Dear Ground Crew,

         Are you breathing a sigh of relief since we made it through the eclipses from last month, the grand cross and all of the other events of late? When I took the Chinese astrology class on February 1, the teacher, Lu Ming, told us that the energies from 2013, the Year of the Snake, could continue until May 1. He mentioned what a strange year 2013 was and so the carryover has made it even more challenging for many of us.

It’s all a blessing though. Have you noticed how all of your issues are up? The only thing we can do is move through them. I have been working on one major issue and have found something that I believed most of my life was a total lie. Everything already exists in the NOW moment in the quantum field. It’s all a matter of where we put our focus. In this higher dimension (the early stages of the fourth dimension) our thoughts are easily manifested. If we are unconscious of our thoughts we will continue to manifest things that we have always manifested. Paying attention to our thoughts is paramount.

How are your bodies feeling? Are any of you feeling aches and pains? Do any of you feel the effects of the solar flares? When we have big solar flares they affect the earth’s’ magnetic fields as well as our own. Sometimes I feel their effects in my head and have to go lie down. It feels almost like you can’t think.

On May 7, we had our Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. We were honored with the master Hilliaron. He is a powerful healer. We all received peaceful and powerful healings from this beloved master. This is what he told me to write down and share:

“People are coming to a turning point. Either they face the Light or many are leaving. Consider using all of the the tools you have or know of for yourself and others. Your prayers are being amplified. Streaks of healing colors are around you. Take excellent care of yourselves. Stay grounded. Watch the animals. There are tricksters who want to change the direction in which you are going. They have no say. Quiet the fears in your mind. Let me help you.

“We are working on your hearts. Focus on betrayal. This is one of the most challenging issues to heal on the earth. Lightworkers are so trusting they often get in situations where they are betrayed. Love heals all. Let it go and let me help you. Release the betrayal. Our Creator never betrays you. Stay true to yourselves. Don’t betray yourselves or let yourselves be led falsely. This has to end. You know the truth within.”



Exploding Toilets

I never thought I would write about this topic but I want everyone to know about something that happened to a friend of mine and me on Good Friday, April 18. My friend Mike and I went for a three mile walk around a lovely reservoir near here (The San Francisco bay area). It was a warm day. I had a session in 15 minutes when we finished the walk. Since I was hot and thirsty I decided to go get my favorite boba teas (honey jasmine green tea with tapioca pearls, also known as bubble tea). I walked into the little café and there was Mike. He ordered me a tea and I went into the bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom after turning out the light. Mike decided to use the restroom too. He went in and turned on the light. All of a sudden we heard a loud explosion. I opened the bathroom door to see if he was all right. The whole toilet had exploded. There was water all around. The front of the tank had blown across the room and other pieces of the toilet were scattered around.

Fortunately Mike was unhurt. Had he been in front of the toilet he could have been severely injured or killed. If I had been sitting on the toilet at the time I probably would have lost my incarnation. I could just see how funny they would think it was on the other side if I had passed away due to an exploding toilet.

Mike and I hugged each other feeling grateful that we were only shaken up by the event. I ran off to see my client.

That night we went to a talk. The speaker was discussing how he didn’t believe in luck. Mike raised his hand and discussed what had happened that day with the toilet. He gave the speaker something to think about. There was a man in the audience who mentioned he had heard of exploding toilets. He suggested googling “exploding toilets” so when I got home I did.

It turns out that “Just when you thought it was safe to flush your toilet, more than 350,000 more flushing systems were added to the 2.3 million already recalled in 2012 after hundreds of incidents.

“The original recall included Flushmate III Pressure Assist flushing systems that were put in toilet tanks nationwide between 1997 and Feb 2008. Now, the recall includes those made between March 2008 and June 2009. The flushing systems can break and release pressure that can cause toilet tanks to break.

