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Straight from the Heart — June 7, 2016
In This Issue
Image: Valerie Donner of the Ground Crew
Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew Link: The Ground Crew

Dear Ground Crew,

   First, I want to thank all of you who have sent contributions, e-mails, prayers and those who have had sessions with me since my e-mail was hijacked last month. I really appreciate your love and support. It means the world to me.

There is still some straightening out with my e-mail that needs to occur. I simply cannot count on it so it is best to use my new e-mail: vdonner99@gmail.com to reach me. Please call me if you want a session or have inquiries about my Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta from July 14-17. My phone number is: 925-287-8976. Please call me especially if you contacted me and didn’t hear back from me.

A ground crew member sent me the following which pretty much explains what I am dealing with and what can be problematic for other Windows 10 users. I recommend you watch the short 9 minute video. Then you can make your decisions too about what to do if you have had Windows 10 installed.

“Dear Valerie:

“If you get the time, watch this video which runs about 9 minutes:  "  http://investmentwatchblog.com/microsofts-deceptive-tactics-push-customers-to-mac-linux/   ".

“It shows how Microsoft continued to aggressively push the updates to 10, even when you said no, then finally made it where you could only say yes or postpone, and smart users had to click the small X on the pop-up to make it go away, then finally Microsoft didn't tell you, but they decided if you did click the X (to make the query go away), they then considered clicking the X to be that you agreed to take 10, so they then installed it behind your back and without your consent, on any Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 machines/PC's, who had not converted before.  In the process, some people with older machines lost their files and data forever, while some could retrieve it for the next 30 days, then it disappeared after a 30 day "grace" period!  To date, 27,000,000 or more have thus been scammed to upgrade, while more people are still on Windows XP (which is no longer getting security upgrades) than had adopted 10 (as you saw on the chart we looked at), and a lot of Windows 7 people heard about the scam, and installed special software to prevent the upgrade from 7 to 10.  Other users are so pissed off that they have left Microsoft forever, and have either bought a Mac, or use Linux software on their PCs, and deleted all traces of Windows 10 (hopefully they had backed up and saved their files first).  So far, 14,000,000 people have left Microsoft for Mac or Linux since 10 was released, and people found out how it comes with settings that, unless you know how to turn them off, lets Microsoft mine your data and send you more targeted ads.  There may be a lawsuit in the works, as it is clear that Microsoft forced people to upgrade, even releasing a security update that caused the motherboards of some PCs to crash, and all Microsoft said was--well, I guess you need to upgrade now!  Watch the video, as it does tell people whose computer still runs 7 or 8/8.1 how to prevent being taken over by 10, before it is too late for them.  And it provides some information of a future class action lawsuit.”

Well, we can’t count on some these old corporations working in our favor can we? We can’t always count on our e-mail, cell phones, computers, tablets or other technology working as it used to. It is clear that “they” are spying on us and trying to make it challenging for some of us to function normally. We have to make new choices about how to function the best we can and not let the bad guys get us down.

The other day a friend of mine who is a therapist asked me how I thought that humanity is doing right now. I thought about it and asked other Lightworkers the same question because I wanted to discuss this with the ground crew. One person said she thinks “People are hitting the wall; it’s like their lives are turning into compost piles.” Another person said she believes that “people are coming together in love (She is a Bernie fan and had attended a rally).”

When I look at humanity here in the San Francisco bay area, most look as if they are half asleep. One of the assistants in a store that I was just in observed that “people looked down.”  One lady in front of me in the line said she was “going to go home and have a Margarita and then she would be fine.”

To me it feels like there is little sense of time as everything is moving so quickly. No matter what most of humanity is doing we have our jobs to do as Lightworkers. We can live with ease and grace if we do our meditations and hold the Light. Meditation allows us to rise above the chaos and be the creators of our daily lives. We have to expect the unexpected knowing that it is challenging to plan as we did in the past. Everything is in a state of flux.

It appears that people are as distracted as usual and yet at a certain level I get the sense that many people are deciding if they want to remain on the planet or not. In discussing this with a friend the other day we feel that something big is about to happen. Some astrologers are saying they don’t see the elections happening here in the U.S. in November. Will something big happen with the earth? Will there be the Day of Revelation (from the book “The Transfiguration of our World,” by Gordon Asher Davidson) when we are flooded with love and those who don’t vibrate at the love frequency will chose to go elsewhere? What will it take to awaken the entire planet? Will there be a global financial collapse (some do not believe this will occur)? Will we have disclosure of life on other planets?

