages, something that you might do or say, in the new earth energy. 
  • Stay in the now moment. Don’t keep dwelling in the past because it is no longer there. We are not in the third dimension. It is only the material world and if you reflect upon the material world, even if you have substantial wealth, that material world is changing, and we will have new values. 
  • What would it mean to you to be happy in the 5th dimension and higher? Try to incorporate some of these values into your Christ- mess this year. Perhaps this will help you to glide more into heaven on earth. 
  • Be creative and have fun with it. Make the best of it and do not dwell in the past. This messed up situation currently is happening for a reason because the old ways no longer serve us. Become a trendsetter for the new. 
  • Keep it simple and don’t stress out like you might have done in the past where it was always about over doing everything.
  • Take a nice trip and stay out of the frenzy.
  • Think about what kinds of holidays we will have living in the higher consciousness. Maybe every day will be a holiday???


You might want to watch Tarot by Janine’s post from November 28, 2021.

Tarot by Janine looks at how to navigate the coming season with Family and Potential Exclusions.

The energies on the planet are becoming increasingly tense. When this occurs, it’s challenging to know what to do to take care of yourself. Every day we get to learn a new way to take care of ourselves. Nature is the remedy for me. It is healing. The other day when I went to a park near where my house is located, I sat on the bench, and I watched the trees and the surroundings. The trees were just there. They took in the sun, they experienced me admiring them, were ready to have wind, or rain, or whatever other elements, were ready to touch their lives. They stood there straight and tall, beautiful as well. They radiated peace and acceptance. They were in their beingness.

I took that beingness home with me energetically. It gave me peace and a way to feel my body being like a tree. Nature is the healer. It’s good to meditate with this feeling of being like a tree.


By Valerie Donner


Nature is my solace. 

I see the beauty in every leaf.

 A tree stands up straight and tall

 And promises rooted relief.


The sunset is a painting

 The canvas is the sky.

 It brings us color

 With remarkable sights to the eye.


A rainbow is magic.

It is bliss beyond words.

 It paints mystical colors

  To touch the hearts of herds.


A waterfall flows

 From top to bottom. 

Where it starts and where it ends

 Is not to be forgotten.


Talk to nature.

It will answer you.

 It will heal your heart

 When you are feeling blue.


Whenever you want to feel better

 Put on your shoes and take a walk.

 All miseries will be forgotten

 If you listen to nature’s talk.


Let nature bring you solace.

Let it remove the aches in your heart.

We are in this together.

We are never apart.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council November 30, 2021, Channeled through Valerie Donner


Greetings I am Mira. I am pleased to speak with you. We acknowledge your forbearance and your ability to adjust and adapt during these unusually challenging times. Your efforts are being acknowledged. You will be rewarded. In the long run all of your challenges will be forgotten. You will rest in the renewal of the new earth. You will find happiness and joy daily in your lives.

You are moving into what was once called “the promised land.” When this was written, few knew what those words meant. You only had what you were experiencing at that time, and it was most challenging. In actuality, the message was coming from the Creator with the energy of all the love and support that could be given. The words anchored in the timing for the new age, the new earth, the age of Aquarius.

The earth is welcoming this new age. She is taking back her power and will create a glorious New World along with humanity. There is already a blueprint for the New World. Much cleansing needs to take place. It requires a full-blown Great awakening of those who will be living on the planet. You will also have an influx of wonderful galactic beings who also assist with technology and other forms of assistance to bring this about.

Since we are in the Earth Council, we are attuned to what you are experiencing now, and we understand how you are feeling. Most of you are adapting well but can still not make much sense out of that which doesn’t make sense. We suggest that you don’t even try. We see the overview and we understand why these imbalanced energies are working so as to be seen for the great awakening. They are not intended to make sense, especially for those who are already awake. The others are experiencing the extremes, and some are still not questioning.

Please take a note that many are popping up all around the planet. This is happening increasingly in large numbers for their awakenings. Some are faster than others and it takes time. We understand how your patience is wearing thin and we ask you to even become more patient. This patience is part of the awakening. Your nervous systems are on edge and your sensitivity and empathy levels have greatly expanded, especially in the last two years. You have your physical ups and downs as the light, the planetary changes, the eclipses, the sun, the earth along with evolving consciousness, are managing the planetary shifts.

Our beautiful light beings, ground crew, are being looked after and protected. We rely on each one of you to accomplish your mission. You are facilitating the giant shift on the planet with your energies and your consciousness. You are dedicated and committed to the work that needs to be done. We are working with you along with many other star systems. We have a vested interest in your well-being because it affects all of creation. You know that and you must understand how important this work is to all of life. We love the earth. We love you.

Let the beauty and the light shine in your hearts, dear ground crew. The worst part of the mission is nearly complete.


We are sending all our love to you. I am Mira.

Other Information


In my message last month I discussed that my family was going through a tragedy. Some of you wanted to know about it so I’m going to tell you about it this time.

Last month, my two-year-old grandnephew was sitting on a park bench in northern California when the branch of a Redwood tree fell 200 feet and smashed the right side of his brain. His mother is a nurse, and her friend, who is also a nurse, were there to take him to the hospital a mile away. He was flown by helicopter to a children’s hospital where they did brain surgery. They had to remove part of the skull that was smashed and regrow it. The little guy was in ICU for 10 days and then was transferred to rehab. He turned three on Halloween. By the grace of God and with many miracles, he can see, hear, talk, and eat. He’s walking with a walker. Sometime in the next few weeks, he will have another brain surgery where they will replace the skullcap. Right now, we don’t know what limitations he will have.

His parents are very private. I will just use his initials as E. T. if some of you want to send prayers to this one and to our family.

I feel he must be some kind of big powerful master with an inspiring story to tell. It is truly a miracle that he is still with us.

On another note, a couple weeks ago in the middle of the night, I heard the date “December 3.” I don’t usually give dates or make prophecies. I figured that I was told the date for a reason, and I remembered it. A few days ago I asked in meditation about December 3, and I got the word: “re-formation”! I’m still wondering what that means but something could be happening this week. Others are talking about December 3, too, so be open everyone!


Metatron Tools

Ground crew member, Peter Benson, sent me some energy tools that he created based on a message from Archangel Metatron. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful they are and how wonderful they are! They shield us from the energies of people, places,  EMFs, and even more. He also sent me some anklets made out of copper and crystals for grounding, in addition, to a Metatron pendant,  a Michael pendant,  a Selenite and a Green Mica pendant, and one Selenite and Turquoise pendant. You will need to go to his website to see and believe them!

Here’s a few of his videos:

His wife, Vivian Chauvet, is an Arcturian hybrid. Her website is: You will want to check her out as a very special person here on the planet. She has quite a story.


Thank you to those of you who helped me out financially last month. You really helped me, and I am so grateful. If any of you can help again this month it would be most helpful too. You are the best.


Holiday Special

I’m continuing my special discount for my spiritual counseling, readings, healings, energy work, and clearings through the end of the year. My regular sessions are being discounted by $22 per session in honor of 2022. Half hour sessions are $49 instead of $60 and $98 for a full hour rather than $120. Gift certificates are also available.

Please call at: 925-287-8976 or e-mail me at: for an appointment.


In Conclusion

We are living in extraordinary times. We are riding the roller coaster of bliss and the opposite. Magic and miracles are happening regularly. We have much to be grateful for, especially each other. We are coming together as spiritual families. We have many surprises in store for us. We are all part of history and of the Great Awakening.


Blessings, love and happy straightening out the mess of Christmas and other holidays to remember,