Straight from the Heart

March 1, 2022




Dear Ground Crew:


This is what Apollo said on February 28, 2022:


“The majority of humanity is awakening to the call of the spirit within. It is as if they have been in a chrysalis waiting to become a butterfly. They are getting ready to release the external protection that has kept them locked in the third dimensional world. Some are ready to live as butterflies while others are afraid of coming out. Whether it is of their own divine desire to open their hearts to live in higher consciousness, or not, everyone is changing and will land in the most appropriate part of life. Please understand each choice is divine and part of the transformation now occurring on the earth. The light is shining everywhere. The dark will not get away with anything. You are witnessing the spectacular spotlight shine where it is most needed and where the startling truth will set the planet free. I am declaring this in the name of the Almighty I Am.”


Can you feel it ground crew? Can you feel the excitement in your heart when you take the butterfly approach? It is lighter and more fun to connect your consciousness with your higher heart, which is already in the fifth dimension. Everyone is waiting for you, ground crew, to fly with the butterflies and to transform the earth. Your path and your flight patterns have already been established.


Your heart has volumes to teach you. Information is stored there for your activation in this now moment of this ascending planet and yourself. It is being enlightened and encoded by the magical lights coming from the sun, from the earth, from the Galactic’s , from the Creator and everywhere. The focus is on you, on us, and it is being magnified exponentially to the greatest power.


Your heart will lead the way in this transformation. It might disguise itself as uncertainty, resistance, fear, confusion, or just overall lack of direction. It is perfect for you to feel everything that you are feeling right now. It is part of your ascension process. It requires letting go of the old and opening to the new. These energies are pushing everyone to the limit. We never have been so uncomfortable and unable to forcefully push through to our goals. It is almost like our goals are meaningless, but I assure you that your dreams are like gold. There is a difference between goals and gold. Goals come from the left brain of the material world to which you have been long accustomed. Gold comes from the alchemy of the great awakening of the spirit within to be expressed everywhere by everyone.


Perhaps you can breathe into your heart and see and feel the astounding light that we are describing. It is on the precipice of creating itself. It’s been waiting to be free from the recent events globally. The light is pointing to the darkness that needs to be cleared and cleansed from the planet. If you try to figure this out with the old way of thinking, you will end up confused. You might feel like you have hit a brick wall. When you go into your heart can you feel the light and rise above the cursory words that are meaningless in terms of expressing this great ascension process that we are going through right now.


When you reflect deeply into your heart you will feel the profound love and the nurturing of the divine feminine energy. This energy is now rising to the surface through our earth mother and through this divine feminine energy. The divine feminine is rising like a Chariot of Fire clearly to be noticed and respected. Everything is different and will continue to be so.


Here is a short channeling from Mother Mary (through me) of  what she wants you to know:


“Greetings: I am in Mary. 


I represent the divine feminine energy.


I am here to awaken the divine feminine energy in everyone. This energy has been suppressed on the earth. It has happened through neglect, abuse, disrespect, disregard, greed, service to self, selfishness, closed hearts, and a lack of connection with Source/Creation. These energies are expressed by a lack of self-love and a sleeping populace that has been oblivious to the beauty and creativity of nature and all of life.


With this great awakening, the divine feminine will be expressed in many examples of beauty and miracles that will touch and open hearts like you have never seen before on this planet. Divine feminine energy must be restored so that the imbalanced  masculine energy can be brought into a favorable balance with the feminine. For all too long the hearts of humanity have been trampled by those who were too tough to feel their own sensitivity and sense of humanity. This brought suffering and it is time for this to stop.


I want you to know that I am embracing all of you in my heart. You are my children and the children of Mother Earth. We love you dearly and we are with you now and in the days to come. Soon we will be celebrating together in the dance of light on our beautiful new earth.”


The Dance of Light

By Valerie Donner


Let’s join together

 In the dance of light,

 A harmonious beat 

That shines so bright


It’s powered by love. 

It reverses despair.

 It brings clarity

 Of thoughts everywhere.


Harmony is its nature.

It just can’t be stopped.

The dance of light

Means a lot.


It comes from creation

And makes its own rules.

 It’s powerful and fun,

 And really cool.


In the dance of light

 Your toes will twinkle.

Your eyes will be bright

Shining to your heart’s delight.


In the dance of light

 Everyone has a position.

 Every little step 

Will improve your disposition.


We are on the stage

 In the finale of the show. 

Let’s dance to the light 

And let 3-D go!

A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council through Valerie Donner February 28, 2022


Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. I am still working full-time on the Earth Council. This is very important work, as you know.


We greet you with tender loving care. We know there are ones who are trying to hijack the spiritual process of ascension that is currently in place. We will remind you there is no turning back. The light is true to itself and most powerful. There is nothing they can do to stop what is coming. However, they can sidetrack you somewhat with the illusion of fear, yet if you are tuned into the light and into your hearts, this will be futile.


