Straight from the Heart – June 4, 2020


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo on May 31, 2020: “Pay attention to the details of what is occurring around you. You will not want to miss a thing! The truth is beckoning you to open your eyes widely. You will blink and the old will disappear. The past is over, and the future is now. There is a need for balance and harmony at all times. When this is off, you will find it more challenging to live your everyday lives. Be good to yourself and loved ones, animals included. They are challenged too. Take nothing for granted except your ability to rise above the chaos and shift into higher consciousness. Be aware and keep loving when things are not the way you would like them. Soon you will have your way.”

It is good that Apollo mentioned being in “balance and harmony.” This has been the most challenging week here in the San Francisco Bay Area and particularly for someone as sensitive as me. I live in a small suburb called Walnut Creek outside of San Francisco. On Sunday, May 31, we had peaceful demonstrations as a result of the George Floyd drama. (He is a black man who was killed by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25th.) In tandem with the demonstrations, hundreds of looters came because we have nice stores about five minutes from where I live. It started to feel like I was living in a war zone with the helicopters, sirens, terrible energies, and a curfew of 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM. I felt terribly nervous and uncertain about what to do. I finally closed all my blinds and went into my bedroom and locked myself in.

This happened again on Monday, June 1. They had a planned demonstration with many more people intending to come here and disrupt the peace. The energy was terrible again, with the helicopters and sirens etc. Many merchants boarded up their businesses and we were told that there was not as much damage done as they had predicted. They implemented a 6:00 PM curfew and that helped.

On Sunday before this all started, I had worked with the energies of the 3 6 and 9 to bring in harmony and balance. I found out that Tesla used to always walk with counting the numbers: 123,123456, 123456789. I walked around my neighborhood counting these numbers and I think it helped. I tell you this because you can do this also. These are the most powerful numbers of creation. I’m sure Tesla used these numbers when he was creating.

There is a lot of questionable information about this big event with George Floyd. Could it have been staged? Was he an actor? Was he the real George Floyd? Did he really die? This also raises the question: Was this event planned? It was clearly well organized at least here in the San Francisco Bay area. They hit every city large or small. It looks like it was well organized throughout the country. Who dropped off the bricks, rocks, and the frozen water bottles in preparation for the violence? Was Antifa (antifascists) behind it or did the Chinese Communist Party have some play in this whole war upon the United States?

There is a lot of drama going on right now and stressful times. We’ve been blessed in this country to not have lived like this before. Like you, I pray that this ends soon but in the meantime I need my poetry therapy. So here is a poem I wrote on June 2:


By Valerie Donner


Busy, busy looters

Standing in line,

You must get your temperature checked

Before you commit your crime.


How is it possible?

How can this be?

What country are we living in

That this is happening?


Where are they coming from?

Are they Antifa cells?

These aren’t normal people

Who are capable of creating hell.


We know you have a problem.

The anger is pent up.

You need the money

And use bricks and rocks to help yourself.


The sidewalks were rolled up.

The welcome mats taken away.

Your nasty, nasty deeds

Must stop right away.


Gather your goods

Amongst the broken glass.

When you ruin things for others

You really cannot last.


Whenever you hurt another

It’s a double-edged sword.

It will come back to you.

That is our reward.


Stay away in hiding.

Enjoy your new things.

You will be discovered

When the cannon ball rings.


Get out of my town!

We don’t want you here!

Take your pipes and bats.

Go have a beer!


You can take pride 

In a job not so well done.

You’ve hurt the lives of others.

You cannot live as one.

According to astrologer Lorna Bevan, “A heads up! We are already experiencing the jarring discomfort and disconnect of the extremely seismic Triple Eclipse Gateway. Two days from the first eclipse with the Node of Fate in Gemini since 2002 and the karmic chickens of polarization, racism, and equality, I predicted are coming home to roost. The distance between lip service and reality, the emperor’s new clothes is out there in full view. In this life changing eclipse tunnel between May 22 and July 21, this is one of the most important pivot points when choices made now will have immediate karmic bounce back. Whatever is happening out there, choose the path of the high heart. The collective heart-based field is strong and will be boosted, charged, and amplified by the wildcard eclipse on June 5, June 20, and July 5.”

