Dear Ground Crew:

The following is a message from Apollo on March 3, 2020: “The time for comfort has come for life has been suffering too much for too long. The long-lived legacy the of the dark forces is about to be erased from the earth. Humanity will be able to take a massive deep breath and breathe freely. The time for celebration is near. You will be free from evil, corruption, fear, greed, power over others, service to self, and all wrongdoing. The light prevails. There is going to be a complete exposure of the dark ones. The light will shine through and you will live wonderful lives. What has been created in heaven will be created on earth.”

On March 3, 2020, in my “Monthly Meeting with the Master’s Class,” Mother Mary who represents the divine feminine energy, came to be with us. This is an experiential class, so we all go into deep meditation several times and we get information. This is what Mother Mary said through me: “These are the times of the Great Awakening. Have no fear, my children, for I am with you. You are loved and protected on your journey home. Let go of what no longer serves you. Your new world is being created before your very eyes. Behold a new day is coming and I will meet you there. I hold you in my arms and my heart. You are safe and protected. There will be magical moments as the final days of the old earth play themselves out.”

“The results of the elections will still leave you in a place of wanting. You know there is something much better for your country. The wolves are at the back door, but they will not get in. Humanity has some karmic lessons to complete before it is over. The truth is that you need a new system, and this is what it has all been leading up to. You are in a state of grace. Let the changes come along with the new consciousness so you can have the embodiment of a new way of living on the planet. You will live from the bottom up not from the top down. Your lives will be more for fulfilling. You have the knowledge and the wisdom to do everything in the light of a new day.”

Linda C. got this message last night, “Joy will become as contagious as fear has been.” “Sally K. heard that “We will be living in our own highest potential.”

The three-ring circus is continuing to play itself out. The coronavirus seems to be center stage globally. It is impacting lives substantially as well as business and finance. Who would’ve thought that by focusing much of our production in China that we would end up with such a disaster? Is this a part of the endgame?

One thing that is certain, the mainstream media is forging ahead with fearful messages. The coronavirus gives them ample ammunition to play with people’s emotions and their lives. It is almost like another form of terrorism psychologically like the fires we have had California and other places.

In The San Francisco Bay Area, there have been stories of people buying up supplies like lots of toilet paper, water, and paper towels, to the point where one Costco is ordering 10 times the amount of toilet paper than normal. One lady was heard saying that she would not drink anymore Corona beer (a Mexican beer) due to the coronavirus.

For me, one of the lessons in this is not to make fear our beer! By being in fear we are essentially feeding the dark forces. They live off of our fear-based energy and most of you probably already know this. Yes, it is necessary to have provisions for oneself and one’s family. Backup plans are always helpful. We need to be resourceful and think of ways that we can have what we need. (I just wish the Galactic’s would give us our replicators as soon as possible. Replicators are like 3-D printers and it’s what they used in “Star Trek.” I understand that they have them for everything like food, clothes, and even houses.)

Here are some tools that we can use to manage through these wild and crazy times:

  • Surround yourself with your favorite things
  • Watch funny movies
  • Play with children and animals
  • Take walks in nature
  • Listen to beautiful music
  • Do things that touch your heart
  • Give to others
  • Practice gratitude
  • Be with your cherished friends and family
  • Pray and meditate consistently
  • Continue with your life and make plans even if it requires flying, etc. You have to keep living your life. (Clove oil on the bottoms of the feet can help prevent illness.)
  • Keep beauty around you
  • Speak loving and kind words
  • Pause and enjoy the special moments that happen daily


As a favorite thing, I like looking at my beautiful orchard plant that bloomed after seven years!

The Runway to Heaven

By Valerie Donner


We are on

The runway to heaven.

The forces of light

Are about to get even.


We are steady

And on our feet.

We’ve amassed a power

That can’t be beat.


Create the beauty

In your mind.

You already remember it when

You left heaven behind.


Bring the future

Into the here and now.

You have been where we’re going

And we know how.


The runway to heaven

Is paved with gold.

We’re here on earth

And we are so bold.


The Golden Age

Is about to explode.

Here comes the light.

Let it unload.


Take a deep breath

To behold what you see.

