Straight from the Heart

April 1, 2021



Dear Ground Crew:

Here is the latest message from Apollo from March 30, 2021. “In the whole scheme of things, it appears that your anticipation of what is to come has not been met. This is not so. It has already been achieved and you are at the ending of darkness on the earth. Cradle yourselves in the heart of the Creator and don’t let your thoughts wander into something you are afraid of or do not want. Keep raising your vibrational states so that you are living in the 5th dimension or higher. Let the lower dimensional energies play themselves out while you observe. The entire drama is nearly complete and you will have much to celebrate. We are with you. Bless the material world for what you have learned and achieved. Move onward and upward. We are one.”

How are you doing Ground Crew? What are you doing? This is the pivotal question in this message today. The other day I was talking with a friend who is a member of the Galactic Federation. (Which is of the light and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) She is here in her embodiment and is well connected to other dimensions. She explained to me that on that particular day when we spoke the Ground Crew were “only 13 percent operational!” She said that in the past six years the highest percentage that she has seen the light workers being operational is 40%. That means 87% of us are not doing the work!!!

Some of us have been doing the preponderance of the work. Others are asking the question “When’s it gonna happen?” When are things going to happen? Dear Ground Crew, it’s going to happen when we all start doing more of our work. No wonder it is taking so long. I know we are fatigued and that it is not been an easy ride on the earth in all of our incarnations, especially this one. We need to step it up!

In a recent interview with Regina Meredith, Barbara Marciniak, author of “Bringers of the Dawn,” remarked that “The Pleiadean’s think people on earth are lazy.” I pray this is not so for the Ground Crew! We are not finished yet. Celebration Time is on its way and we now get to put the finishing touches on our Ascension Process.

So, what can we do? In my message from March, I talked about our Spiritual Tool Kit. It is about things that we can do to contribute and find more peace. In that message I did not mention that meditation and prayer are the key spiritual tools. What are you doing in your spiritual practice daily? How devoted are you to your ascension?

As a meditation teacher for many years, I remember students saying they didn’t want to meditate because they were afraid of finding out what was inside of them! Is that true for you? Meditation connects one with their soul. It is the method that connects us with Source. It is the path to happiness and truth, love, joy and open heartedness. It opens the soul to your life purpose. I like the saying, “If you don’t go within you go without.” It is said that meditation is listening to God and that prayer is talking with God. Both of these practices are imperative right now!

I have been meditating twice daily for over 40 years. I used to bounce my baby son on my lap while I was meditating. So he started meditating with me before the age of one! It’s too easy to make excuses like you are too busy to meditate. We all have the same amount of time in a day. Everyone of us can set up a little altar someplace in our space with a crystal, angel and a candle where we can go and anchor in the meditative energy. Even if you do this for only 10 minutes a day it will make a huge difference on the planet and in your life.

You can also do prayer work before getting out of bed in the morning. You can set the energies for your day, send healing and love to your friends and family and those who need it. You can send love and light to the earth and places on the planet that need the light the most. You know where those places are, I believe. Nourish yourself with the light and tap into your own power which is always accessible!

It has been said that our energy on this planet is enough. That is true to a certain extent however right now our roles are crucial to rid the earth of the dark forces! Our energy and attention must be clearly focused on the job at hand. Imagine how amazingly powerful we could all be when we step into our mastery. When we do this, we will be remembering our powerful avatar selves. We will stop feeling like we are at the mercy of the controllers who want us to remain dis-empowered. 

One time Foster Gamble, from the Thrive movies, mentioned that we are “The X factor” in the eyes of the dark ones. We are unpredictable and extraordinarily powerful! Do you know they are afraid of us? There is no reason for us to be afraid of them because no matter what they want in their various scenarios for their continual control of the planet, we are taking our planet back!!This has gone on long enough and it is time for us to be in charge!

You can even mention these things to dark ones when you are sending light their way! Blast them with it! Envision living in the 5th dimension and higher. Feel your frequency at that level and keep your vibration up. Join with other ground crew to accelerate the light on the planet. Decide what you want and go for it! Share what you are doing. Talk to the Galactic’s in the sky. You can do that. They are telepathic and so are you. You can bring your gifts and abilities back. Keep opening your heart higher and higher. Reach out to those in need. Stay on track and step up your spiritual work as Ground crew. No more excuses! Spread the word!

There’s probably at least 200-million-starseeds, Ground Crew on the planet. It won’t take long for us to get the job done if we all step up! We outnumber the dark! They have out psyched us for eons and their time is over!

Remember it’s one thing to get information and most of us have plenty of that. It’s what you do with the information that matters. This is the crucial hour in the history of creation and our energy and light are urgently needed!

