Dear Ground Crew:

Most of you probably know that I talk to Apollo every day. He apprises me about the progress that is being made with the removal of the dark forces from our planet. The news is good and the dark forces are being exponentially taken away at an accelerated rate. I hear that it is between 90 and 94% of the dark ones that have now been removed. This is what he told me on November 2, 2018: “The time will come when you will realize that you have walked away from your struggles and your strife. You will have cleared that chapter of your life. You will be freed from the third dimension and it will have no effect on you. These days are the last vestiges of your experience of separation. You will be free and able to express your selves. You will live in great abundance and creativity. You will have all the resources that you need. Awaken and rejoice, for you have arrived with what you came to the earth to do.”

We have every reason to be optimistic about our future. Swami Beyondananda (the humorist Steve Bhaerman, states that we are in the middle of an “upwising.” It has recently been estimated that 10% of the people in the United States are awake. That is 30 million people. This should be enough even if it’s just in the United States to put us at the tipping point of a critical mass where we have the ability to shift the consciousness of the entire planet. What an accomplishment!

Although we continue to learn about darkness and the harshness of this planet, and the circumstances under which we have lived, we must remember that it is because of the huge influx of light that the shadows are being revealed. This is where the focus needs to be. Remember that light is information and that through information we become informed and enlightened. Although some of us would prefer to remain ignorant of some of the atrocities to which we are being exposed, the truth is coming out so that we understand. We can never allow such darkness on the earth ever again.

The declining mainstream media and cabal are grasping to continue their control. They are being rendered less powerful as their transparency and self-serving ways come to the surface. They are desperate, are losing financial strength, and know they are going down. In spite of the hoopla that is being portrayed in the media, much is being accomplished behind the scenes. Globally, many governmental leaders from the cabal are being removed through various means. We will have new financial systems that will be fair and equitable. Money will be distributed more evenly so that it doesn’t just go straight to the elite. Those who are in service to self will be leaving the planet and those who are serving others will take the planet back.

We are receiving bountiful support from the Creator, Great Central Sun, the Light Realms, the Galactics, the earth, other planets, the inner earth, and from many other sources. This November 11, is another 11-11 Gateway. It is actually a very rare 11-11-11, since 2018=11. This important date is significant in moving us into an illuminated living light. It is connected to the human heart as it seeks to find itself. It is encouraging us to move beyond limitation as we are walking into a gateway of manifestation. The fifth dimension is a dimension of manifestation. For more clarity on this from Gillian MacBeth-Louden go to to read about the 11-11 in her October 2018 newsletter. Please take some time on that day to open up the Gateway of your heart.

You can also go here: to see the “Doorway Journey Beyond the Journey Workshop” that Maureen Moss is doing on the Internet that day.

As an energy healer and spiritual counselor, I observe more people having symptoms of anxiety, disconnection, depression, being un-grounded and imbalanced, and for some a great deal of pain. They need soul level healing, which is the work that I do. Core issues, past life pain, unresolved patterns, the shadow self, along with the need for spiritual guidance, are in the forefront. It is time for us to clear these stuck energies so that we can move along the Ascension path. Sometimes all it takes is insight from another person to clear and release what is no longer serving.

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Although we are still engaged in the third dimension, most of us are not really in the third dimension. We are here physically, yet we are bouncing from the fourth, fifth and higher dimensions. When we are feeling joy, bliss, divine flow, happiness, faith, and magical orchestrations, we are residing more in the fifth dimensional energies. When we revert back to fear, doubt, lack and limitation, we reverse some of the gains that we have made.

One of the things that I do to remain in a higher state of being, is I watch my thoughts and consciousness. Remember where your thoughts go your energy goes. If an old issue arises it probably doesn’t feel right. I quickly think about something that was uplifting and wonderful like my retreat and experience at Mount Shasta this summer. I bring in the energy of a peak experience, the song from a movie that I love (“I Will Never Love Again” as sung by Lady Gaga in the recent movie “A Star is Born”). I look at pictures of my two new grand nephews, blessings from heaven. Beautiful food, flowers, gorgeous trees, walking in nature, cute dogs and cats touch the heart and soul and can uplift like a beautiful song or beautiful music. People who create from their hearts touch other hearts powerfully. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in “A Star is Born” created the potential for opening and healing the hearts of millions of people.

Imagine what it will be like when we are living in the fifth dimension from our hearts. We will cooperate and live in peace and harmony. Bliss will be the energy of the day. Let’s begin to create it now.


Bliss Bunny

By Valerie Donner


I want to be a Bliss Bunny

Where everything flows,

And where I live in the world

That always glows.


I want to wake up

With stars in my eyes,

And wash my face

Waiting for a big surprise.


I want to be a Bliss Bunny

With a song in my heart,

Lacking nothing,

And having abundance from the start.


I want to be happy

And bounce all around.

I’ll be happy

If I look like a clown.


I want to be silly

And so joyful I can fly.

Everything will be easy

And I won’t even have to try.


I want to hop on and off ships

And go anywhere

In this universe

Without a care.


I want to be a Bliss Bunny

And live in ease.

When I am like this

I will do whatever I please.

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner November 5, 2018


Greetings I am Mira.

Thank you for being here at this time. It is ever so clear how important your participation is in this Ascension process. You rank highly in the annals of Ascension. This is clearly one for the books in the Hall of Records.

You know that you are being spied upon through various means with your nosy alphabet agencies. They use artificial synthetic means to capture what you do. They are trying to mimic what we do in the higher realms. We simply tune in and know what you are doing and thinking. With artificial means you may think you are living in a fishbowl, however, with cosmic ways you may find yourself feeling more united with all of life. This is where the oneness principle applies.

You are beginning to understand that there are no secrets. All is known. You have been living in a matrix that is being controlled and has prevented you from realizing your oneness. As a result of the matrix you have learned separation and fear. You have been controlled artificially and unfortunately limited in a myriad of ways.

Humanity has been living like they are a spectator sport for the dark forces. The dark ones have fed upon the fear and have misused the energies of the populace. You have ultimately been restricted in your lives such that we have never seen. Soon you will begin to realize that the matrix under which you have been living is being reprogrammed for your freedom. It is because of what you have done in raising the levels of your consciousness that the light and energy support allow this freedom.

What the dark forces do not realize is that you work for Source. You will no longer be their fodder. They will not be able to use you. You will become free. You will be able to remove the shackles that held you back from your full creative expression.

Those who have been the perpetrators will realize that they themselves are the prisoners. What has been done to the populace and to the human soul will be paid for karmically for eons. The cruelty, darkness and harshness on the earth that these dark souls created will imprison them until they can learn their lessons, grow and evolve.

Your job as beings of light and love, is to feed upon these higher dimensional energies as you rise higher in consciousness until you find yourselves Home. It is been a long journey fraught with trials and tribulations, yet the destination of Home will all be worth it. All of creation will celebrate with you with your victory.

We will continue these messages until you are free!

We all send you our strength, courage and blessings. We love and admire you.

I am Mira.


In Conclusion

Here in the United States we are beginning to celebrate our holidays. In November we celebrate Thanksgiving as a day of gratitude. We have much to be grateful for and we will realize it increasingly. We are in accelerated change. All of creation is focused on the earth. We are working together to shift the planet and our consciousness into the Golden Age.

We are blessed with information, dedicated and devoted scholars and researchers bringing forth truth (not conspiracy theorists), and along with technology will assist us in re-making our planet.

Have a happy month of gratitude!

Ground Crew, we are doing a great job!


Blessings, love and light,



Valerie Donner

( or 925-287-8976)