Straight from the Heart

August 12, 2019



Dear Ground Crew:

This is a short reminder that today, the 12th of August is the last day to get the 10% discount for my Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta. In my last update I mistakenly said the date was from September 12 to the 16 but it should be the 12th to the 15th. I am sorry for the mistake. If any of you are interested in attending please get in touch with me as soon as possible. or call 925-287-8976

Have any of you had trouble sleeping in the past week? Are you having any headaches, stomach issues or any other challenges? The could be the result of the upheaval on the planet that we might be feeling or it could be ascension symptoms, etc. I am sure this will pass like all of the other juicy things that are occurring at this moment.

I have noticed lately as I practice residing in 5D, is that life has become more smooth and easy. It can get sticky when we revert back to old 3D patterns and return to the past. When we catch ourselves doing that we can say,  “Cancel. Cancel. Cancel.” or “Stop. Stop. Stop.” You can claim, “This is not where I reside any more.” “No longer applicable”. Do whatever it takes to clear.

Living in the flow of 5D is spacious and shows us how to just “Be.” We don’t have to to rush around like a human doing instead of a human being. We don’t have the same fears and reservations. We are learning to live in our mastery. We can focus on the beauty around us.

Apollo told me on August 11th, that the Epstein situation is going to get “radically ugly.”Even if the news is ugly we can see the beauty of the old ways disintegrating before us. There is something beautiful about: “No more secrets.” Trust the truth. Trust your own inner guidance.

Many of the ground crew are working hard in the dream state and throughout the day. Yes, it takes a lot of energy to ascend, so please rest, eat well and drink lots of water. A time out in nature like going on my retreat to Mt. Shasta, would also serve you well. It will be fun and healing.

I hope to see you at the mountain.

Blessings, love and delight,