Step it up

by Valerie Donner


Step it up! 

That’s what you must do.

Get rid of the horribleness

Through and through.


Take back your power.

Use your sword of light!

By doing this 

You put up a good fight!


Set up a schedule

For prayer and meditation.

Add some love 

And a layer of jubilation. 


Let go of the fear.

Jump with joy

 To let the light take care of it

 Is the best ploy.


You are the anchors

To higher dimensions.

You are no light weights.

Use your intentions.


You can go nuclear 

With your light bombs.

It will be amazing

To see your aplomb!


Go higher and higher

Until the cat’s got your tongue. 

We will win the prize 

When all is said and done!

Other information


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Lightworker Job Description:

I wrote the following lightworker job description many years ago.  I hope you find it helpful:


Description of job: One who is here to serve humanity and the Earth

Reports to: Prime Creator aka God

Special requirements: must be available and on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Must be willing to connect with God at all times
  • Must work for the highest good for all
  • Must be dedicated to the Light
  • Must be willing to give up everything that one might deem important like relationships, money, material things to do one’s work. This may not be necessary but it is possible.
  • Must not worry about what others think of you. Your friends and family may think you are weird or discount you.
  • Requires one does their inner work
  • Desire to be a change agent
  • Acknowledgement that you are an angel, part of the ground crew
  • Familiarity with prayer and meditation
  • Desire to use special talents and abilities to co-create with God
  • Must learn discernment
  • Desire for service and own enlightenment
  • Commitment to one’s spiritual path
  • Compassion and an open heart
  • Willingness to release judgment and contempt of self and others

Job duties:

  • Follow your heart in whatever capacity is possible in order to do one’s work and to use their gifts
  • Serve God to the best of your abilities
  • Be willing to go where angels fear to tread
  • Lightworkers serve in aspects of life—government, business, politics, education, research, home, school, healthcare, as artists, musicians, healers, teachers, counselors, writers, performers.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council April 1, 2021


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council and the Earth Council. I speak to you today to honor our ground crew and to also motivate you in your work with the light. Every thought you think and action that you take is part of the great awakening. When you act with conscious intention and place your power behind these intentions you can literally move mountains. This is the kind of energy we need from you. When you assert yourselves with the light, we can back you up and amplify the light. We are working together towards the same end.

Wake up every day and welcome the Golden Age into your life and onto your planet. Be grateful for your ability to participate in the Shift of the Ages. This magnifies the energies even further. Fill your heart with the greatest amount of light and love that you can as you project the light to its destination. 

We are involved in a profound creative process that requires brilliance on every level. This is a monumental group process from multiple dimensions and gifted beings from all of creation. It is God driven not ego driven. This means that all of creation will be served by the outcome of what happens on the earth. It is that important!

Right now, there is too much suffering on the earth. This needs to stop! The planet is polarized and needs unification. The ground crew must be unified and powered up with the light of creation to neutralize the destruction. You have endured long enough and now it is time to bring in the energies of heaven to the earth. This is the main focus!

You can observe by how quickly time is going that you are living more in higher consciousness where time is just the now moment. This should be a good sign for you that linear time will be ceasing to exist. You will join higher consciousness civilizations and rise along with them in your ascension. We are waiting for the earth to join us again to be our friends and family. We want you to visit us and for us to have the opportunity to visit you. 

Soon you will begin to see an increase in our visits in the sky and amongst you. We have a lot to learn from you and plenty to share with you. It is our joy and our responsibility to provide you with what you need to live in a higher dimension. Your lives will become more abundant and easier. You will be walking away from what is beginning to appear as a nightmare and moving into your dreams for a better world.


I am Mira sending you love, courage, and strength as we move into the new world together.

Other Information


I have been doing some Mother Mary heart healing’s that some are calling “powerful.” I still do spiritual counseling, readings, energy healing, teaching and channelings. You may reach me at: 925-287-8976 or email: I’m still charging my old rates of $60 for a half an hour and $120 for an hour due to the virus.

Your contributions would be most helpful at this time. You can use my PayPal account: Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


In Conclusion


This is the final curtain call for us to exert our energy so this movie that we have been living in can be completed. The rewards will be many. Abundance, joy, healing, community, fun, laughter, play, friendship, love, peace, harmony, balance, creativity, excitement, exploration, longevity, beauty and oneness are just a few ways that we will be living on the new earth. 

To use one of Clint Eastwood’s favorite sayings: “Come on make my day!” Let’s do it Ground Crew! That’s why we’re here!


Blessings, love and de-light,