We have heaven on earth

For you and for me.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner March 4, 2020


Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I greet you today with love in my heart and promises from the light. We know what you need and how you are being affected by the forces impacting the earth at this time. We are beholding to you, ground crew, for all that you are doing to hold the light in place and for the Ascension of the planet.

What you are doing is quite remarkable. Since we last spoke with you a tremendous amount of progress has been made. Even though you are not aware of all that we can see, we want you to know that your work and your dedication are making a profound difference for all of life.

Your DNA was programmed to be completely activated at this time and it is. You are stepping into your true empowerment and will not let anything prevent you from accomplishing what you came here to do. This is why I mentioned “dedication” for opportunities have come your way to do away with your life on the earth, yet you have weathered the storm. So, what is happening now with the chaos, the communicable diseases of viruses and fear, along with the other violent attacks from the dark forces, will not to be a deterrent for you in any way. Your Ascension and the Ascension of the earth are a given!

We envelope you with love and a mighty force from the Light Alliance, including a magnificent Galactic presence. The dark forces already know that it is over for them. This is one reason they are stirring up their nastiness. None of their operations will be successful. Do not let them fool you and please do not believe some of the trolls that would attempt to mislead you. Read deeply between the lines when you garner information. Anything that brings in fear, horror, hopelessness, or depression, can be a sign that something is off. We understand your situation is not a pretty one, however, we will tell you that our Creator is in charge and this is changing.

The truth is the dark forces get great pleasure in seeing humanity respond to their fear-based tactics. You have little idea about how much they laugh at humanity and how well they know how they can manipulate you. We know our ground crew think more for themselves than most of humanity because you have been put to the test many times and have strength and wisdom that most humans lack. The dark ones do not favor this gift that you have.

Well we say this is another one of the main reasons that we need you here at this time. Please continue to think for yourselves. Rise above the multitudes and to make your own choices according to what you know and feel. Soon you will be free to fly the skies with the Angels and your Galactic family and friends. We are waiting for you and we will have much to celebrate!


I am Mira sending you love and admiration.

Other information

On February 18, 2020 I had a session with my long-term teacher Archangel Gabriel through full-body channel Karen Cook. I asked him about what percentage of the dark forces are still on the planet and said about 28%. Then I asked him how we will get rid of the rest of the dark forces and he said, “Prime Source will pull the plug!” He didn’t seem to think that we had much to worry about in the United States with the coronavirus at the time. It could be another story in China and some other places.

Some astrologers are predicting that things will calm down the end of March. This includes the stock market and the coronavirus.

The Schumann resonance, which measures the heartbeat of the earth, has been vacillating from around its regular 7.8 Hz all the way to 100 and 173 Hz, which means the earth is changing. I always like to check it to see what the energies might be like for a particular day and if I need to be extra careful about being grounded etc. You can check it at

Heart of the Mountain Retreat

I will be doing my Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mount Shasta this year from July 23-26. I had a profound experience with the mountain last September and I am sure this retreat will be very deep for all who choose to attend.

The retreat includes:

  • Going to sacred sites
  • Valerie’s channelings of St. Germain and Master Kuthumi
  • Communing with nature and some of the Masters
  • A Lemurian experience
  • A crystal bowl concert
  • Stewart Mineral Springs (bath is extra)
  • History of the area
  • Magic, miracles, and spontaneous events
  • Fun, laughter, and play
  • Transformation
  • Galactic connections
  • A visit to the mountain at night

Food and Lodging are extra


The price is $444 and there is a 10% early registration discount if paid for by June 23, 2020

Space is limited so please get your registration in early.

Please click here to see the link: Registration Form

Please contact me with questions,  or for healings/readings, energy clearings or channelings at: or call: 925-287-8976

In Conclusion

These are exceptional times to be living on the earth. The chaos part of our transition of going into the fifth and six dimensions. The Masters, the Galactic’s, and all the light realms from creation are with us. Let us keep our eyes on the prize while not getting too distracted from those who intend to distract us with fear, etc. We are blessed to be here now, and we are a blessing. Let us help each other through this pandemic pandemonium. We are one in divine love and divine light.


Blessings, Love, and Light