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    all classes are held
    in-person in
    Walnut Creek, CA.
    All times are Pacific time.
    Call Valerie at (925) 287-8976 for details and location.

Classes and Events October 2017


October Classes

Dear Family of light:

My heart reaches out to all of you and to everyone on the planet and especially to places that have been dealing with the earth changes. Here in San Francisco Bay Area we’re having terrible fires. Right now, there are at least 18 different fires as of October 10 in the Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, North Bay (Santa Rosa) along with several other counties. Where I live there is a lot of smoke in the air and we are advised to stay inside. We are truly having an overwhelming global heart opening.

Some of us are feeling compassion and empathy with humanity’s need at this time. I don’t know about you but I have been processing constantly. The mind can’t seem to perceive everything that is coming to it. Did any of you feel out of sorts last week? A number lightworkers told me they felt that way.

The intensity and chaotic energies are off the charts. We are shaking loose from the third dimension. “There is a lot of death and rebirth,” according to Lee Harris in his “October Energy Report.” “There is frustration with the old way of dealing with things." He recommends letting go of the emotions and the energy. He calls us soldiers of time. . .There is now a mass consolidation of things. The world is changing very fast. Our identity with the world is changing. Let yourself change with the times. We are no longer responsible for the way things used to be.”

I am now going to be offering more of my classes via telephone conference calls. The following is information about a new teleconference call that I’ve created:

Soul to Soul Teleconference Class
October 19, 2017
5 PM to 6 PM Pacific Time

  • In this class we will discuss some of the heart openings that we are experiencing
  • Steps we can take to heal our hearts right now
  • How to connect with your I AM presence
  • We will feel what it is like to be living from the heart and in the now
  • Be discussing how to feed and nurture our souls during these times of expansive change

$25 to be paid through PayPal in the contribution section of my website www.thegroundcrew.com must pay prior to 3:00 P.M on October 19. I will e-mail you back the call-in number after your registration fee has been received.

Other classes for the rest of the month are:

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council channeling Wednesday, October 18, 7:00-9:00PM $25. Please email me if you would like to be in this class too. Vdonner99@gmail.com

Mother Mary Channeling, Wednesday, October 25,7:00-9:00PM, $25. Please email me if you’d like to be in this is a teleconference class too.

Please note that all of these classes are copyrighted by me. You must have permission to use my material.

Let us get together, ground crew as we move in to the higher dimensions and the Golden Age.

Blessings, love and bountiful healing,