Straight from the Heart

October 1, 2022



Dear Ground Crew:


Here’s the latest from Apollo: “I come to you today with messages from the stars. We bring you connection, love, wellness, and good tidings from your galactic families. Take a deep breath for you are nearly done with the hard work of holding your light on the imploding third dimensional earth. We understand the task has been arduous. You didn’t realize how much work was needed to reach this point of the great awakening. Throughout your incarnation you have held steady with your light. Little did you know how important you are in the pathway of Ascension. You are beginning to find this out. As you watch the matrix and material world fall apart, you are practicing going within much more than before. In the past you believed you had to be followers. Now you are going to be the leaders. You will be the ones others will look to guide them through to the New Earth and your new Heaven on Earth. We want you to feel the excitement and all that you have earned for your hard work. We will celebrate you in the near future. It is almost over. Please let your heart sing as you feel the love from the Creator. This is what you came to reclaim. It is here now.”


Ground Crew, you are powerful beings of light. Your energy and your light are the reasons that we are in the final stages of removing the darkness from the earth. It is true that there is much going on in the outer world as we see it fall to its demise. However, there is an even greater amount going on within. Your gifts and abilities are awakening. This can be subtle and yet, even startling to remember how amazing you are.


You are self-actualizing and connecting to the God within. You do not need to follow the ancient teachers or the New Age teachers anymore. You have access to the pure Source energy within. When you follow this connection, your heart leads the way. This is how we will be living on the New Earth. It is through our hearts, our own internal GPS system.


We will cease to be at the effect of external programming because we are coming together in our oneness and our empowerment. The old self-doubts, fears, core issues, victimization, and third dimensional world problems will be left in the dust. So essentially you get to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!


On top of this fun, you will have new technology, galactic friends and family, projects from your heart, abundance, enhanced creativity, and lots of celebrations. If this sounds too good to be true, just know it isn’t! It is our inheritance as we take back our planet. We will be given many rewards.


Every system on the planet is changing. Systems will be designed for the good of the people, not so that others can extract every last ounce of money from us.  Unfortunately, some people were designed to worship money instead of Source. In the evolution of our new consciousness, at some point money will not be necessary.


Can you imagine reversing aging, having perfect health, everything you need, and eventually living off of light? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a perfect life where you don’t have to complain about anything? You won’t have income taxes, and you won’t have to do jobs just for money. You will do things because it’s from your heart and your soul. You will be in joy.


You’ll be able to take special trips on spaceships and to other planets and learn from each other. You will be honored and revered because you were one of the special beings who participated in the ascension of the earth and all of creation. I think you could easily be called “The Prime of the Prime!” It’s okay to let that go to your head. You are special, indeed, and it is time that you recognize that!



The Prime of the Prime

By Valerie Donner


You are amazing beings.

You came to the earth

To be all things, 

Because you are the Prime of the Prime queens and kings.


Remember you are special.

 You can’t be bought or sold. 

You came to bring your light

 And to hold it so bold.


You are repellents of the dark.

You excel at this.

You work with a divine spark.

That will bring you bliss. 


You are children of God 

Made from a special mold.

You are of the truth. 

 You are worth more than gold.


You are lighting the way 

For how great life can be.

 And how transformation 

Will be for all to see.


You are the first.

You are the last. 

You are the Prime of the Prime.

 All of the tests you have passed.


Welcome, special ones, 

To the galactic portals.

You now graduate

To the life of immortals!



On a Personal Level


I went on another trip to the Redwoods a few days ago. I got some magnificent photos of the beings in the trees. This is at Muir Woods in Marin County in the San Francisco Bay area. It’s much closer than when I went to visit my family in Northern California. It was quite spectacular and I’m going to share a few of these photos with you.


Here’s some recent photos of ships where I live. I know the Galactic’s are here because I can feel them. We don’t always see them, but we can feel them. They are at work!