Dear Ground Crew,

How are you all doing during these rough and tumbling times? Most of us are beyond ready for the election to be over here in the U.S.

Can you feel everything more than ever? We have a high empathy rate right now. In my September session with Archangel Gabriel (Benu through Karen Cook) he told me we are at 1,000 percent empathy levels. That means we are feeling extremely sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings. Our bodies are like measuring sticks for humanity, the earth and life. It feels sticky.

In my Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class on November 2, the Master El Morya, who represents the First Ray and the Flame of the Will of God, told us that we “are washing away the tears of yesteryear and that we are going through a cleansing of consciousness.” “Do you see how gullible humanity has been? The lightworkers have studied and been prepared for this. You are experts and will be using your expertise to awaken humanity. The doorway is open and the way is being paved. Stay light and you will remain afloat. It can all change in one fell swoop.”

In essence our political strife is serving a divine purpose. The unpredictability and upwelling dirt in the system is akin to a political earthquake. In this country many appear to be feeling as if they are losing their foundation because everything seems so bizarre. It is a big shake up and a commensurate wake up.

Putting this in perspective we get to choose the light or the dark. Gordon Asher Davidson, author of “The Transfiguration of our World,” calls this election a “destiny election.” Both souls running for President are powerful souls. Although it appears that both could be dark, Archangel Gabriel told us a few years ago that Hillary had turned to the light. Could it be that she is a “new Hillary”? Could it be that all of the past has to be revealed for cleansing just like we are cleansing our old core issues? They don’t belong in the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions. We have work to do.

In talking with some of my lightworker friends lately, we are realizing that we are no longer the old 3d people we used to be. We are new too and are adjusting and adapting to the fourth dimension even though we are still in the physical world taking care of our bodies and all that entails. We are consciously letting go of our old ways of being and reacting as we would in 3d because it is no longer who we are.
The following is a poem I wrote about this:



The New Me

By Valerie Donner

Who am I?
Who is the new me?
Am I in the fourth
Or still in 3D?

How do I act?
What are my thoughts?
Am I still getting caught up
In the in worn out past?

Am I filled with the light
Or drowning in fear?
Can I see how others
Might be different than before?

What is my truth?
Does it belong to me
Or is it still affected by

Transparency is here
For all to see
What has happened in

Where do I fit?
How do I want to be seen?
Can I forgive
The old that has been?

Can I shut the door
And open a new one,
Rising higher and higher
Until I am as bright as the sun?

What do I want
For higher dimensions?
Can we live in the now
Without dissension?

Who am I?
How can I be
Filled with light,
Love and unity?

© 2016 The Ground Crew


More Galactic Information

On October 28, Linda Moulten Howe was on the Coast to Coast Radio Show.
Her website is:
She is a reporter on UFO’s and extraterrestrial intelligence. Her report can be heard in three parts on her site about the WikiLeaks emails from John Podesta. The information includes:
“As thousands of John Podesta’s hacked emails are being released day after day by WikiLeaks, high level USAF generals and Lockheed Skunk Works manager are linked to UFOs and ETIs”

— Part 1: Hacked Podesta Emails — UFOs, Generals and Lockheed Skunk Works.
— Part 2: Hacked Podesta Emails —Why Is Media Ignoring Generals and UFOs?

“The media still thinks it’s a joke. But a day will come when The New York Times and The Washington Post realize that they’ve been had. And they decide they are going to put six reporters on the UFO story. They are going to talk to their high level sources.”
– Grant Cameron,

— Part 3: Hacked Podesta Emails — Alien Bad Guys? Good Guys?

— Connecticut Attorney Speaks for First Time About UFO Encounter and Startling Deathbed Statement.



Light Ships

In my October 4, 2016 message I talked about having fun with the Galactics and how they are here. I received a number of responses to that message. One ground crew member sent me her website: She posts pictures of light ships so check it out.



A ground crew member from Canada sent me this dream that he had:

“It’s been a while since we’ve communicated.
About 3 weeks ago I had a really different experience.
I was sleeping and in this dream I was with my brother-in-law and I was pointing to my bedroom curtains and telling him that we could see the search light from a low flying helicopter through the curtains. I could hear the beating of the helicopter’s blades. It was getting very close. As I told him to look to see the search light (as it seemed to be following a random pattern) all of a sudden there was a flash of light. Then, in my dream, my daughter Patricia said, “Dad, do you know what happened?” I said, “Yes, I was covered by a flash of light!” She said, “No, Dad. You were taken up into a spaceship!”

“Then I woke up. It was so incredibly real. My heart was beating very intensely. I’ve never had an experience like that.

“So, I got up out of bed and prayed and meditated about it.

“The message came to me that I was really taken aboard a space craft and it was part of the Navy’s secret space program but they were working for the good and from going aboard their space craft (which looked like huge submarine) I was then transferred to a gigantic space craft and I was dressed in white robes with some gold trim and was leading some operation with approximately 5 or 6 others who were similarly attired.

“I believe that this wasn’t the first time this has happened but for some reason I feel that it is important that I understand now a little bit more of what is going on.”



As you know, living in separation does not feel good. Right now we have real time intense separation occurring in the U.S. elections, among family, friends, co-workers, and within ourselves. Separation does not feel good and it is at its apex right now.

Another talented member of the ground crew wrote a beautiful piece about oneness. It is an eight minute video that he did with Sophia Love’s narration. If any of you would be willing to translate it from English to Spanish or French they would like to know. Please let me know and I will tell him.
E-mail: or call 925-287-8976


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The VideoLink:
Also see the video below.

Sophia Love’s Blog


The Video – Ascension – It happens within




 Channeled Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner November 3, 2016

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council working full time with the Earth Council.

