Straight from the Heart

February 1, 2021



Dear Ground Crew:

Here’s the latest information from Apollo, February 1, 2021: “The day of reckoning is here. The dark forces will not be able to get away with anything anymore. The truth is out and they will lose everything. This will become basic knowledge. All of creation is backing up the earth. It has been proclaimed that the earth is free. Watch the dark pieces fall away because they cannot remain in the frequencies of light. Dear enlightened ones, remember this, you are doing the important job of holding the light on the planet at this time. We are with you. You will need a holiday when all of this is over.”

January 21, 2021: “Who would have thought about making up a story such as the one you are experiencing right now? No one, but here it is. Make the very best of each day and hour during these dark days for they are leading to the freedom of the Golden Age. The old rules no longer matter. You do not have to follow them if you don’t want to follow them. There won’t be the normal consequences. This is a whole new system that the earth is embarking upon. Set aside your yesterdays for a beautiful new tomorrow. Make every thought and action count as you create the new.  Welcome the new for it welcomes you!”

These are exciting times. Even though most of us would like to know more about what is actually going on behind the scenes it is not for us to know. We will be told and shown the truth in divine right timing. The divine plan is in action. We are beginning to learn our parts but we have to remain patient for a while longer. Our job is to trust the Creator and know that the brilliance of the divine plan speaks for itself.

We get to go deeply within to find out what true spiritual warriors are made of. We are not being cast out to the wind but instead are being cast out into the winding down third dimensional material world. We are being guided into the spiraling higher consciousness of the fifth dimension and higher. Brighter days are coming, ground crew.

Today before starting my writing I took a lovely walk in my neighborhood. Instead of seeing chem-trails, I saw ships, many different ships. Here’s a few pictures that I took: