Dear Ground Crew,

We are living in such profound times! Although for many the desired manifestations of December 21, 2012 failed to reach their expectations, I know that a huge shift occurred. I have never felt so close to Prime Source. The love that I feel for the Creator and for myself continues to keep me in awe. As one of my students said, ”We are creating heaven all around us.”

Other ways in which I experience the shift is timelessness, the ability to instantly manifest when in prayer or meditation while being in touch with Prime Source, loss of desire for certain foods, a closer relationship with the Masters when channeling (We are becoming more of our authentic selves and they are too in relation to us.), the need for more rest and sleep, the importance of watching our thoughts, more love connections through the heart, greater transparency of self and others, an inner calling for doing more of what I came to do but still waiting for the guidance, a sense that nothing is happening yet that everything is coming together, and the observation that the old 3D world is continuing to fall away.

There seems to be a need for community and the departure of those with whom we are no longer in resonance. Resonance is based on the principle of homeopathy with likes magnetizing themselves to each other. It can happen quite quickly.

One beautiful teacher named Louix Dor Dempriey referred to 2013 as “The Year of Divine Romance.” You can watch this 33 minute video at:

He explained that our relationship with our Creator is first and that brings the beloved, the beloved self and then a shift in existing relationships or the arrival of new ones.

In describing the closer relationships with the Masters I want to share a bit about my last month’s Mother Mary Channeling. I have been channeling her for at least 14 years. In the last channeling she was so much more present. She revealed her sense of humor and had the whole class laughing. My tummy hurt at the end of this laughter. She asked us what we thought the Christ Family were doing sitting under those trees while being taught by her son 2,000 years ago. She said it wasn’t all that serious and that Jesus was funny. “When he was a boy he used to ask me why he had to eat certain things that he didn’t like.” They were Essenes and had special nutrition, and healthy ways of taking care of themselves. Many of us were Essenes then and are a part of the Christ Family of Light so it might ring a bell with you when I told you of this.

On February 6, I we had the Master Djwal Khul for our Monthly Meeting with the Masters Class. His energy was powerful and present. “There is a big explosion of Light across the land. You cannot escape the truth. All of us Masters are with you coming and going and helping where we are needed.  We are helping calm Mother Earth. We are holding her steady. There are new rules to play by and the old no longer exist. I am coming back to help give you strength and courage. You know me.

It is your underlying duty to serve your Creator. There is much more for you to do so use your telepathy and see where help is needed. There is a strong fraternity of Lightworkers that are coming together to do good deeds. Be as straight as an arrow on your path. Follow your inner directions explicitly.  Surrender as the world turns.”


Strength and Courage

Poem by Valerie Donner


We are being given strength and courage

To take the path of Light.

We get to come together

To make the world right.


The old world is in upheaval,

Which is our key to move,

More into our hearts

And out of the old groove.


It takes strength and courage

To make bold new steps.

It doesn’t matter

What the doings are of the rest.


We are the Light bearers

Of a brave new Earth.

It’s why we came here

To help the Earth birth.


The Masters are with us

Until the end.

We will get everything we need

For they are our friends


© 2013 The Ground Crew



A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie  Donner, February 8, 2013


Greetings, I am Mira currently working with the Earth Council.

I have much to report at this time. There is a shaking of the Earth and the Earth’s old records. It is time for the truth to come out. Much that has been buried in storage vaults and places within the Earth will become revealed. The restructuring of the Earth’s surface has begun.

It is of paramount importance that one becomes more self-aware. This awareness will always lead you in the path of the least disturbance. It will put you in contact with what is going on in the skies as well as on the Earth. There is substantial change that many of you feel. You will become more consciously aware of this when it is the right time.

Although there is more surveillance of your lives from those that would like to control you, there is less possibility of that occurring as you stay focused on your inner guidance and truth. There will come a point when you will render yourselves impermeable to external or internal interference. Try as they may, as you progress higher in your ascension process you will block any of their means of attempting to deter you from your complete ascension.

There is already a stronghold of the photon energy combined with other key elements that are protecting this evolutionary process. You are shielded and protected in a myriad of ways. This also prevents any victimization that might occur.

As you observe the outside controlling influences trying to stifle you with fear, you will also see that this is what is occurring and little energy will be given to that agenda. You are too busy working with the Light and being the Light. You already know what is stronger.

We in the Earth Council are busy overseeing the process of Light awakening and dark departing. We receive help from other members of our space family and from the Light Realms. If you feel the battle of your own shadow sense of thoughts and emotions, imagine what we see across the planet!

Excellent progress is being made as you evolve into more conscious beings and co-creators of the New Earth. It is happening in what you like to call break neck speed with time lines folding into times lines that will no longer impact the safety and future life on Earth.

You have won the battle yet you cannot rest here. There are still many steps along the way for you to be free. It is within your reach. Proceed as directed and the illuminated Earth will be yours.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council serving the Earth Council.




Gratitude Again

I continue to be in awe of the ground crew. Your love, prayers, support, cards, contributions and phone calls, and sessions during my challenges from 2012 are greatly appreciated. I feel more oneness with you all of the time. I feel us pulling together. I can gratefully say that I am doing much better in 2013 and could not have done it without you, my family and friends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


New Energies

Some are saying there will be a blast of new love energies on February 13, the day prior to Valentine’s Day. Let’s connect with that love and amplify it even more. Breathe it into your heart and release it to the world.

Mercury goes retrograde on February 23 until March 17. This is always a good time to get organized and plan your next steps.

In Conclusion

We have shifted and continue to shift. Our heaven is around us. We are creating it. We have opened the gateway to another dimension and world. Life as we have known it in the third dimension bears little resemblance to what we are feeling and experiencing inside.

Have a most loving, beautiful Valentine’s Day. Let your hearts lead the way.

Blessings, love and Light,

Valerie Donner


©2013 The Ground Crew



  Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, energy healer, channel, teacher, and intuitive reader. She is available for private sessions over the phone or Skype. She has been meditating twice daily for nearly 40 years. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to feel things, see, hear and know what is going on with her clients. The Masters and Archangels work with her to bring profound healing. She may be reached at:

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