Frequently Asked Questions for Lightworkers

What is ascension and how does this relate to the millennium?
Ascension is a process of accelerating consciousness. Right now the planet is in the third dimension — that which we can only experience with our five senses. There are other dimensions — lower dimensions — the first is plant and mineral life, the second is animal life, and there are higher dimensions. These higher dimensions reflect higher consciousness, the consciousness of love (fourth dimension) and Heaven on Earth (fifth dimension) and higher. We are now ending a 2,000-year cycle and going into the new millennium, which was prophesied by many including the Native Americans, the Essenes, and the Mayans. The birth of Christ was intended to prepare humanity for this time of ascending into the fourth and the fifth dimension. His birth represents the energy of love and the opening of hearts.

What is a lightworker and what is their job?
A lightworker is someone who is here to serve humanity at this time. They have come from many different star systems, even though they are in human form. Their whole purpose is to assist the planet and her people in ascending. They work for the Light of God, Prime Creator, and serve in many ways. They can be teachers, healers, counselors, artists, musicians, in any profession, as long as they work for the Light.

How does this relate to the New Age?
The New Age is not a church, religion, or group of meditating hippies — it is the group of beings on the planet who hold the vibration for higher consciousness on Earth. Most of these people are involved with their spiritual growth, spiritual practices, and being in service. The New Age is a vibration of love and is not about fear, or separation, as many religions would like you to believe. By talking about the second coming of Christ, you are talking about the New Age. There really is no difference between what the religions say, it is simply the fear and misinterpretations of things that make it seem different. All are awaiting this vibration of love — the energy that Christ represented 2,000 years ago.

What do the "end times" mean?
Those in fear would like you to think this is the end of the world and that the planet is going to shift poles and we will face Armageddon. This is not true. The end times are simply the end of life on the planet, as we know it. In the new times we will have many wonderful events occurring on the planet and within ourselves. For instance, we will be able to manifest whatever we want, we will be telepathic, live for thousands of years, not have any illness, know our life purpose at birth, have only wanted children, no longer need money or work for someone else. We will be god-like as we were originally created in this image. We will have exterrestrial brothers and sisters visit here, we will see Angels, devas, fairies, talk with the plants and animals. You will meet up with lost loved ones from the other side. You will see there is no death, just a shifting from one physical form to another. End times are truly the beginning times — the times of love, peace, joy and harmony. They are what we have been long awaiting.

How do extraterrestrials fit into this?
First, there is life on other planets and some of the extraterrestrials are already here. Originally, they seeded us — we have their DNA in our blood. Some say we are comprised of 250 different ET races. They have had contact with our governments for over 50 years but our governments have made agreements to not tell us about these contacts. All of our computer technology, space programs (we have our own space ships), are from the ETís. We are all one. The ETís have been here assisting us in positive ways, saving our sun, and watching over us since our inception. Some of them have had their own agendas in being here — primarily to insure their own survival. Most of the ETís in our galaxy are humans but about 60% of all life is non-human. Our media has been preparing us for this eventuality.

What is channeling and how do we know whom to believe?
Channeling is the ability that people have (and we all have it, even if we donít use it) to transmit information telepathically. The information comes from sources other than the person. Music, art, the written word, the Bible, etc. could all be considered channeled information. In the ascension, New Age arena, there are many channels. One has to use their discernment in what to believe.

Explain discernment.
Discernment is better referred to as keen perception. It is one's ability to know the truth of what they are reading or hearing. How does it make you feel when you read it? Ask yourself is the information creating love or fear? Are you empowered from it or are you giving your power over to someone else? It is always best to go within and take what feels right and leave the rest.

There are many false prophets and tricksters out there trying to convince you of their ways. Some of them use 90% truths and then throw in 10% misinformation. They do this for many reasons but mostly because they are not of the Light and have hidden agendas of control or manipulation.

Do they try to get you to rely on them and their information, or do they have you work on your own empowerment? Lightworkers tend to be trusting due to the fact that where they originate people are not deceptive. They come from planets of love. Therefore, lightworkers can be especially vulnerable to some of the falsities out there. Certain dark forces play on this vulnerability. Always see if the imparters of information walk their talk. See how they treat others. It doesnít matter how famous they are, how many books they have written, or how intelligent they may be — you are the only one that needs to stand in your own empowerment and truth.