“Flushmate units were sold at Home Depot, Lowes as well as at plumbing supply stores. They either were purchased separately or came with toilets made by American Standard, Crane, Ecotech, Eljer, Gerber, Kohler, Mancesa, Mansfield, Orion, St. Thomas, Universal Rundle, Vitra, Vitromex and Western Pottery.

“You can determine whether you have a recalled Flushmate by looking for the date code on the top of the unit. The first six numbers of the serial number represent the date of manufacture, with the last two digits representing the year.

“If you believe you have one of the recalled units, you are asked to turn off the water to the tank and flush the toilet. A free repair kit will be provided by Flushmate. Consumers with questions or who want to request the kid can call Flushmate at (800) 303-5123 (800) 303-5123 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern Time and 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays or visit Flushmate’s recall site.”

I remember a few months ago I wrote a poem about strange events. This was one of the strangest things I have ever experienced. I pray this never happens to any of you.

The earth is a strange place. These days things are quite chaotic and we need to take care of ourselves, be strong, and grounded.

As most of you know the media is controlled by a handful of people. It is filled with fear based stories of suffering, pain, lies and mind control. It has become clear to me that Lightworkers need to infuse “Media Light” to the situation. Please send Media Light to the media. This is an area of the utmost importance to clear on the planet right now. Let’s do it.

Last night I dreamed we were having Parades of Light all around the planet. What would a Parade of Light be? It would be parades of people practicing love and Light, art, beauty, peace, joy or whatever is Light filled activity. I could see these parades of Light happening everywhere. In my dream I was thinking about how to organize such events even down to getting parade permits. I was thinking about how much it would cost to organize these parades. We were also working on getting people unstuck. How about it ground crew? We are of the Light Brigade. How about us creating Light parades?

Light Parades

By Valerie Donner


Calling all of the Light Brigades.

Are your ready to create a Light parade?

We already do it in the Light Realms.

We just have to take charge of the Light and be at the helm.

Can’t you see us walking lovingly and tall,

Beaming out love to one and all?

We could wear beautiful costumes with angel wings.

We could help people forget their troubles

And exemplify heavenly things.

We could sing songs to touch their hearts

And fulfill more of our earthly parts.

Let us take charge and walk our paths

To create Light Parades

That will give others a big Light bath.

© 2014 The Ground Crew



A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner May 9, 2014

Greetings I am Mira. 

I am still fully dedicated to working with the Earth Council and the earth’s ascension process.

We give you a big hug from our Council and from the Light Realms. You have little idea about how much you are working with us in the Light Realms and on our ships at night in your dreams. We counsel you and you work with us together as a team. You come and go and we enjoy our times with you. This coming and going is a part of getting to know each other and understanding what is needed for your ascension.

These vast changes can create troubling times for many. We understand that some are challenged greatly not knowing where to place their next step. The uncertainties are part of the learning process of living and trusting in the now moment. This requires faith and skill and the deep inner knowingness that all will work out according to the Divine Plan.

The integration of these new energies requires quietness and rest. Looking outside for the answers can help but for the most part you will have to learn from within. There is a unification process that is going on where you will begin to understand that every living being on the planet is releasing that which is illusory to find a harmonious way of life on the New Earth.

Most people “know” that things are changing but are not as aware as our ground crew. You are the frontrunners of change. Often you get to face the issues before the rest of the populace. You stand out and agreed to be the way showers.

Please recall that you signed up for this mission. You have been through other ascensions. This particular ascension of the earth is the most complicated and yet it has the greatest amount of help from all of creation. We look up to you. You are doing the work.

Many of us come and go from the earth. Many of us are present with you. We have had to learn to fit in to do our jobs just like you have had to learn to fit in your entire lifetime. We understand it has taken a lot but think about how much you have learned.

As the truth continues to be revealed the illusion will be stripped away. This will bring a new reality. It will generate peace, love, harmony, unity, heart, abundance and joy. You have a few more years of this chaos and then these higher frequencies will be anchored in. The template is already on the planet and we are working together to clear the old energies that no longer fit in the higher consciousness.

