Dear Ground Crew,

Well, how are you all doing? The energies are strange and intense. It feels like we are extremely sensitive now. Sometimes I feel like I am a part of the ungrounded crew. Do any of you feel like it is challenging to stay in your body? Do you feel any other changes in the body? Changes in eating patterns, food preferences, needing less food, craving chocolate (Chocolate helps to get grounded.), sleep disturbances, changes in the brain, and the overall sense of being done with 3d could be some of the sensations of this ascension process.

We are jumping around in many different dimensions. We have one foot in 3D and the other foot in 4th 5th and higher. I discuss this regularly. In my latest class announcement I wrote the following:

“Today I asked a client: “Can you live in uncertainty?” I ask, “Can you let go of attachments?” “Can you simplify your lives?” That is what I feel we are learning today. We are here on the Earth with one foot on the ground and the other taking steps in our ascension. Everything seems unpredictable as we assume our new unclear roles and assignments. We are on standby waiting for directions. We are still cleaning up our old separated aspects of ourselves, all of the fears, doubts, and limitations about what no longer works for us as we rise in consciousness.

We get to be the observers and see the way we were. We can make choices that take us to the higher state of consciousness. If we continue to act and react from our old wounded selves we will still get opportunities for future shifts in our reactions. For example, if we choose to take things personally and go back to a wounded state we will continue to bring unhappiness to ourselves. If we react the old way that society taught us (from a 3D vantage point) we will stay wounded. If we begin to see our situation from a higher perspective (choosing love not fear) we can make a conscious choice not to go back to the woundedness but to rise in our ability to love ourselves, to be compassionate and create healing.

As we drift in and out of bliss of the 4th dimension and the density of the 3rd, we will creatively find new ways of being more in the now moment. We will feel ourselves less and less a part of the material world and more of the heart centered spiritual world. This is the world of magic and manifestation. We will be surprised at what we can accomplish. We are opening the doors to Heaven on Earth.”

As a part of creating Heaven on Earth, some of us might need to address the issue of forgiveness. On August 4th we celebrated International Day of Forgiveness. You may not have been aware of this event but I celebrated it with several friends in a beautiful garden. We talked about the need to forgive ourselves and then we went on to forgive others such as: people who have hurt us, those who have not respected the Earth, the Catholic Church and other churches, predators, those who have harmed children, animals, and others, the illuminati, the banksters, the media, the governments, the health care system, the educational system, those who are service to self, the warmongers, the justice system, the greedy corporations, etc. We realized that those we need to forgive have shown us places to shed our Light. Without these polarities we could not have learned about separation in the third dimension.


Forgiveness Ceremony in the Garden

Forgiveness is a gift to oneself. We even put those we know who are challenged to forgive in our circle of healing. It brings peace to the soul. When we cannot forgive it can create illness but healing is letting go and nurturing ourselves back to health. We don’t necessarily need to forget what has happened but when we don’t have the intensity anymore around issue we know that we have come to some resolution.

Many years ago I had a boss who treated me very badly. It lead me to resign from my position as Chief Operation Officer of a hospital where I worked for eight years. I was hurt and angry for a while but one morning I woke up and had forgiven him. Today I am grateful for what happened because it completely shifted the course of my life. It brought me to my life purpose which I could not have accomplished if I had remained where I was in that job.

We don’t always know what Prime Source has in store for us but trust it is always better than what we could have imagined for ourselves. Whether it is a broken relationship, a job change, change in friendship or something else, there is always a divine gift in the change if we choose to look at it from the higher perspective.

The book “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping is a good book if any of you are still wrestling with this issue. He teaches authentic forgiveness not false forgiveness. There is a difference.



Poem by Valerie Donner


What is true?
What is fake?
If I forgive you
Peace is what I will make.

If you forgive me
You will see;
You will be happier
Than you now can be.

Forgiveness is a gift
Of bringing in the Light.
You don’t have to forget
What wasn’t right.

You don’t want to let
The misdeeds contaminate your life.
Otherwise you could
Ruin your life.

Learn to forgive.
Bring back your wings.
You will fly higher
Like angels and other beings.

Lighten your load.
Set your sights higher.
Your heart will know.
Your eyes will be drier.

Forgiveness affects the heart of God.
We are all one
And aren’t meant to be
Down trod.

© 2013 The Ground Crew



A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner on August 6, 2013

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working full time with the Earth Council.

I greet you today with good will and love. You are all going through monumental changes that can feel insurmountable at times. We assure you this is a natural part of the ascension process. It is necessary to wean yourselves from your old fixations. You need to focus on the skyrocketing energies of new creation. This is what is in front of you. It is not about what is behind you because that is over and done. I suggest you remember this fact.

You are a part of the Earth’s ascension team. We are working with you in tandem with all of the forces of Creation to make sure that the Earth is successful with her ascension. We monitor yours as well.

