Straight From The Heart

September 29, 2023


Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest from Apollo: “Greetings my beloved family of light. There are many reasons to speak with you today. Much is astir on the Earth and in creation itself. You are feeling this activity on every level. The sun is preparing for a big event. Your body is feeling this with headaches, fatigue, foggy brains, feeling out of body, myriads of emotions, flu like symptoms, confusion, and lack of motivation are just few examples. The old material world may have lost its luster and your mind is challenged to make plans for your future. Does this sound familiar? Our ground crew are particularly affected because of their sensitivity to the impact from the light of creation. There is a huge push right now for the ascension of the Earth. This is why much has been done to your physical bodies, and all of your bodies right now, in preparation for higher consciousness. Part of this process is letting go of the old and, most particularly, releasing fear. Fear is an impediment to your ascension, so I suggest that you consciously move to new creation and higher thoughts, if fear enters in to your mind. I want to assure you that the light and all of creation are working together for your ascension. They have thought of the details that are necessary for you to blast into the light. You are the light and the light is blasting into you. You radiate this light and every day there is more. Sometimes you may feel as if you are in a suspended space, drifting and wondering where you might land. I assure you that you will land exactly where you are most needed and where you will be the happiest. This long journey of separation is almost complete. Stay attuned to your heart and your inner guidance. Celebration is close at hand.”

So dear ground crew, are you resonating with what Apollo just told us? In actuality, there’s so much more to say. The process is complicated. And a lot is occurring in the quantum realms. All of your energy fields are feeling what is going on. I want to remind you that the hard work you have been doing all of these years is over. Now it is a matter of focus. Where are you putting your thoughts? The material world is falling away. You must focus on self-care and listening to your bodies. Let the distractions go and focus on the light and the positive wonderful New World you are creating.

In doing this inner work I was shown a beautiful temple over Lahaina. I’ve been told that it is the first temple for the New Lemuria. I wish I could photograph what I see and what that temple is doing energetically. Suffice to say, this temple is working in tandem with the area to bring back Lemuria. In meditation, or clairvoyantly, perhaps some of you can tune in to the temple and see what I see? We can place all of the people of Maui in the temple for healing, especially those from Lahaina.

What are you doing to raise your frequencies? What are you doing to release the past? Are you giving yourself time away from the distractions? Are you cultivating new friendships with like-minded people? Are you finding things to do that bring you happiness and joy? Even though we are in the thick of it, we need to focus on the joy in our hearts and what is bringing that.

We are at the precipice of massive change. The controllers of the world are no longer in charge. This opens the way for many new opportunities to live without corruption and fear. Imagine living without the financial stress, because that is our future. In fact, the playing field is being leveled and everyone will have an abundance of money. People will have everything they need so there will be no necessity for crime or taking things from others. In fact, the new quantum financial system is based on higher consciousness and frequencies. We will be living life the way we were meant to live. We will be free.

Although some are spreading fear about October 4th with the Emergency Activation System,” here in the U.S., it doesn’t mean we have to buy into it. Some people have created potential harmful scenarios but in our new reality this does not have to affect us. Divine intervention happens and I believe this is true in this scenario. Some have suggested we turn off our phones that day for about two hours. Here in the U.S. that would be about 11:00AM to 1:00PM Pacific Time. I don’t know if they are doing this else where? We have spiritual tools to get us through everything. Here are some of these tools:

Meditation, nature, telepathy with like-minded friends, Source, the Masters, angels, archangels, the Light Alliance, the galactic’s, prayer, the ability to focus on what we are creating, knowing we have authority over our body, our strength and courage, the power of the light within our hearts, the truth within our hearts, the Earth, grounding on the Earth, our innate intelligence, empathy and sensitivity, our open hearts and our abilities to help others, our awareness and higher consciousness.

We are living in and creating a new world.
It is possible that we could have a short period of time without the Internet, our phones and computers. Think about what resources that you have to get you through something like this. This is also when we can practice our telepathy visualizations, practice remote viewing, and stay in faith in Source, being confident that we will get through this. This could be the time when we move into free energy, receive quantum computers, quantum phones, and other new technologies that will serve us better than what the controllers provided for us and charged us for enormously.

In the past we have been taught to believe such statements as: “You get what you get.” “It is what it is.” “What is done is done,” etc. These are disempowering statements that made us feel like we were victims. I would like to propose we use new affirmations like: “We create what we create.” “ We are powerful beyond measure.” “We are the light.” “We are one with all.” “We live in love.” “We always have choice.” “We create with our thoughts and our intentions.” “I believe in magic and miracles.” “The universe is self correcting.” “I live in love, not fear.” “There is a solution for every problem so there is no need to stress about things.”

The Master St. Germain

Greetings: I am the Master St. Germain. Most of you know who I am. Some of you know that I brought forth the “I AM,” the two most powerful words that can be said. I am here to help you now, as always. This time it is about claiming your freedom. Freedom is what I am about. Many of you live in IAMERICA, which is what it was originally called, but the IAM was removed.


A Strong Message from St. Germain
Through Valerie Donner

You are supposed to be living in
The land of the free.
That’s why I came here
I came to be me.

I am here to help
You live undisturbed.
For the past has been dark
And I am perturbed.

I’m here to see
The end of this trash,
The lies, the slavery
And the dark ones having a blast.

But now the
Tables have turned.
Thanks to your light
The dark ones will be burned.

What they have done to you
Will be done to them.
They will have nothing
And you will have fun.

Their days are nearly over.
Isn’t that nice!
They’ve had a grand time pretending
They were sugar and spice.

