Straight from the Heart

September 5, 2018


Dear Ground Crew:

Here is Apollo’s message for September 4, 2018: “You need unwavering strength and loyalty to the planet at hand. The cards have been dealt and we are watching to see what will be the next move. It is also like a chess game where each move is strategically determined. Thus, this is the game we are playing in clearing the last stages of the dark forces from the planet. You may be feeling the brightening and lightening of the earth. You may be feeling somewhat like you are in a quandary because this is an abnormal way of being. It can help confirm that the end of the dark ages is near. You will be releasing your present and will begin to live wonderful new lives.”

How are you doing ground crew? What kind of information is blowing your way? Some of us are learning many fascinating things. Jared Rand is doing weekly updates on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM Eastern time that are available on YouTube. These calls, “Time for Change,” provide mind-boggling information. He is also doing daily meditations at 3:00 PM Eastern time for 30 minutes. He started these meditations in February and has well over 160,000 people participating daily from all over the world. This is one way the ground crew can help change the planet. If you want to participate in the meditation here is the number: 641-715-0857. Access code: 303-471# The number is the same for the weekly Wednesday calls.

In my daily communications with Apollo I stay apprised about some things that are happening with the dark forces. Apollo has told me that we are in the 90% or better range of dark forces that have lost their power and have left the planet. Jared says that in the next few weeks they will have lost all of their power. There is also information about seven CIA mainframe computers that have been down.
7 CIA Mainframe Super Computers Shut Down and Spy Satellites Offline

This includes all the spy satellites for the NSA, CIA and FBI. Checking in with Apollo I could see the Galactics laughing at the cabal because they are being rendered powerless with their nefarious activities. More information is available on

There is also a lot happening with the banking systems and finances for the whole planet. The days of the one-per centers are nearly over. We are moving into the Golden Age when there is abundance for everyone.

The truth is coming out about everything. The more information that comes my way makes me wonder who I was in what feels like many lifetimes in this incarnation. It is like rolling back and watching movies while wondering who you were when you are going through these different incarnations. It is unreal to learn everything we have been taught has been a lie. It is horrendous to discover how the dark Lords have behaved in the stronghold they have had on this planet. This has truly been a harsh planet of suffering and abuse for many. If most of us realized this we probably would not have jumped into these earth suits. Even if we had known, because we love the earth so much, we would probably have still come because we wanted to participate in the greatest Ascension process of creation. We were also asked to come by our Creator without knowing the sacrifices we would have to make.

There are many angels on this planet and you fall into this category. Recently, I made a new friend. Her name is Kristy Allen. She has the voice of an angel and has been a professional singer. “Wanda Lindstrom – A Change Of Heart” – Shortcut is the link to one of her beautiful songs. It is under her old name. She is also on YouTube where she was asked by Sacha Stone to testify in front of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice on human trafficking and satanic ritual abuse. This is a heart wrenching story so if you are not up to watching it please do not.

The reason that I am telling you about Kristy is that she is an amazing earth Angel. She has been through terrible things in her life where she almost died. Her beloved husband, who is a psychologist, spent six years healing her. Many of us Lightworkers have had challenging lives. Every time we heal ourselves we help heal many others. It is because of our consciousness that many of us took on issues so when we heal ourselves there is an exponential effect of healing others with the same issues. We never heal just for ourselves.

The truth is coming out and we get to watch the show. Although some of the truth is shocking, the light is working to bring out the darkness. We are becoming enlightened with all forms of information that is coming to us.

 Keep telling the Truth

By Valerie Donner


Keep telling the truth until it all comes out.

We have lived in the darkness long enough.


It’s a day of reckoning.

And the truth can be sickening.

The plot is thickening

As the truth comes out.


The light is strong.

The lessons are long.

Sometimes we wonder

Where we belong.


Why did humanity

Have to live with such insanity?

No wonder there’s such profanity.

It’s a verbal insult upon humanity.


Yes, it’s a greasy, smelly mess.

There are too many stories about humanity’s stress.

We’ve learned to live thinking we were less

When the truth is we are the best.


A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner

 September 5, 2018


Greetings, I am Mira. We come to you today to share from the Earth Council of which I am a member.

