Straight From The Heart

May 3,  2024


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest from Apollo: “Do you know the ground crew are the first responders to assist the Earth? Yes, that’s what we call you because so many of you committed your selves to the Earth’s ascension and came at the very beginning of the process. We understand how challenging that has been and how weary you must be from all of your vital input from the Light. The Creator is grateful for all that you have been doing and so is the Earth. You will be remembered forever in the history of creation for your divine work. You will be rewarded greatly in many ways. Even though you may feel directionless in someways right now, that is far from the truth. It is simply that everything is changing rapidly. It is impossible for anyone to wrap their minds around the whole package of what is occurring. You do not need to waste your energy on this. Your roles are significant and your energy is vital to the process. Your level of consciousness and frequency are rising daily. You are glowing with light and spreading it on the Earth, the galaxy and far beyond. You are in the process of becoming aware of your own light and its impact. We hold you all on a pedestal, the pedestal of ascension and creation. Please accept this acknowledgment as a gift from our Creator and all of the loving beings who are working with you and the Earth. You are loved greatly.

How are you doing ground crew? How are you adjusting and adapting to all of the changes and strange energies on the Earth right now? What is your focus? Do you look up at the sky? There is a lot going on in the sky. How were you affected by the eclipse on April 8? I actually started seeing a second sun to the left of the sun on the day of the eclipse. I took a picture of it with my camera and here it is. For years we were told there would be two suns and supposedly two moons. I have not witnessed that, but perhaps some of you have? Maybe you did see the second sun also? It feels like we have to be open to all possibilities these days.

My focus now is truly on the light and the truth. Like many of you, I am no longer caught up in the 3-D external dramas. Who knows what is real and what is fake? Last weekend I had the good fortune of going to beautiful Santa Cruz, California and walking on the beach. I got a picture of a big beam of light coming from the sun onto the ocean. Here it is.

I also got this picture of a ship in my town a few days ago.


Look At The Light
By Valerie Donner

Look at the light.
It has become
Much more clever
And oh so bright!

The sun is different
And so are we.
Our bodies have changed

There’s a twinkle
In every cell.
Our energy fields
Have accelerated well.

We’re becoming more enlightened
In every way.
The dark is no longer.
We are at play.

We are painting a picture
In a newly lighted way.
It’s our time
For the light to stay.

Look at the light
In the eyes of others.
Creation is there
Like a spark of lovers.

This is a big light
That is shared with all.
The power behind it
Will make us tall.

We’ve had enough
Of settling for less
Then the best.
Be happy to have passed the test.


Starting last April, 2023, I began doing Ground Crew in Action Meetings with Lumina. Lumina is responsible for the luminescence of creation. Apollo is her divine complement. Many different people came on the call and there was a group of about 10 of us who met weekly for an hour a week. We met 47 times. We did light activations with the Lumina and we sent Light and powerful energy to many places and beings on the Earth. We all became more accelerated and enlightened from our gatherings. The Earth surely benefited also.

I am now being called to move forward to do greater work with Lumina. She is an illuminator and transfers energy. I am merging with her even more. This means I’m going to be doing some writing and some new classes. “Iluminate your Life with Lumina” is the name of the class. This will assist those who are ready to go higher with their spiritual work in a homogenous way. I am seeking people who can advance with me. I invite you to e-mail me or call me if you want join this new program. The class will be on Zoom, $33 payable with PayPal: I will hold the class every two weeks. It will be on Wednesdays from 4:00 to 5:30 PM Pacific time. The first class will be Wednesday, May 8.

The following is a message that came to me from Lumina on April 24, 2024. The message came from a very deep place inside of me. I dictated it and transcribed part of it so you can get a sense of what she said. It was so loving.


Musings From Lumina April 24, 2024

“I am amused at humanity at how little most of humanity have felt love. They are truly bereft of the love they are due. I want them to know how much Source loves and values humanity.  With every spark of light within every eye, or every drop of light on a leaf on a tree, there is love and it’s from them. I want humanity to know how much the sun loves them and how that golden light from the sun comes from Source to touch peoples’ hearts and to connect them with each other. So many do not know this, or feel it. I want humanity to know how much the clouds love them, and how much the trees love them, and how much the oceans and the streams love them. Every little sea shell is a creation from Source. It is a reflection of the beauty that they are and to show humanity how rare they are. Each wave that comes from the ocean is a reflection of love. Humanity is deserving of all of the love of creation. It’s available in the light dancing around you, taking new shapes and new forms, but it is always that luminesce all around you. It is here to bring bliss into your life. Please open to more love and share it like the branches of a tree that have open hearts to show their love. Their open hearts are available to pick you up and bring healing. Please do not kick a rock. Please pick it up and move it. It is a reflection of Creator’s love. It is a reflection of what comes to you. You have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.  The luminance is for you, oh bereft humanity, seeking love in all the wrong  ways. It is the part of listening to your heart, and the beauty of opening your eyes  to the sunlight of creation that will create the image of who you are.  This is such an accomplishment and something for you to ponder. It is a miracle and many more miracles are coming your way. We of the realms of beauty and light are here to tell you you will never be without love again. We truly love you and will always be there for you. I am Lumina.”

