Straight from the Heart

May 7, 2019


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s a message from Apollo on May 5, 2019: “The time has come for the reign of terror to be over. It is complete. It is done. You will begin to see the walls of horror crumble. Nothing of the dark will last. It will be completely destroyed. There will be no survival for the people who take advantage of others. It will be a whole new way of living on the earth.You will truly be able to live a wonderful and perfect life. Joy and abundance will be available for all. Be steady and ready for a huge shift. We are with you.”

Much has changed in the past month. On April 5th we went into a new time line and a corresponding new reality. All of life and matter on earth felt it. They celebrated the release of the old time line that was not working.

Have you noticed how a lot has happened since the first week in April? First, Julian Assange was arrested. He is the keeper of many truths and information that could blast open some secrets that could change the planet forever. Then there was the fire at Notre Dame, the Mueller Report, numerous global false flags with shootings and fear-based events intended to keep humanity in terror.

Everything is moving quickly. It seems like there is a council working with the earth that have a list of certain events that must occur one after the other to make way for the new. The dark are not used to losing and are desperately doing stupid events that highlight their plans and visibility. The cabal is being dismantled. The third dimension is imploding and we are a part of the microcosm of the macrocosm.

In the following YouTube message, Michael Love, talks about a new time line on April 8, 2019.

Aluna Joy, who works with the Mayan Elders and others, is one of my favorite writers about current events. On April 29, she wrote about: “2 Time Realities we are Moving in Between”:

. . . “As this window is revealed to you, there will also be an overwhelming shift through your nervous/electrical/magnetic systems. Be careful to stay clear of stress and drama. Do not over-react to the dismantling of the old world. Just breathe. Step back and think from your heart before you react. This process will be assisted by magnetic and solar activity and world events that will shake up the collective consciousness in the coming months” . . . This will also alter our Earth’s core as it is mostly iron which holds ancient memory. Your life may be challenged in many ways like your material world is short circuiting, or you having to deal with some physical health issues, both of which may have been holding you back.”

. . .”There is a collective, divine balancing being held and orchestrated by higher realms and humanity simultaneously. All sentient life has the opportunity to evolve into this new timeline. All sentient life will engage and act out their part at the right time. It is not a time to judge anyone for their life choices or perspectives.” . . “Since December 21, 2012, Earth and humanity has been in the process of Awakening the DOVE. We have entered another huge portal on equinox (March 20th, 2019). We call these energy zipper points. Once the zipper clicks into another higher level, there is no going back. You are now deep and fully in the process of pulling the blinders off. It is time. You are ready. Awakening the DOVE is when all sentient life comes into total alignment with pure creation energies. This could be viewed as pure love, total awareness, awakened consciousness or the kundalini rising. This will manifest as seeing and creating without any fragment of self doubt or denial. This is already being played out on the world stage. This is a realignment of Earth,”

. . . “There is no big event date. Do not get caught up in following a solid linear time prediction. These predictions are created from an old reality that is not functioning properly anymore. I am sure you have noticed this already.. . If you watch a linear date, you will miss learning about the spherical reality that is emerging in front of you right now. . . These dates might make you feel like there is hope, or that there will be an end time where it all shifts and you are saved.. . . This is a monumental change within you and a total rebooting of your old DNA memory and programming. You will dance between linear and spherical time for some time simultaneously. Yes, it will feel weird and a bit out of control. (More coming soon on bending timelines.)”

Love donations here …

Do your best to stay in a state of love, self acceptance, patience and empathy and compassion for all of humanity. Do not judge anyone’s process or belief system. Each one is doing their part even if it is very different than your path.”

“This is the beginning of ending separation. First you must become painfully aware of your differences, and also the difference between true reality and what you wish things to be. Most of your expectations were built on past vibrations which have evolved radically. In time, you will come into full acceptance, and move into loving all your differences. The last stage, and your ultimate goal, is to assimilate and not see the differences at all.”

This new time line feels different from the old one. Not only is everything moving faster, but we are also finding ourselves being able to manifest quickly. The fifth dimension is about manifesting energies. It should become easier to manifest and life should begin to flow more easily.We have to be in the flow because that is how it is going now. It makes our planning difficult so we have to be flexible. Our hearts are opening and an increasing number of people are awakening and responding to the higher energies and consciousness.

Ascension is part of realizing our mastery and how powerful we truly are. While we are ascending we are also descending and bringing in other aspects of ourselves. This means we will be remembering and using the many gifts and abilities that were dormant during our third dimensional experience. We have the power to change the world and we are doing exactly that.

Some people are feeling hypersensitive and needing more rest. Please listen to your body and fulfill its needs. The animals are getting more sensitive too. (My cat has been a little moody lately.) Be mindful of what you eat. This transition period can feel a little weird. We are being re-calibrated and our systems are being upgraded. This is a special transition.

We will be coming from our hearts and connecting at much higher levels. We will be connecting with our soul families and opening the way to be with the Galactic’s. We cannot go back to the old world. It is over. We get to be in the new as we co-create it. We will experience magic and miracles. Begin to realize how things are moving in your favor.

Forget the Past

By Valerie Donner


Forget the past.

It is all but gone.

The issues have been learned.

We are done.


The timeline changed.

The reality too.

Who am I?

Who are you?


We can’t go back;

We don’t need to.

We are complete

With the 3D zoo.


It seems so strange

As we find our new way.

Everyday is special.

We need to pray.


Stand back.

Let go of the old.

Don’t go there.

Just be bold.


Open your heart.

Turn up the light.

The old stuff

Is going out of sight.


Get prepared

To be more amazing.

Merge with your self;

You will be star gazing.


A Message from Mira from Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner May 6, 2019


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working with the Earth Council.

You may have noticed that we Pleiadians are becoming more visible. We are stepping up our work with the Ascension Process because we are needed now. We are working through various channels including this one. You will be noticing our presence is increasing.

This is the time of the great shift. It is when the reality has changed enough so that our presence is required to assist you through the final days of darkness into the light. You need understanding and guidance as the old world disappears. We help stabilize the planet and life upon it. It is necessary and something that we do on planets that are ascending.

We will explain that the earth is an exceptional planet. It is one of the reasons that this ascension has taken as long as it has. It is a complicated planet that has been held in darkness for too long. Please take heart! We know what we are doing and you have plenty of help from all of creation.

There are billions of us surrounding the earth. The lights on earth have performed brilliantly without knowing the details of what you signed up to do. You are about to find out where you will be needed and what you will be doing. The assignments will vary according to your abilities and choice. We will get to be working together for there is a lot to be done.

The timeline has shifted. The old timeline was not working and there is an urgency, for this is the final hour. From now on every time you blink your eyes something will have changed. Most importantly welcome in your new life and your new reality. You will be living differently and will be supported with love and abundance.

Soon you will begin to see the transparency of some as they drop their cloaks and show you who they truly are. It could be shocking but in this new reality there will be no living in deceit. When the truth comes out they will feel out of place no matter how long they have been in power. This applies to the entire planet. You have heard of the Emperor’s New Clothes, have you not?

We realize how tired you are of the old way of life. That is why you are in the new reality. Watch for the new revelations. They will appear and you will be healed and set free.

I am Mira sending you great love in this new reality.

My Retreat at Mt. Shasta