There are many comings and goings with the Galactic’s and earth beings. The Ascension plan is in full activation. Every moment is being used to fulfill the mission. We take it seriously. Just like you, the Lightworkers, we are dedicated to having this be the most successful Ascension ever.

Humanity is being constantly distracted so they cannot be aware of what is actually happening. There are many actors on the human stage right now, including the President of the United States. He is playing out his role at this time of change. Please understand that the light is looking out for you, your country, and all countries being involved with the massive change. Please trust the light and the truth that you know in your heart that only goodness will prevail. This is a necessary process where the planet can only shift when humanity becomes more aware of the truth.

We see that most of you are adjusting and adapting to the multitudinous changes with which you are faced. Your bodies are changing, relationships, jobs, and locations along with your realities in general. You need stamina, faith, courage, and self-love. We rely on you to be as loving and calm as possible because the rest of humanity is stressed and anxious.

Some of you continue to hold on to emotional loads that you have been carrying from childhood. We understand how problematic this can be. We support you and encourage you to release as much from this bondage as possible. It simply no longer serves you. It is not who you are. Your job now is to raise your vibration, keep your frequency high, and move into a higher consciousness way of life free from struggle, heartache and pain.

Reach for the stars, ground crew. There is more there than meets the eye. Keep your eyes focused on the stellar rays that are coming from the Galactic sun. They are affecting your consciousness your bodies and souls. Every time you acknowledge our presence we acknowledge yours. By doing this you are utilizing your telepathy to connect with the oneness. The days of separation are over. You deserve so much more. The Creator wants you to have it all.

The dynamics of the planet are changing rapidly. Please pay attention. Your awareness and action change these dynamics. You can assist in accelerating and freeing humanity by speaking up and questioning some of the accepted ways of doing business. Business is not as usual. Service to self is on its way out. Many of the ways that you are accustomed to are passé. They simply no longer fit.

We are working with you to take your planet back. It is light all the way. Freedom is going to be the norm. Let us work together towards this unified goal.

I am Mira loving you in the most Galactic way.

Other Observations

Have you noticed how quickly this year 2018 has gone? There’s a direct correlation between rising consciousness and the speeding up of time. In fact, we are in the situation now where the world can change in the blink of an eye.

Most of humanity prefer not to change. The lesson for us is to learn detachment. The material world offers us amenities that we enjoy. Rising in consciousness will help us to see how much more beauty we can create. What has served us in the past will be incomparable to the future in which we will be living.

Have any of you experienced non-attachment to some of your favorite things? For years I have loved jasmine green tea with Boba. For those of you don’t know, Boba is part of bubble tea that originated in Thailand. The Boba is made from tapioca and is in the form of little black balls that are chewy. I used to drink it all the time and now my body doesn’t seem to want it much anymore.

One other observation is the importance of self-love. I feel this is one of the most important aspects of Ascension because most of us were not taught how to love ourselves. We lived in separation.

Other News

Gordon Asher Davidson’s wife, Corinne McLaughlin, passed away on August 6. Gordon is the author of “The Transfiguration of our World.” If any of you are interested in participating in the webinar honoring her life on September 15, here’s the information:


the Inspirational Life of 


February 27, 1947- August 6, 2018



September 15, 2018
2-3pm Sanctuary, 3-5pm Reception
RSVP is appreciated:

Unity in Marin
600 Palm Dr, Novato, CA 94949

The program will be broadcast live on YouTube on Saturday, Sept. 15 (Click here) and will also be recorded for later viewing which we will share after the event. If you have photos or memories of Corinne to share, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at

If you would like to send flowers, please send them to Unity of Marin to arrive the morning of September 15. You are welcome to send this email to those who knew her and may like to know about her passing and Life Celebration.

In Conclusion

Life can seem strange at this time. We are living in two different worlds. The third dimensional world is feeling foreign to some of us. We are mostly living in the fourth dimension and bouncing into the fifth and sixth.

We are beginning to connect with more of our soul family realizing the importance of community. What happens to one of us affects all of us. Let us be grateful for the light and love of which we are part. Let us help each other, hold each other’s hands, as we have a change of heart on this planet.

Blessings, love and light,