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in-person in
Walnut Creek, CA.
All times are Pacific time.
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Classes and Events August 2017


August Classes

Dear family of Light:

How are you enjoying yourselves these days? With everything that's occurring right now it can feel like a three-ring circus. We have front row seats to the Greatest Show on the Earth. This is the reason we incarnated. We chose to be here at this pivotal point. Our Ascension and the Earth's Ascension are of the utmost importance in our hearts. Our job is to find the blessings, the gratitude, the gifts, and the joy while the third dimension continues to rapidly implode upon itself. In other words, joy the end of 3-D.

In one of my classes the Master mentioned that not only is time speeding up but that also the wheel of karma is speeding up even faster. He explained it was like the tail of a dragon whipping around as fast as can be to bring about the results of one's actions. Whew! It appears that many people are getting to see the results of their actions. Huge core issues and mirrors are in front of them.

The last week of July was intense. A couple of people close to me and my family were diagnosed with some life-threatening illnesses. There was a lot of sadness. We have known for some time that people are going to be making choices. This is truer than ever. However, when it hits close to you it can shake you up.

Miracles are also occurring. We can't just focus on that with which we are uncomfortable. We can choose to focus on the beautiful unexpected surprises that come to us every day. The miracles are the precursors to how we will be living every day in the fifth and higher dimensions. There will be peace, beauty, abundance, love, and friendship and much more.

We can't take anything for granted. We must learn to detach from our linear ways of living in the third dimension. There is an interdimensional shift going on along with timeline shifts, astrological events, and unexpected changes. What seems apparent is that we are living more in the higher dimensions and that spirit is looking out for us. It has our highest good at heart. Letting go of our old 3-D goals, expectations and outlook is a part of our Ascension process.

On top of these situations we are definitely experiencing the energies of the impending August 21 eclipse. Mercury goes retrograde on August 9. Our future is in the stars. The eclipse can signal a shift in consciousness and a rise in the feminine energies according to Astrologer, Mahala Gayle. (mahalasastrology.com) She does a monthly "Planetary Alert."

We continue to get wonderful information in my classes. I hope that some of you can come and that I might even be able to get out some of the information that they are giving us by transcribing what has been said.

My classes for August are:

Monthly Meeting with the Masters, Wednesday, August 2, 7:00 to 9:00 PM, $30.

Mira from the Pleiadian High Council Channeling, Wednesday, August 9, 7:00-9:00 PM $25.

Ground Crew Pre-Eclipse Meditation, Sunday, August 20, 4:00 PM Pacific time. Please call 712-770-4010, access code 113-815.

Mother Mary Channeling Wednesday, August 30, 7:00-9:00 PM $25.

Blessings, love, peace and healing,