  A Transmission from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May 3, 2024

Greetings I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I also work full-time with the Earth Council. We are very busy these days, as you can imagine. We are in the full throes of the Earth’s ascension.  We are building a whole new model of ascension for creation and you are part of that participation. Please remember this is the first time a planet will ascend with life on it. It is different and you are different too. You are ready for the switch over for the New Earth and the new Golden Age to be here.

The Golden Age and the fifth dimension are already activated and are on the planet. This is your opportunity to focus on your light so that you can individually raise your frequency and your vibration that will be transferred to others. This is your focus now, ground crew. You don’t need to take it upon yourselves to fight every cause, or know everything you thought you needed to know about what is going on on the planet. Your job is to be the light.

This is a grand expansion of your work. It requires listening to your heart and following the guidance within. We are in the full throes of ascension. The 3-D material realm is over. It is dissolving all around you. Your soul has rejected the past and is moving rapidly higher and higher. You can feel it by the way you respond to your various experiences from the past. They are no longer.

You are beginning to feel triumphant in your new role as a being of light. You are taking off into higher dimensions. You are expanding as a beacon of light. Your healing presence is helping the multitudes. You are remembering who you are and are receiving your gifts and abilities. You are also magnetizing your galactic friends and family into your lives that are bringing you profound joy. Think about what it is like to have spiritual relationships with everyone in your life. Begin to see how your communities are growing and how happy you are becoming. Feel how much simplicity there is in your life and how much magic. Everything is becoming easier as you let go of the past.

You are a remarkable beings we have relied upon for eons and now you are coming to the homestretch. There will be no going back only moving forward.

All of life including the plants, the animals, the minerals, the waters, are awakening and have a lot to say if you will listen. When you listen your Joy will be unsurpassed. This Joy elevates you and reminds you that you are in the fifth dimension. You are living in higher consciousness with higher frequencies and higher purpose.

We are here to remind you that we are with you every step of the way. You may be seeing us out of the corner of your eyes, or in the background. Keep your eyes open and your ears clear so that you can listen to what is going on. It is astounding.

We relish every moment of being with you and participating in this ascension process. We are also ascending along with the rest of creation. In due time we are coming to a reunion of the Light and we will be celebrating in the most fantastic ways. You will recognize us when we see each other and we will be united forever.

I am Mira sending you love from your galactic friends and family.

Valerie’s Zoom Call Classes For May

These classes are experiential. They are fun, healing, enlightening and uplifting. Each class is $33 payable with PayPal Participants in calls with Lumina require Valerie’s approval. You may contact her at or call her at 925-287-8976 for approval.

Lumina, Wednesday, May 8 and Wednesday, May 22, from 4:00PM to 5:30PM Pacific time.

TheMaster Djwal Khul, May 9 from 5:00 to 6:30 PM Pacific time. This beautiful Master was known as the Tibetan and also channeled the Theosophical Society teachings to Alice Bailey. He is an expert on healing, initiations, the Seven Rays and much more. DK is the beautiful Master who came to me many years ago and taught me to channel.

Mother Mary and Saint Germain, Thursday, May 16 from 5:00 to 6:30 PM Pacific time. These two always come together since the time I have been doing these transmissions. Mother Mary represents the divine feminine energy and is healing hearts and souls when she comes through. The Master St. Germain is who we call “Mr. Wonderful.” He is funny and also involved with freeing the planet. He is about freedom.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council, Thursday, May 23 from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM Pacific time.


How Valerie Can Help You

I work deeply at heart and soul level so I feel things, see things and information comes. I give good reads on people and situation’s, assist with relationships, both personal and at work, help clear energy, assist with spiritual growth, provide healing, clarity and information about your future self. I’m working with Lumina so people receive light activations, truth and lots of powerful energy from her. The Masters are part of my team along with Archangel Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael and Michael, along with my galactic team.

I’ve been doing this work for over 25 years. I spent many years in the corporate world including being a healthcare executive. I understand the corporate world and can assist with that.

This is what someone wrote who recently had a session with me: “Dear Valerie. I so appreciate your powerful and beautiful healing that you completed for me. All that trauma from that experience was removed to the extent that I no longer feel the trauma from the horrible experience. You are an amazing healer and the angels were super powerful. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will always feel gratitude for you and your gifts.”

My rates are: $35 for 15 minutes, $70 for 30 minutes,  $105 for 45 minutes and $140 for an hour. To make an appointment please call me at: 925-287-8976 or email me at:


Here’s a link from Rumble that is only a 10 minute video entitled “Indicators that you’re already experiencing life in the fifth dimension.”



In Conclusion

This is a most exciting time to be on the planet. We know our focus needs to be on the light and to spread that light wherever we go. We have been given excellent guidance from Lumina and Mira in this message. Please take it to heart and follow through in ways that work for you and keep accelerating your growth. Your happiness will expand and you will know you are in the fifth dimension.

If you feel like you want to contribute to this website it is greatly appreciated. You can do it through PayPal: VDonner99@gmail.comor mail: P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

With love and all good things. Thank you for being a part of the ground crew.

In the light,