Straight from the Heart

November 3, 2021



Dear Ground Crew: 


Here’s the latest from Apollo: “Your reality is about to change with a wisp of the hand. Little did you know how quickly your planet can shift. When this occurs it will be nothing less than a miracle from God. Miracles are what you need to plunge into higher consciousness. This event is what is called the great awakening. Since our last discussion, many more souls on the planet have awakened. They are also taking action to call into account their refusal to do what they are told to do. We in the Galactic Federation celebrate your empowered choices to become a free planet. We support these choices in every way possible and are assisting you to bring forth your freedom. You haven’t seen anything yet as this heart driven power amongst the people rises. Before you know it you’ll be living in the Golden Age connected completely with God. Every day will be a miracle. You and the earth will heal, and you will live in beauty, harmony, joy and peace.”


 Apollo’s heart driven power seems like it is the awakening of the sleeping giant. This giant is the soul of humanity calling for its empowered choice. This is a huge energy that has been upwelling and activated. It is feared by the dark ones who have controlled the planet. There are many more of us than there are of them. Great strides have been made in taking down the dark forces. This is what is necessary for us to take our planet back. It is our planet and all of life aligns with freedom for the earth.


Because the dark ones have overstepped themselves they have drawn the attention of all of creation. They’ve put the planet in an emergency state. This expedites their downfall to the fullest extent. They know their time is over but that is not stopping their nastiness. They have underestimated the power of the sleeping giant. This giant can be felt deeply within people who are soul conscious and connected with Spirit. These beings live with love in their hearts, not fear. The truth within when tapped into has the force of a volcano. It is no longer dormant. It is about our empowerment.


October is referred to as “Red October.“ A lot happened last month, and it feels as if this is accelerating in November. For some of us so much occurred we were forced to go to the depths of our spiritual selves seeking answers for events we never expected to occur in our lives. In my family we had something tragic occur that is beyond understanding. It has truly shaken me to my spiritual core. Sometimes one has to go deep and bury oneself in grief. Then, the sleeping giant can awaken and give you strength and power to see you through. Action might be necessary. Divine guidance will come and so will divine healing.


The Sleeping Giant 

By Valerie Donner


The sleeping giant 

Has been waiting in the back,

 Watching to see

 The right time to attack.


The time is now.

It cannot wait.

People’s lives and livelihoods 

Are at stake.


It’s coming unbundled

With the power of the light.

 It is being ignited in the world

With all of its might.


This freed up energy

Is a force from beyond. 

It has been dormant

 For way too long.


It’s about power 

Of unimaginable strength.

 With this coming

 It will go to great lengths.


Tap into this power.

 It’s in your heart.

 Come together.

 There’s no way to be torn apart.


Stand up. 

We have the giant within. 

Let love flow. 

With this we will win.


From October 21-23, I had a small retreat in Mount Shasta. Nature was at her finest. We experienced magic and miracles that words cannot convey. That is why I’m going to show you pictorially a bit of what happened to capture some of the wonderment.