March 14, 2010
"2012 and the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy Part One"

Dear Friends,

      My name is Kymberlee Ruff, MFT. Cherokee by ethnicity, I was adopted into the Hopi Tribe by Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma. I was given some information that I was asked to share with the world when the time came.

      With all of the recent devastating earthquakes coinciding with the release of the movie "2012", I was asked to share some important information that is extremely hopeful.

      In the movie "2012", the world is destroyed when too many earthquakes set off the "Earth's Crust Displacement" theory and a giant Tsunami washes away most of the planet.

Image: 2012

      I have been instructed by the Holy Ones and the Elders and the Rinpoches that together we have created the causes and conditions to create a reality with a very wonderful ending. Paradoxically, the huge concern about 2012 has created the impetus for the world to form an alliance with each other so that we may enter into the Time of Never Ending Peace.

      The Hopi have a word to describe this period that was prophesied. They call it "Koyaanisqatsi". It means "Life Out of Balance". The Hopi and the Tibetan Prophecies say that Tibetans will come to the West to bring the ancient knowledge of "Wisdom and Compassion". The event of "Tibet in Exile" has helped to create the necessary tools to create the needed balance.

Image: Hopi text

      Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma spoke of these times when he addressed the United Nations in his "Cry of the Earth" speech in 1993. Grandfather Martin said that "The Horny Toad Woman told Maussau the Creator that a time would come when she was needed." The legend says that Horny Toad Woman told Maussau that she would bring a group of people with a "steel helmet to help."

      I was asked to share that indeed The Horny Toad Woman has kept her promise and that she and her friends are here. WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR.

Image: Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma

Hopi Grandfather
Martin Gashweseoma at United Nations

      Over the last decade, many devoted and holy people from all around the world have begun performing the Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals to ask Mother Earth to give us another chance. I have been told that we have become successful in forming a global alliance where we can now link with each other and the Ancestors on the Other Side.

      For example, in the movie "2012", Yellowstone National Park erupts into a "super-volcano". In 2004, Elder Bennie LeBeau initiated "The Grand Tetons Medicine Wheel" to help alleviate the pressure at Yellowstone to avoid this event. He called in the help of many to help save our "Turtle Island."


      The Non-Tsunami after the 8.8 Chilean Earthquake was evidence of that. By combining the techniques and energies that we have all been studying and practicing, we have entered into a phase of The Fifth World where we can communicate with Mother Earth with our prayers and intentions.

Image: Easter Island

      I was told that we all "worked together to ask Mother Ocean to absorb the Pacific Rim Tsumami". This was evidence that with our intention and the loving kindness of those who wanted to protect others from harm, it is now possible to create Miracles on Earth.

      I would very much like to mention some of the devoted holy people that have been performing the Sacred Ceremonies that have successfully brought us back from the edge. I apologize for excluding the many shamans and Lightworkers that have dutifully been performing the ceremonies that I have not heard of around the world. I believe in my heart that every single prayer and ritual has mattered.

    May All Beings Benefit,



Sacred Ceremonies:

Woody Vaspra and the International Sundances.

Bennie Le Beau and the Earth Wisdom Foundation

Maria Yraceburu and the Sisters of Honua

Jack Marshall and the Golden Eagle ceremonies

Grandfather William Commanda and the Seven Fires Prophecy

Ruben Saufkie, Jr and Adam Yellowbird for the "Return of the Ancestors" gathering

Chief Arvol Looking Horse, Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Woman Pipe

Miriam Delicado

Malidome Some

Michael Tamura

Uncle Angaaangaq

Doorways to Ascension


Maussau the Hopi Creator

Image: Maussau, the Hopi Creator


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