We understand the spiritual fatigue that many of you are going through at this time. We feel it along with you. These intense energies have stirred up everything. They are accelerating the Ascension process quite a bit. One of the ways that you can realize this is by assessing the information from both sides. When you listen to your heart, you will tune in and know what is true for you and what is not. It could be that your information sources are running out of steam. You may have risen in your consciousness so some of this information is no longer pertinent.


There comes a time when you don’t have to continue to gather as much information as you did in the past. Spirit will guide you to what you need to know. You can be assured of this. Please do not get distracted with some of this extraneous information from either side. What you are beginning to discern, is that some of these sources do not know what they are talking about. Some of the truthers are carrying fake news just like the mainstream. With the glorious light though, you are beginning to figure it out and see through it. This is exactly what you will do.


You are in the process of rescuing yourselves, saving your souls and each other, by being valiantly strong and courageous in your power. Just go deeply within your heart to see what feels right and what doesn’t. You will be sorry to see that perhaps some of your favorite sources weren’t exactly up to the truth. This is the fine line, and it is important that you realize it.


We understand how you are being affected by the timelessness of how everything is speeding up. This is in preparation for living in the higher dimensions. The linear time in which you have been controlled and living for such a long time, has been one of your biggest stressors. Imagine what it will be like for you when everything is simply in the flow. So you can practice right now by allowing yourself to just be in the flow. You do not have to be at the mercy of a time piece. That clock was meant to mechanize you and keep you in control. If you do this you will be training yourself to tune in more to the natural flow. I think you will like it.


Overall, you are doing an outstanding job anchoring in the light, ground crew. You have access to much more of the higher energies like the Galactic’s, your I AM presence, the earth, each other, the Masters, Archangels, and all who are watching over you. When you combine these factors with what you are doing, you will see how you are opening to more magic and miracles. Look at how the unexpected occurs daily and see how fun it is to explore the synchronicity and beauty in this process.


We have wonderful expectations about how we are collaborating with you and how much more we will be doing this in our new earth energies. This continues to be a call for action. This is the Great Awakening. You will have everything you need, and you will be happy.


We love you dearly, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council.


We stand together in the truth and the light. And so it is!

More information about Mira


Last month on February 9th,  I did a special channeling with Mira.

Here’s the link on YouTube: The Magdelena Chronicles ~ With Special Guest Valerie Donner


Many thanks to Marianna Leah for inviting us onto her site. If you like the energies of Mira, I will be doing a series of “Merging with Mira Classes”  on Zoom so that you can feel her presence. Please let me know if you are interested in becoming more galactically connected. My classes are experiential so you will be expanding you field and raising your vibration. I am excited that she wants to do these classes. She is a galactic leader and has much to teach us. Please e-mail me at: if you are interested.



My Work


I am a spiritual counselor, energy healer, intuitive reader, teacher, and channel. I work deeply at the heart and soul level, so I feel things, see things and information comes. I’ve been meditating twice daily for over 40 years. 


The following is a recent testimonial from a new client: “Valerie is the real deal. I called on her to clear out my chakras and it just worked so well!!! My headaches disappeared along with my stomach and digestion issues. . .  She is just amazing, and it is a credit to her God- given gift that I am healed. I feel so much better, more energy and can eat anything I want without the feeling of being bloated like I was before the clearing. I highly recommend her. . . You have nothing to lose but your symptoms!”  CP


You might want to try a chakra clearing with me. This client’s first session was only 30 minutes and then she had another one the next day for another half hour. I can be reached at 925-287-8976 or email:


Due to increasing costs for everything, I am returning my rates back to what they were before Covid. My rates are: $70 for 30 minutes, $95 for 45 minutes and $140 for 60 minutes.

Little Esko


My grandnephew, Esko, who had a Redwood Tree branch fall on him in October last year that crushed his skull, is continuing to improve. He was two at the time and turned three on Halloween. He was supposed to have surgery to replace his skullcap on February 9, but it had to be postponed because he  had a cold. The good news is that his skull has regrown itself by 15%. The replacement surgery is on hold, and I appreciate all of your love and prayers for this little guy and our family. I will continue to keep you informed.





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In Conclusion


The magic and miracles of life continue. Spirit has our back, our fronts, sides, our hearts, and our souls. Love and light are the keys to our new earth. When we focus on the beauty, the love, and the truth, we will be free as a planet and as humanity. Soon we will have plenty to celebrate. So every day when a surprising event occurs, be grateful for the miracle. Allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of this planet and make that your focus. This is how we are creating a new world and our new earth. Only feed the thoughts of what you want in your world. Just observe and do not get caught up in the dramas as they play out their final roles on the earth.



Blessings, love, and de-light,