This is from Julie Umpleby is an astrologer.

Yes, we are in the eye of the hurricane! There is much disturbance in the field! Speaking of the emperor’s new clothes, have any of you heard about the fall of the monarchy in the UK? Some of us have seen pictures of Buckingham Palace without the queen’s crest, boarded up windows, none of her guards, but a couple of other guards out in front. There is a wild story that due to something fraudulent that happened in the 1400’s that Queen Elizabeth was not the duly entitled Queen. There is a couple of possible new Kings that could be claiming this heritage. This information is not in the mainstream media. It has appeared on YouTube with one video “Meet the new King.” I am not sure if it is still there but if you research it you may find some worthwhile information about this change. This is also connected with the Pope and the Catholic Church. 

My oh my! Recently, I made the statement that we don’t need Hollywood right now because there’s a new movie playing every single day! I don’t know if there’s enough popcorn to go around!

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian high Council through Valerie Donner June 4, 2020


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently serving full-time on the Earth Council. 

Many times in the past we have foreseen the chaos that currently exists on your planet. We feel your suffering and your anguish. We feel your despair and your fear.

We know that in your life experience in the US and many other places, you did not anticipate these events. As you know, this is the final battle between the light and the dark. You are being made increasingly aware of the evil that exists and how it wants to destroy whatever it can because it knows its time is done.

Did you ever expect the powers that have been controlling this planet to leave gracefully? Do you understand how desperate they are right now? Can you feel them clawing and fighting to keep what they have? They want to keep you in their clutches with their lies and deceit. However, whatever plans they have to remain in control, will not work. The light is on the planet and has taken charge. Whatever is occurring now is being played out as the very end game.

The way is straight towards the light. You all need a rest and are due many rewards and celebrations. Please rest your mind and your bodies. Don’t try to figure everything out because it is incomprehensible. It is deep and it is wide. It is dark and it is deceptive. It wants only for itself, its own self-interest. We assure you that behind the scenes the light ones are mightily at work. They know exactly what to do and how to make modifications when they are necessary. It is a way of flowing with the energy and you are all learning this too.

We recommend that you stay connected to your inner self and to us. We are in the skies all around you. We are your brothers and sisters. Be strong and vigilant. Be truthful and honest. Know there is a divine plan and trust the plan.

Help each other. Keep your hearts open and welcome in the light and love. Hold that light and love. Discount the fear. Stay connected to Source. Maintain your power by listening within.

Soon this drama will be over, and you will be on to new and higher things. We will be dancing with you in the stars, in the sky and on the streets.

I love you and I am with you. I am Mira.

Other news

With all of the uncertainty and so much going on, it feels like it would be an overload for us to go to Mount Shasta for a retreat in July. My heart wants to be there at the mountain and wants to share with some of you who might want to be there too. Please let me know if you are interested in going a little bit later like August or early September. You can email me at: or call me at 925-287-8976

We have had three Ground Crew Zoom meetings. This discussion group can be on any topic. It includes a meditation, sharing and some of my teachings. If you feel the need for further Ground Crew connection please consider joining us. We are having another Zoom meeting this Sunday, June 7, from 1-2:30PM Pacific Time. It is $20 for the call and is payable with PayPal. They are every two weeks.

In Conclusion

We are in it! This is it Ground Crew! This is now the time we are moving into the Golden Age. It looks like we need the contrast of ugly to get into the beautiful where we live in unity and not separation.

This is the Great Awakening! I remember reading years ago about how the Illuminati would keep us so busy that we didn’t have time to think. The tables are turned now. More people are awakening because they have time to think, to know themselves more than ever before.

We only have to play the game a little longer and we will be complete. Hang in there, Ground Crew! We are doing it!

Blessings, love and light,