Straight from the Heart

January 4, 2022


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest message from Apollo on December 29, 2021:

“The circumstances you find yourself in are temporary. The upheaval has to happen so that many more can see the light. The dark ones want to hold you hostage with masks, mandates and fear. This must stop! They are being found out and their hideouts are being discovered and cleared. Hold your heads high. Trust your intuition about who and what you want to be around. Prime yourself not to fall for the fake news and lies. See all of this fall apart as the spells and witchery are being cleared. Present your essence of light. Treat yourself well. Stay in the light. As more of you experience your light and love, the dark ones tremble with fear. They know it is over. The light has far more power than the dark. Wave a flag of freedom and see them fall to the ground. Declare the old 3-D world is over. Take the reins on the pathway to the new earth. It’s almost complete. You will not be waiting much longer.”

Here we are, ground crew,  in the magical year of 2022. 2021 sped by so fast it is only a blur. Upon reflection it doesn’t seem as if anything is there. Some of you probably feel the same way. Time has sped up and this year it feels different. The holidays felt different. Everything is washed away from the past and it is almost like we are in an open canvas. This new year is about as mysterious as it can be. 

We are surrounded with new energies like cosmic energies, galactic, new connections with the great central sun, and the company of heaven. The old dark consciousness has been removed at the highest levels. The ascension energies are active in our bodies at the deepest cellular level. These are the energies of enlightenment, of knowing and allowing ourselves to know more than we have ever allowed. 

This particular time takes deep inward focus. It’s no longer important to focus on the external world because that is not fruitful and is insane. Our search is inward and it is for the truth of who we are, or I am presence. This is how we go about creating the new earth. In the Ascension process we are not only on the ascending levels of consciousness but we are descending and bringing in higher aspects of ourselves. This is how we remember that we are ascended masters, avatar’s, great angelic beings, powerful beyond words, and filled with gifts and abilities we are beginning to recall.

The magic is that we have already been these powerful beings and that we can now clearly bring back the memories of our God selves. In meditation you can breathe in higher aspects of your God self. Use the breath to fill yourself and your whole field with your God self. Upon doing this you will feel your self becoming higher and lighter, happier and happier. This is the strength and power that is necessary for ascension. In this process you are merging with the energies of the fifth dimension and higher. You are incorporating this higher consciousness into the deepest cellular levels of the body.

The more you do this the more you will raise your vibration and frequency. This is all about being in the heart of the Creator. In this process you attune to each other’s heart. At this point, the divine intelligence naturally flows to you and through you. You release struggle, fear, pain, suffering, the attachment to the material world, and you allow the light to guide you. The light heals you, helps you create and takes you into your miraculous new world.

In this state of consciousness, I believe we will be the happiest and we will live in the now moment. Perhaps this is why some of us might be feeling that the past is over. That energy is no longer necessary and does not serve us. This is because we are being called Home, back into the heart of the Creator.

Some of you might feel you don’t have time to do this little process. What could be more important than raising your vibration to match the vibration of the new earth and higher dimensional realities? I can assure you that you can do this merging in about 10 minutes a day. You can breathe in and bring back those energies. You can feel them in your body regularly, whenever you need them. This will give you strength and power to get you through whatever you have to do. 

What we are experiencing now has never happened in creation. As most of you are aware, usually when a planet ascends it goes nova and there is no life on the planet. This tells you how exceptional we are as a part of the light and all of creation that is freeing mother earth. As we continue to do our own inner work and re-membering our powerful selves, we will be rewarded beyond measure.

So please don’t worry, ground crew, how long this takes because it no longer matters. It is happening in the now. The past is the past. Focus on creating the new future that you choose to live in and be a part of with the help of creation. By repeating “How long is this going to take?” You are dis-empowering yourself and leaving it up to somebody else to do the work. We do not allow ourselves to be victims but we claim our power to be our masterful selves and remember all our might and glory!

 The Light Brigade

By Valerie Donner


I am a rule breaking 3D renegade 

Working for the light brigade.


I don’t follow what they say.

 I don’t live in fear every day.


I call a spade a spade.

To be a truth teller is of what I am made. 


I question everything 

And don’t follow the norm. 


From this stance 

I create a new form. 