But now the truth is coming out.
They’re going to have
To face the music
And will have no more clout.

Money isn’t everything.
As a Master I say:
“Your days are over.
You won’t have it your way.”

What you have done to life
On this beautiful planet,
Is reprehensible
And we will have nothing more of it.

So we say goodbye to you,
And clear out all your dirt.
The light has taken over
To heal the hurt.

A Transmission from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner September 29, 2023

Greetings. I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council. I am still working full-time with the Earth Council. We are busy covering all of the events that are occurring right now. We are diligent and are looking out for the entire populace on the planet. We are bringing it all home, for home is where you need to be. We will make certain you will get there.

We are pleased to see that there is more disclosure about our presence on the Earth, as well as, around the Earth. This will assist in helping people to become more aware of their galactic family, for it is time. You need us and we need you. We have important work to do. We have advanced technology to share with you that will make your lives easier. The Earth will be pleased because the new technology is quiet, like some of your cars. The technology will not run on gasoline. It will use clean and free energy.

You are in for some powerful changes that have been long awaited. In the third dimensional material world everything was about money. Technological advancements were not welcome. Healings of disease were unwelcome. Many have suffered and paid dearly due to greed and selfishness. When you move in to the New Earth and 5th dimensional consciousness, you will live from the heart. Choices will be made for the benefit of all. You will find remarkable treasures that have been buried in the Earth, along with many secrets from the past. Knowledge and information about your true history will be revealed.

Many of you as children believed what you were shown in comic books and other means of communication. You knew it in your heart, therefore, you will not be surprised when the true knowledge is delivered.

Time is moving faster and faster. You are awakening to your greater gifts. Due to your new consciousness and awareness, many portals are opening. This will help facilitate the new changes that will be brought forth. We are working at an accelerated pace so that humanity can shift easily and quickly into the higher consciousness. Many ground crew are already residing in the fifth dimension. They have joy and happiness in their hearts and have learned to rid themselves of fear. They are staying positive and setting examples for others to follow. It is easier than you might have thought to be in this higher consciousness because you are ready. You have been preparing for a long time. You are also weary of the old fears and thought forms. They are obsolete. So now you are easily moving into the new because you have done the work. You are happy and hopeful as you take charge of your new creations for your New World. This is truly a major step forward for your New World.

We are looking forward to the time when we can meet you face-to-face and learn more about you and your planet. We also can’t wait until you can come visit us. It will be delightful for us to take you on our ships and to show you how we live. Many of you have lived before in the Pleiades. Life is easier here. We do not have the stresses that you have had to live with, so I am sure you will enjoy yourselves when you come for a visit. We are masters of harmony and peace. We also like to teach our techniques for higher consciousness after planets ascend. You will see what I mean.

I am pleased to be sharing with you today and sending my love to all of you. I am Mira from the Pleiadian high Council.We are with you!


My Zoom Calls and Classes for October

Ground Crew in Action Zoom Calls are every Wednesday from 4 PM to 5 PM Pacific time. You may join these free calls where we work with Lumina, who is responsible for the luminescence of creation. She leads us with her light activations wherever they are needed. We are having amazing results. If you are interested in joining, please email me at: I will send you the link.

These classes are experiential. I have been working with these special ones for many years, so they are actually transmissions, not channelings. Classes are $33 each. You may email me at the above link and pay through PayPal:

Thursday, October 5, from five to 6:30 PM Pacific time, we will be with the Master Djwal Khul. He is also known as the Tibetan. He taught me to channel many years ago. He came to me. He is a gifted master and is the most knowledgeable master about healing, initiations, and represents strength. This is why he is here with us now. He also dictated the Alice Bailey books.

Thursday, October 12, from five to 6:30 PM Pacific time Mother Mary and the Master St. Germain will be with us. Mother Mary’s energy is healing, especially for our hearts, and the Master St. Germain is also funny and delivers some wonderful messages.

Thursday, October 19, from five to 6:30 PM Pacific time, Mira is going to be with us. You know who she is and we have some amazing experiences with her.

Sessions with Valerie

I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I feel things, see things and information comes. I work with your team of Angels and Masters, as well as my team which includes the energy of the Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Djwal Khul, Kuthumi and the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Rafael and Michael. I also work with galactic’s. We are able to get to the root of your issues and clear the energy. I am good at finding the emotional reasons for illnesses. I help clear energies with relationships and have done a lot of work with relationships both personal and business. I have been doing this work for over 25 years and I have worked in the corporate world, which has given me that experience also. I have been meditating twice daily for over 40 years. You can have an energy healing or clearing, spiritual counseling, reading, or a channeling.

My rates are: $70 for 30 minutes, $105 for 45 minutes and $140 for 60 minutes. You may call me at: 925-287-8976 to set up an appointment or email me at:


In Conclusion

We are in preparation for many wonderful things to change on our planet. We are ready. We are closer than ever to the love wave, also known as The Event, where we will be blasted with light from the Great Central Sun. This will raise our consciousness into the 5th dimension and higher. It is already happening.

We will have a whole new financial system that is quantum that will serve all of humanity. This will level the playing field and everyone will have more than what they need.

Please remember to pay attention to your animals because they are showing us the changing energies. Last night my cat had me pet her for an hour and a half straight, while she purred as loudly as I have ever heard her purr. I think she was feeling the love frequencies coming in. She was very happy.

Pay attention to the magic and miracles and be grateful for all that’s about to happen on the Earth.

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Love and all good things to you, ground crew.

In the light,