We are busy with a wide range of projects that are important to the earth’s progress with ascension. Some of you might be aware that we monitor all that is going on with the planet including the elections and the array of events that could be potentially out of line. We are a group of experts on ascension and have legions of talented Galactic’s who are assisting us with the process. You would be amazed at the focus and importance of this hour.

This is a detailed process with every eventuality being considered. We know what you are thinking and feeling. We understand your weariness and frustration with the awakening planet. With increasing learning and awareness it seems that some of you are motivated for change. You had to come to this point in your evolution in order to make new choices and to clearly opt out of the old. The soul of most of humanity is ready for change even though they dislike it consciously. You have been preparing for this for a long time. Some of humanity is aligned with the 4th dimension and others still want to remain in the third dimension.

Right now you are in the chaotic position that shakes things to its roots. Everyday life on earth is being re-created and so are you. If you revisit 2015 you could feel like an entirely different person and this is true. Since 2016 you have been re-shaping yourselves into galactic beings. Your choice in food, clothes, friends, work, creativity, free time, entertainment, and your spiritual work are different. This is in part due to your changing consciousness and the expansion of your crystalline structure. Your hearts are opening and you are becoming lighter, brighter expressions of love.

As you accelerate your consciousness some of you want to spend time in solitude. You pray and meditate and are conscious with your thoughts, words and actions. You are also gaining new gifts while remembering other aptitudes and abilities. The report card isn’t in but we will tell you that you are doing an exemplary job.

Of course, we recommend joy and laughter as an antidote to the slippery election focused slope. Remember you are rising up while the old is falling apart. Coming together as ground crew is also vital. Sharing what you know, your gifts and talents, is unifying and empowering. Use your imagination to create the new earth. We know you can do it.

The pace of life is picking up. Moments can seem long or short no matter what you do. Chasing the clock or letting it chase you is inconsequential, for when the day is over you are closer to your desired goal of living in the higher dimensions. Keep focused on the positive and know that will assist the most with the creation of the new.

You exist on the earth with the loving permission of the earth. We will tell you that she is getting ready for change so that she can move in to higher dimensions. She has been patient and tolerant of humanity for eons, much to her detriment. Please be sure to include the earth in your meditations and prayers. She feels it and is grateful to the ground crew. You help bring her back into balance and will do a stellar job of this after the shift.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves as life on the planet takes a swift turn into the higher realms.

I am Mira sending you love and blessings from the Pleiadian High Council.



What Else is Noteworthy?

Gordon Asher Davidson is doing a “Galactic News Report” this Saturday, November 5, at 10:00AM Pacific Time.

Here’s the link:
Some of his other talks are on YouTube.

From Mahala’s Astrology:
“Another event in November is that the full moon on November 14, 2016 will be the most impressive super-moon since 1948.

There was a super full moon on January 26, 1948 and that is when Mahatma Gandhi was shot. That event affected the whole world, and still does. Our election is right before this full super-moon. What will this upcoming full moon activate? Could this be the climax of the election drama? The full moon is on 23 degrees Scorpio. This degree means the rising of your animal drives to a higher level of consciousness.”


Sessions with Valerie

I am still doing sessions for your clearing, energy healings, spiritual counseling, readings and other spiritual work like ascension.

Please e-mail me at: or call for an appointment: 925-287-8976. I also do Skype.

I appreciate working with you and thank you for your support.



In Conclusion

What do I know? I know the secrets are coming out. Time is speeding up. Life is unpredictable. We need to heal our separation to enter into our wholeness. We are in 4D. Politics in this country have become a reality show for entertainment. The Galactic’s are here. We are getting lots of help. The dark forces are fighting to remain in control and that’s one reason it is intense. The elections are almost over, for what it’s worth. When we have higher consciousness we will have a different type of government with councils.

I guess I could go on telling you what I know, like my six year old granddaughter who tells me she knows a lot and wants to know more. The mystery is unfolding and it is an exciting time to be on the earth. We chose and were chosen to be here right now.

Blessings, love, election healing and light, from my heart to yours,




© The Ground Crew

 Sessions with Valerie Donner

         Working deeply at the heart soul level, which is where the healing needs to occur, Valerie uses her gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. She has been meditating twice daily for over 40 years so this enables her to go in depth from her heart when working with people. She has been doing healing work for 15 years and has helped thousands of clients.

                  She invites her client’s team of their own guides, Archangel, Angels and Masters, as well as her own team such as the energies of the Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael, the Native American healers, and others, to be with you when the session starts. As she begins running the energy, information comes to her and she will give you a message. From there the session goes accordingly and includes a combination of spiritual counseling, energy healing, intuitive readings, channeling and teaching. It depends upon the clients’ wishes for the session.

         Valerie works with quantum healing because it is a blend of the spiritual body, mental, emotional and physical body. Disease starts at the spiritual level, goes to the mental, the emotional and then the physical body. She gets out of the way so the energies of our Creator can work through her.

Some benefits of having a session include:

  • Greater understanding and clearing of emotional issues with relationships including with those on the other side
  • Energy healing for physical issues as well as from trauma, abuse and addictions
  • Clarity, direction and guidance
  • Release of negative energies
  • Deepening the connection with the inner child and your soul
  • Help with spiritual growth
  • Readings from hour angels and guides
  • Aligned chakras
  • Clearing out of old core issues like fear of being unlovable, fear of the future, fear of being alone or not good enough
  • Insight into your divine purpose
  • Improved self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Feeling lighter and more positive

Valerie also does channelings and readings.

Sessions are available by phone or in person.   Please contact Valerie at: or by phone: 925-287-8976.   Rates are: $60 for 30 minutes, plus $30 for each 15 minute increments. Sliding scales are possible for those who need them.


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