What does the comparison of the Light and Dark mean?
The Light are those who work for God. The dark are those forces who have turned away from the Light. They are a part of God too but they are mis-using their powers for self-serving ways. The dark forces are being transmuted into the Light and soon this planet will only be of the Light.

Why do things have to change on the planet? Why canít we just stay in the third dimension?
Many people are attached to the third dimension. They like it. We are connected with Mother Earth and all of life. What happens here affects the inner earth, our solar system, galaxy, universe and other universes. The planet has chosen to ascend and so have most of us on the planet, even though we may not be conscious of this choice, or we would not be here now. Mother Earth has earned the right to ascend, to be cleansed and to be uplifted in her heavenly position to that of a hugely bright star. It is her time, so things cannot stay the same. The planet is in jeopardy of dying with the pollution, nuclear weapons and power, over population, and fearful, victim consciousness. For all of these reasons and many more, things have to change. For those people who want to stay the same, they will be in a third dimensional place where they resonate. They are choosing not to evolve at this time, but may choose to do so later at some other time.

What role does fear play in this process?
Fear is the opposite of love. It has existed for a long time on the planet. Originally it did not exist, but as we became more and more separated from our god-selves we became increasingly locked into fear. Fear holds us back. It keeps us from love. There can only be love or fear and nothing else. We are at a pivotal point where we are choosing either one or the other.

A lightworker's job is not to buy into fear but to spread love. This occurs with opening our hearts, feeling compassion for those in fear, while realizing that there are some that have been living with fear for thousands of years from many past lifetimes. God is in charge here and there is nothing to fear, yet some may need to perpetrate this feeling. They are the ones who may choose to remain in the third dimension. Fear is part of 3D survival but will no longer be necessary, nor will it continue in the fourth and higher dimensions. Watching television and zooming in on the media, etc., generate fear in the consciousness by intention. Through feeding fear it is easier to control people. Remember this when you tune into something that makes you feel afraid.

What will happen to our animals and other life on the planet?
Our beloved animals and plants will also ascend and accelerate their consciousness. You will be able to communicate telepathically with them. You will be able to tell your plants to grow and they will grow. We will also be having new forms of animal life coming to the planet. Some old forms may leave if they are particularly viscous or and outlived their need here.

Why donít we know more about what is happening through the media?
The media are controlled by the powers that oversee this planet. Their vested interests are in misinformation, fear, sensationalism, etc. to keep humanity in servitude and so they can skim off the top. Much of the sensationalism is a smoke screen for what is really happening behind the scenes.

The more you choose what you allow into your consciousness the more you will begin to think for yourself. They do not want that. They want you to worry about what everyone else will think of you so they can keep you under control. Some members of the movie industry are enlightened beings trying to spread the truth in their movies. Often this truth gets distorted; however, some of the spiritual trends are portrayed in order to pave the way for ascension. Keep your eyes open and pay attention to everything you see and hear. Always see if the information feels true to you and make your choices based on that and nothing else.

How will these changes affect our bodies?
Our bodies are going through deep cellular changes in our DNA. We will be filled with much more Light. We will soon have 100% use of our brains and our chakras (energy centers) will increase from the current seven to twelve. We will begin to remember who we are and where we came from. We will eventually look like we are about 30 years old, will be much taller as a rule and will be able to heal ourselves. It is important to drink a lot of water now, eat healthfully in order to raise your vibration and to take in the new energies. It is also important to connect with Mother Earth everyday by opening your chakras (just mentally do this) and opening the bottoms of your feet (again mentally) and by pulling up the earth's magnetic energies that contain the new higher consciousness. This will help your process greatly. Also, get more rest when you need it.

What is the best way to make it through all of the changes that are coming?
Stay connected with other like-minded people. Do your inner work, prayer, meditation, eat well, get as much information that you feel you need as possible. Follow your heart in all ways. Stay in the flow of love. Ask for assistance from others when you need it. Be ready to change your life in the blink of an eye. Stand up for service, knowing that all of this will be worth going through the challenges and changes. We will be our god-like selves living on a pristine planet, in full consciousness, love and Heaven on Earth. It will all be worth it!