I don’t do what everyone else does.

I think for myself and act with love.


We have the freedom to choose 

Whether or not to let truth be our muse.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner January 4, 2022


Greetings: I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and currently working with the Earth Council for the ascension of the earth.

We see that your blood is flowing, along with the blood of the earth, to preserve its integrity and to protect itself from that which is not. Your bodies have been assaulted for a long time. And your lives have been programmed and controlled to the fullest extent by the dark ones who would harvest you.

No wonder I have been fully focused for these many years on the earth! We proclaim today that you will never ever be harvested again! The dark ones are being dealt with and many have already been removed. We have big plans for the earth and a wonderful new planet coming into creation for all who live on her. The days of agony and despair will soon be a thing of the past. It is time to let go of the horrendous ways life on earth and how she has been treated. It is over!

You will soon become aware of the mysteries of your own bodies, as well as, that of the earth. You are the light brigade who are activating your powerful multi-dimensional selves. Upon doing this, you are also working with the planet to become her fully awakened self. What a powerful combination! This is why you were specifically chosen to be on the earth at this time. Your light, consciousness, love, energy, healing and beautiful hearts, are bringing this great awakening.

In the beginning of this new year 2022 you are already being shocked with information! In fact, you could be shaken to the core. You are clearly learning that life is not the way you thought it was due to the fact  that you have been living in a false reality called “the matrix.” You are awakening to the truth that some people you thought were good are bad and that some people you thought were bad are good! Many organizations will prove to be untrustworthy and even horrific!

What happens next is that you will take your power back as divine spiritual beings on beloved mother earth. The past will dissolve and in the future life will be light infused in beauty, joy, happiness, abundance, peace, freedom and all good things. You truly deserve this goodness!

Tomorrow is a new day. You will be divinely guided through the morass of possibilities for your new lives. We will be working with you joyfully to provide what we have to share to make your lives better and easier. We will enjoy getting to know you. Have fun and celebrate you and the new earth.

I lovingly say goodbye for now. I am Mira, your galactic friend.

Other Information

Here’s a link to an article written by Aluna Joy called “New Frequencies Rising Up.” Aluna has been communicating with the Star Elders for many years. I think you’ll find it spot on!

Some of you may know of Dr. Bruce Lipton. He is a famous scientist and cellular biologist who specializes in epigenetics.  His research has proven that disease is only 1% hereditary and the other 99% is what we do and how we live. This is a recent video with him, “Vibrational Revelations: Heaven on Earth with Bruce Lipton.” He lives in a higher dimensional world.

On the same topic of living in the 5th dimension, this video with Mellen Thomas Benedict,  “5th Reality Explained By a Near Death Experiencer,” is only 12 minutes and is well worth watching.

Help Esko Heal

Some of you have inquired about my great nephew, Esko, who at the age of two,  had a branch from a redwood tree fall 200 feet while he was sitting on a park bench that crushed his skull on the right side. It happened on October 22, 2021. He is still alive and after spending two months in the hospital he was allowed to go home from Children’s Hospital for Christmas. Many miracles have happened. He is at risk of falling and his parents are exhausted. He sees the doctor next week. He has to have his skullcap replaced at the appropriate time. The medical expenses are huge. Just the flight from where he lives to the hospital was nearly $100,000. The entire family have used up all of their savings to keep things afloat.

Your prayers would be helpful and if any of you would like to contribute to a GoFundMe here is the link: GoFundMe ~ Help Esko Heal

Valerie’s Work

For the last two months I lowered my rates by $22 an hour in honor of 2022. I am now doing my spiritual counseling, readings, energy healings, and clearings at my old rates of: $60 for 30 minutes and $120 for 60 minutes. I may be reached at: 925-287-8976 or e-mail:



Many thanks to those of you  who have contributed to me and this website. I can still use your help and appreciate it greatly.


In Conclusion


We are surrounded in the light of God. We are being assisted in multitudinous ways and in every aspect of our lives. We are loved beyond measure. We are powerful beyond words. We are stepping in to our new earth remembering who we are. There is no stopping us. We are in the light and we are the light. We are one with the earth and each other. May this new year 2022 be a great one. 


Thank you for being a part of the ground crew. Blessings, love and light from my heart to yours.