What I can tell you at this time is that the stage is set for some unusual occurrences. Events will occur that you would not have imagined. Fear not for it is all a part of the stripping away of the veil of forgetfulness leading into the full remembrance of who and what you are as multi-dimensional beings. These occurrences will coalesce into a powerful form that will catapult you and the planet into a much higher level of consciousness. Are you ready?

There is little time remaining for third dimensional conclusions. This includes every area in your lives as well as the Earth’s. You will need to garner new solutions to solve problems. You will find these new discoveries bring swift results with remarkable outcomes. This means that you will need to remain open to change and not feel like “We have always done it this way.” The old excuses will not be feasible for as you move into higher consciousness you will find that higher frequencies require higher vibrational solutions.

As the old paradigms fall away and the old systems implode upon themselves, you will begin to feel a newly found freedom. The energy that comes from the new opportunities is rife with higher consciousness. These Light frequencies are a part of the expanded levels of being. They are alive and vibrant. You are becoming an even larger part of this vibrancy and life. Your cellular structure is sparkling and becoming more alive. Your nutritional needs are shifting changing due to this Light. Listen to your bodies. They know what they need.

We realize that in many areas of your planet that cars and traffic, airplanes and airports, and all means of transportation are becoming less desirable. We have technological solutions to these problems. I want to assure you that this will become one area that you will find to be most favorable. We know you are anxiously waiting for these new modes of moving about. We can’t wait to present them when the time is most appropriate.

I came today to give you guidance and encouragement. Everything is moving according to the Divine Plan. Even if you feel as if you are faltering, please understand that this situation is far from that. It is only a part of releasing the old and opening to the new.

Until next time, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council sending my love.




What Else?

Some Lightworkers are feeling the energies of celebration. They intuitively know that we are on the verge of something wonderful. It feels like it is about time. We have been at this process for quite a while.

One thing for certain is that many truths are coming out. Whether it is about churches, banks, businesses, health, agriculture, financial systems, technology or governments, we are discovering important information for the well being of life on the Earth. If you check the Internet your eyes could pop out with some of the information that is being revealed. For instance, I just learned that antibiotics are being sprayed on vegetables. Did any of you know that?

Instead of acting like we have little recourse to our findings we can be active in promoting change in whatever way we feel guided. I feel this is part of our ground crew mission.


Mt. Shasta Retreat

My annual retreat at beautiful Mt. Shasta is almost here. It will be from August 22-25th. Every year is a most magical experience. If any of you feel called to the mountain you still have time to attend.
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Further information Here: Mount Shasta Retreat.

Special Offer

I am extending the offer that I made a few months ago offering of my services for spiritual counseling, readings, energy healing and channeling. My normal hourly rate is $120 an hour and I offered six one hour sessions for $567 that can be used at any time or gifted to another. This is a $153 savings.

Some people told me they have benefitted greatly from this series of sessions. For example, someone was processing a painful breakup, another wanted to explore more of her own inner guidance, and someone else included a variety of issues.
If you want to dig more deeply into your issues and healing, you might want to consider this offer. I can be reached with the aforementioned contact information.

In Conclusion

We are progressing marvelously with the energies and shifts in consciousness. We have an amazing future ahead of us. We are learning important lessons now that are preparing us for higher consciousness. The Light is powerful and so are we.

As we learn to take the high road we will find peace and joy. This is a just a taste of the loving positive life we will live in the higher dimensions.

Blessings, love and the brightest Light ever,

Valerie Donner

©2013 The Ground Crew



 Sessions with Valerie Donner

Working deeply at the heart soul level, which is where the healing needs to occur, Valerie uses her gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. She has been meditating twice daily for over 40 years so this enables her to go in depth from her heart when working with people. She has been doing healing work for 15 years and has helped thousands of clients.

She invites her client’s team of their own guides, Archangel, Angels and Masters, as well as her own team such as the energies of the Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael, the Native American healers, and others, to be with you when the session starts. As she begins running the energy, information comes to her and she will give you a message. From there the session goes accordingly and includes a combination of spiritual counseling, energy healing, intuitive readings, channeling and teaching. It depends upon the clients’ wishes for the session.

Valerie works with quantum healing because it is a blend of the spiritual body, mental, emotional and physical body. Disease starts at the spiritual level, goes to the mental, the emotional and then the physical body. She gets out of the way so the energies of our Creator can work through her.

Some benefits of having a session include:

  • Greater understanding and clearing of emotional issues with relationships including with those on the other side
  • Energy healing for physical issues as well as from trauma, abuse and addictions
  • Clarity, direction and guidance
  • Release of negative energies
  • Deepening the connection with the inner child and your soul
  • Help with spiritual growth
  • Readings from hour angels and guides
  • Aligned chakras
  • Clearing out of old core issues like fear of being unlovable, fear of the future, fear of being alone or not good enough
  • Insight into your divine purpose
  • Improved self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Feeling lighter and more positive

Valerie also does channelings and readings.

Sessions are available by phone or in person.   Please contact Valerie at: or by phone: 925-287-8976   Rates are: $60 for 30 minutes, plus $30 for each 15 minute increments. Sliding scales are possible for those who need them.


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