The Latest From Apollo

Here’s the latest from Apollo: “Greetings: I am Apollo. I want you to know that life on Earth is going to become graphic. Maybe you have noticed the ups and downs, along with the wild and crazy patterns, that are disrupting the old multi faceted third dimensional world. This can be unnerving. However, if you remember who you are as a divine masterful being, you will know that you will be able to get through everything that comes your way. You likely understand there is no escape route but through the portal of ascension. This will take you into a higher dimension and your consciousness will change quickly. This includes everything and everyone who chooses this path. Many are in a daze at this moment. However, many are starting to awaken. There will be startling revelations that will throw some people to their knees. Locked in the hearts of many loving beings, there is a remembrance that is being triggered. You were told about this situation a long time ago. It is registered in your heart. Pay attention to what you are feeling and what is going on around you. Then, move with the flow. We are with you. We love you and watch over you. You are being guided with everything you are doing. We are here!”

How are you all doing, ground crew? These energies have been extremely challenging, especially during the two weeks between the eclipses. This was October 14 to the 28th. I hope you’re all feeling better after the last eclipse was over. Many were not sleeping well, or functioning at their best. If you are one of these then you are being validated.




The City of Light

Please look at these two pictures that I took on October 14, 2023 from my son’s backyard in San Francisco, California. I was staying there puppy sitting and being in a puppy’s world, keeping her from eating butterflies, or going after bees. My family have a new 3 1/2 month old dachshund mix. I was the only one home at the time, except for the puppy, and I decided that I would just be in the puppy’s world.

Later in the afternoon my granddaughter and her friend came home. I was looking at the sky and saw some amazing colors. I saw a partial sunbow. Then I saw a cloud, which was probably a ship, that looked like a fish, so I took a picture. The next day when I looked at the picture I found these images. What you are seeing is the first City of Light on the planet! It came in with the Solar Eclipse that day! I was so excited I couldn’t believe it.

Here’s a little more information about Cities of Light. This information comes from Source and also from some galactic input. I’m very happy to share it.

The City of Light is a gift from Source. These cities are coming to the Earth to amplify Spirit. They will bring in more light at this time of the great awakening. The energies of the City of Light will affect people in the whole San Francisco Bay area. People who are neutral will choose the good, and good things will happen. More people will awaken. There are many highly conscious beings living in the San Francisco Bay area. I believe this reaches from Santa Cruz to Fairfield, in terms of awakened ones and spiritual masters and avatars. They’re coming for avatars to know their connection to them and their power to access them.This is the first City of Light on the planet and it is anchored in for the duration. There will be Cities of Light all over the planet where there are metropolitan areas. They are in different stages of creation. There is one over Paris that is being readied to be anchored in. I believe I just saw a picture of one someone took from an airplane that is over Phoenix Arizona.

Since this occurred, I have felt a noticeable difference. We can be happy and heart centered. We can live in magic and miracles. We can focus on the light no matter what else is going on to instill fear. We can tap in to that City of Light and meditate on it. It will always help you.

Please share this with others.





From October 14 to October 28, the energies have been challenging. The eclipse energies have prevented us from sleeping well, have affected our nervous systems, and have been intense, to say the very least. Other situations are also contributing to this unease.

Combined with this, we also had solar activity that was off the charts. They affected the Schumann Resonance and things have felt out of sorts. Clearly, we are living in a whole new frequency. We are in between worlds and our
entire world is changing.

I wrote a poem about ascension because I feel it encapsulates some of the things you might be experiencing, so here it is:

What is Ascension?
By Valerie Donner

What is ascension?
It is quite a game.
It’s about rising in consciousness
And getting a new brain.

It can leave things hanging
In the old 3-D.
You might forget to wash your clothes
Or how to play Monopoly.

You might lose your appetite,
Or your taste for food.
You might not like your clothes anymore
And want to throw them out for good.

The ascension process
Is nothing to mess with,
But eventually you will rise
Into a state of bliss.

While you are wading through the rubble
Of the old material world,
You could feel like you are in a bubble
And not being understood.

You could lose something
That was right under your nose.
You could trip and tumble
Over garden hose.
(I pray not.)

Have you noticed
Nothing much from the old works?
When we try to make something happen
We could feel like jerks.

The old world is going.
The new is coming in.
It’s very exciting
And Heaven is about to begin.

Throw away the old.
Let it go.
Before you know it
This will be this will be end of the show.

You might also want to watch this video with the famous past life regressionist, who is an author of 19 books, the amazing Dolores Cannon. Here’s the link.




A Transmission from Mira
from the Pleiadian high Council
November 2, 2023

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. As you may have noticed, the energies on the Earth are erratic. Change is rampant. We are working harder than ever for this good cause of the Earth’s ascension. Little by little, beat by beat, hearts are opening everywhere. Trauma is being released and the darkness is going away with it.

This feels like a fight to the finish and it is. A lot has been accomplished since we communicated last time. This never ceasing battle between the light in the dark is nearly complete. Those who no longer belong on the planet are leaving. This is making way for a whole new beautiful, clear, clean, harmonious Earth. It’s opening the doorway for the promised land of Heaven on Earth.

Please open your mind and your heart to the magic and miracles that are unfolding before your very eyes. Peoples’ hearts that have been frozen, are melting in the love. Those who cannot feel this love are becoming less comfortable. Imagine what your world will be like when everyone has an open heart.

This is how we live in the Pleiades. We live from our hearts. We enjoy every moment. We live and create. We have fun with lots of social time. We share special stories and we love and care for each other. We explore new ways of living and doing things. We keep creating new forms of technology that we share. We live for the moment. Self expression of the true self is the norm. Everyone is encouraged to create and express. There is no form of competition. We would never think to harm another or allow another to be harmed.

We live a very long time. We assist each other’s growth. We make beauty everywhere. We will be helping you with your ascension transition. This is part of what we do. You will get lots of assistance. And you will be well looked after.

And your future is positive. It is better than that. It is great! We look forward to celebrating with you in unlimited ways, including abundance. We thank you for your steadfastness and your powerful light. Sanity will be restored.
Soon we will be speaking as old friends and neighbors as we get to know each other. Hold your heads up and know how grateful we are for all that you’ve done and all that you are doing.

I am Mira and I love you in so many ways, as we all do.