Straight from the Heart

July 9, 2019


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest message from Apollo, July 6, 2019, “As things progress you will begin seeing what you are made of and how substantial you all are as light beings. You will pull out more and more magic, gifts and abilities from your “hat.” You will see your ability to adapt and will discover new ways of using your strength and light to assist others. You are amazing beings. Begin to get ready to step into a new reality where the streets are truly lined with gold.”

On July 1, Apollo said, “If you want to get anything done you will have to do it yourselves. Put your thought out there now and you will more easily accomplish what you want. Your manifestation skills are rising and the rapidity with which they are rising is much faster also. You are being helped from the many heavenly beings and energies of the unseen. You have the capabilities and power of the Most High. Now just get the work of the Ascension done. Work on it daily. Remember you are going Home and that this is the most important thing to do. Go about the Creator’s work.”

Here’s some ideas on how to focus on Ascension:

  1. Pay attention to what is occurring with the planet, the sky, earth and the people.
  2. Search for truth in your heart.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Be in nature.
  5. Find like-minded friends and do group work for Ascension.
  6. Listen to your body and its changing needs.
  7. Eat what your body wants and more lightly, if possible.
  8. Be mindful of your thoughts and your ability to easily manifest your needs.
  9. With your breath tune into your Higher Power and bring in your Higher Power into your heart. You are the power plant for the earth.
  10. Let go of the old. Don’t go back –release 3D.
  11. Study your dreams.
  12. Do your inner work and release old issues and 3D memories from the past.
  13. Trust the Divine plan is in action.
  14. Be ready for the new.
  15. Know that your own light work is the Golden Age.
  16. Watch the 3D material world implode upon itself.
  17. Know that there is something so much better and more beautiful that is awaiting you.
  18. Search the truth in your heart for significance and meaning.
  19. Imagine your new world.
  20. Realize the information that you get on the internet is confusing and skewed.
  21. Be open to a new reality.
  22. Focus on what is most important to you, family, friends, and let your heart keep opening to love-love-love.
  23. Applaud the successes and positive changes that are occurring daily.
  24. Walk through the gateway of illumination.
  25. Ask for help when you need it.

How are you feeling these days, ground crew? Are you feeling tired and needing to take lots of naps? Do you feel overwhelmed, confused, withdrawn, depressed, angry, intolerant or bored? Do you feel blissful and excited? Are you aware of how beautiful this planet is becoming? Is your heart full of gratitude? There are many energies that are impacting us and the earth right now. In a Vimeo on July 2, the day of the

Solar Eclipse, Patti Cota-Robles mentioned some of these energies: eclipses, solstices, equinoxes, galactic solar waves, plasma solar waves, shifts in the magnetic field, galactic alignments, plasma storms, solar winds, solar radiation, sonic impulses, and solar flares. These are a part of what she calls “cosmic moments.” She mentions they will come and they will go so we need to pay attention to when they come and work with them.

Here is a link to her Vimeo:

Mercury just went retrograde on July 7 until the 31st.We have a partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16th, as all of creation continues to move the earth forward. We are the ones who we have been waiting for. We are here in these earth suits to experience what Ascension is like in a physical body. Everything is shaking including the earth. We have had a couple of large earthquakes here in Southern California on July 4 and July 5, of 6.4 and 7.1 magnitudes. There is a chance the Big One is impending.

Big shake-ups are happening in governments and with darkness globally. The U. S. is a perfect example of unpredictability and uncertainty.Certain dark individuals (Like Jeffrey Epstein) who have harmed children and others, are being arrested. More will be revealed and those who have felt above the law may find themselves dealing with it. 

In our lives we need to be flexible and realize that it is not easy to plan as we did in the past. Going with the flow is more of the norm. We get to watch 3D implode upon itself so it is not functioning the way it used to function. Do the best you can and be open to the new.

Some people are going a little crazy. They are doing strange things, especially if they are imbalanced; they are not handling these myriad energies well. Some drivers here are definitely insane with the risks they take and their lack of consideration for other drivers. Please be careful wherever you live.

A Crazy World

By Valerie Donner


This is a crazy, whacky world.

It’s upside down

And all over the place.


Never has a planet

Been so topsy turvy

And falling on its face.


It’s lopsided

With the one-percenters.

When will see the biggest offenders?


They’re creating turmoil,

Imbalance and pain.

They should be off the planet never to be seen again.


How could such a small group

Control the rest of us

Like we’re in a chicken coop?


Wake up chickens.

Fly the coop.


Let’s pick up the offenders.

Take them out of the loop.


Soon it will be over.

We’ll have our planet back.

Then we won’t be out of whack.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner, July 8, 2019


Greetings, I am Mira. I speak today through the screen of truth, unfiltered so you will have something with which to work. Gone are the days of distortion. There is no time left for that. The utter imbalances in the corrupt systems are playing out to their darkest demise.  The outcome will bode well for the light and the entire planet. The slate is being cleaned to the point where you will have a shiny new earth. You will be able to shine and sparkle in your true state of love and light. You are ready.

There is still some completion that has to happen. Some beings must be apprehended and moved elsewhere, not on the earth. Falsities must be erased for the truth to be seen and heard. Attempts at preventing the Divine Plan must be foiled. The script for the Reign of Terror must be destroyed. Everyone has to be in their place so that the shift can occur safely and peacefully. Stargates and escape routes will be closed and sealed. There is a long list of items that are being completed.

Meanwhile, humanity is being prepared for the inevitable. Some are beginning to consider that there is life on other planets and that the earth is not the only life form in creation. Many are awakening and coming to new realizations. Fear of the Galactics and other dimensional beings is being cleared with the help of the Light Alliance and the Galactics. Many complicated scenarios are ready to be activated. Truth is simple and you will be set free.

The beauty that is unfolding is beyond comprehension. You have worked so diligently for so long you deserve the very best of life. You will be given everything that you need for a new life in the higher dimensions. We will come and help you to adjust. You have many Galactics and other star systems that are all working together with all of creation for the Ascension. It is a powerful process that is being conducted with the utmost love.

Transformation is the energy of the day and the days ahead. It will happen at every level from your cellular structure to every hair on your head. Your brains will be completely changed and your hearts opened as widely as possible. The earth is being changed and her vibrations are being elevated just like yours. Some of you may find yourselves changing work, location, your entire being.

This is a most important project. It is relevant to all of life and all of Creation. Continue to bond with us with your hearts and your full intentions to do your part in the name of oneness and love. We are blessed to be with you now.


With love from Mira and the Earth Council

Another Chance to Come to Mt. Shasta


The energies were not right for me to do my retreat this month so I am now doing it September 12-15. After reflecting upon the energies with which we are being impacted, I can see why it is best to wait. We have other things to do.

We will be experiencing working with the Lemurians, the Galactics, the Masters, and will be out in nature where we can communicate with them. We will have channelings, and special moments in nature. Your hearts will be filled with the energies of the mountain, that’s why my retreat is called “The Heart of the Mountain Retreat.

We will bathe in the healing waters of Stewart Mineral Springs, visit Panther Meadows on the mountain and go to some lakes and sacred spots in the area. This is an area for rejuvenation, mysteries, magic and miracles. We go to the mountain at night for a sky watch so who knows what will happen when we look for ships?

If you are interested in joyfully experiencing Mt. Shasta, please contact me at: 925-287-8976 or e-mail:

Here’s a link to the retreat:   Mt. Shasta Retreat