Do the best you can. Take excellent care of yourself and know that you are manifesting Heaven on Earth.

I am Mira from the Pleaidian High Council sending you love and gratitude.



Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta July 31-August 3, 2014

It’s almost time to go to Mt. Shasta again for my annual Heart of the Mountain Retreat. It’s my heart’s delight to share with you the magical, mystical experiences of being in nature, the beauty of the mountain, the nature spirits, the joy and elation of feeling the energies of what it is like to be in the fifth dimension. There are a lot of the higher dimensional energies that we feel when we go on these retreats.

If your heart feels the calling please check out the information on this website
You must register by June 30 to receive the 10 percent discount.
You may contact me at: 925-287-8976
or e-mail me: with questions.

Some of you have already told me that you plan to attend. I can’t wait for us all to be together. I know the Masters, Archangels, our space family and everyone are going to be with us. I pray you will be too.

A New Spin on Chocolate-Healthy Chocolate

In my last update from April, I told you about my experience with eating healthy chocolate. Since then I have immersed myself into eating this chocolate and learning more about the powerful antioxidants it contains.

I have heard stories about profound healing that others are having from eating the pure cold pressed cacao with all of these antioxidants. They kill the free radicals, raise our moods, help our brains, cardiovascular system, reduce inflammation, help our eyes, gums, joints, help us sleep, help the major organs, boost energy, add to our longevity (Research has shown the having Enough antioxidants can add 10 more years to one’s life.), improve the immune system and benefit in many other ways.

Ground crew, do you have the not-so healthy chocolate blues because you are not eating healthy chocolate too? Join me and get this chocolate so we can all go to outer space with chocolate on our face.

My website is: … Eat this chocolate. Go to outer space.

You know how to contact me if you have questions.

What a way to go!


In Conclusion

We are being gifted with lots of Light and divine protection. Whether it’s protection from exploding toilets or the challenging changes and energies, we have all that it takes to make it through this ascension process.

We are loved and appreciated beyond measure.

Stay positive and eat healthy chocolate, ground crew. It helps us to stay grounded as we walk this earthly path.

Blessings love and de-Light,



© The Ground Crew



 Sessions with Valerie Donner

         Working deeply at the heart soul level, which is where the healing needs to occur, Valerie uses her gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. She has been meditating twice daily for over 40 years so this enables her to go in depth from her heart when working with people. She has been doing healing work for 15 years and has helped thousands of clients.

                  She invites her client’s team of their own guides, Archangel, Angels and Masters, as well as her own team such as the energies of the Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael, the Native American healers, and others, to be with you when the session starts. As she begins running the energy, information comes to her and she will give you a message. From there the session goes accordingly and includes a combination of spiritual counseling, energy healing, intuitive readings, channeling and teaching. It depends upon the clients’ wishes for the session.

         Valerie works with quantum healing because it is a blend of the spiritual body, mental, emotional and physical body. Disease starts at the spiritual level, goes to the mental, the emotional and then the physical body. She gets out of the way so the energies of our Creator can work through her.

Some benefits of having a session include:

  • Greater understanding and clearing of emotional issues with relationships including with those on the other side
  • Energy healing for physical issues as well as from trauma, abuse and addictions
  • Clarity, direction and guidance
  • Release of negative energies
  • Deepening the connection with the inner child and your soul
  • Help with spiritual growth
  • Readings from hour angels and guides
  • Aligned chakras
  • Clearing out of old core issues like fear of being unlovable, fear of the future, fear of being alone or not good enough
  • Insight into your divine purpose
  • Improved self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Feeling lighter and more positive

Valerie also does channelings and readings.

Sessions are available by phone or in person.   Please contact Valerie at: or by phone: 925-287-8976.   Rates are: $60 for 30 minutes, plus $30 for each 15 minute increments. Sliding scales are possible for those who need them.


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