There are numerous possibilities about what will occur. One channel named Bashar has mentioned that by October life as we have known it will be completely different. What does that mean?

We know the earth is doing major cleansing with floods all around the planet, volcanoes awakening, and other events like these listed on June 3, 2016 from www.thebigwobble.org:


    • Five people dead as parts of Europe see worst flooding in 100 years: Parts of Britain colder than Christmas Day
    • Half of a year’s rainfall in one day shatters Texas record: 2 dead with more missing after torrential thunderstorms caused more floods
    • Pedestrians lose their shoes as heatwave MELTS roads in India with temperatures hitting 51 degrees Celsius, or 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Large extremely violent tornado tracks dangerously close to Dodge City, Kansas: Storm so powerful produced multiple tornadoes at the same time.
    • Sri Lanka Floods – Over 90 Dead With More Than 100 Missing And More Than 300,000 Displaced
    • INSANE TEMPERATURES! India shatters heat record: 51 degrees Celsius, or 123.8 degrees Fahrenheit and it are only May!
    • Parts of India break 100 year old heat record as temperatures hit 47.8 degrees Celsius.
    • Warmest April on record: Beats the previous record by largest margin ever: 7-month hot streak of warmest months ever
    • 100 year old records tumble: All three of Alaska's major cities set record temperatures over the weekend
    • Bangladesh authorities issue warning on unprecedented upsurge on dangerous meteorological activity, as lightning kills 64
    • Fort McMurray Fire update: 'It's like Armageddon': Fort McMurray fire now the size of Chicago
    • A developing disaster unfolding! Entire population of 80,000 is on the run from a city on fire in Canada
    • 1.252 billion in danger! India heat wave update: 46.5 degrees Celsius (116F) and rising!
      Indian heat wave: Death toll tops 300 as temperatures push 50C with more than 330 million struggling with severe drought.
    • Thailand records it's hottest temperature on record as heatwave continues: 112.3 degrees Fahrenheit (44.6 degrees Celcius)
    • South African Weather Service warns of dangerous seas, gale force winds, extreme cold, snow and flooding in the coming 24 hours
    • Death toll rises as Indian heat wave with temperatures now pushing 50C (122F) with high humidity


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Mother Earth

By Valerie Donner

Mother Earth is kicking up her heels.
She is rocking and rolling
Like wheels within wheels.

What is she telling us?
What does this mean?
Maybe Big Pharma
Will create a vaccine?

It’s all serious.
Mother Earth is talking.
We are the ones
Who had better be listening.

Everything is changing.
It’s as unpredictable as ever.
There’s some rearranging.
It’s getting real clever.

People and shoes are melting.
There’s rain after rain.
Old records tumble
Never to be the same again.

The winds of change
Are blowing our way.
Whatever happens
Will be the earth’s way.

Pray for Divine Intervention,
For the truth and the Light.
Let’s raise our vibrations
To get things right.

© 2016 The Ground Crew

Of course, much of what is really happening doesn’t appear in our mainstream media. More and more people are awakening. Here in the U.S. we have our Presidential election process that is a taking a lot of energy. It’s never been like this before and makes some of us wonder if the election will really happen or not.

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A Message from Mira from the Pleiadian High Council
through Valerie Donner June 6, 2016

Greetings, I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council currently working full time with the Earth Council.

I greet you today with love and optimism. Please know that all is proceeding as planned. We keep a pulse on everything so please understand that all is well. We understand how challenged most of humanity is right now. This is how it is supposed to be because the third dimensional way of living is complete. It is challenging to know within that it is over and that life is going to be entirely different from what you have known.

This ascension process is not for everyone. I am sure you know this as you see some that you love leaving their incarnations. Some are unable to adapt to the changes or they choose not to adapt. Just think if you have had everything your way on planet earth by controlling money, having power and manipulating others, you will be sorely disappointed when you lose your grip. This can be a big shock and you will begin to see how awkward it is becoming for those in this category.

Others are not open to a new earth and a lovely life. They have darkness within they cannot reach so they spread it around in unhealthy ways. To them life is not worth living outside of the third dimension.

You will discover that greed will become a thing of the past. You will become much lighter and younger. You will learn the truth about how the earth has really been run and you will be grateful for the new. Whatever systems and mis-creations are affecting you and the planet right now will be corrected. In fact, they are in the process of being rectified. There is a plan for everything and it is in place.

You will begin feeling healthier and healthier as corrective measures from all of us (the Galactic’s and the Light Alliance) assist you and the earth with healthier food, water, and everything that you require to maintain a disease resistant and healthy life. (You will not need vaccines.)

Right now we recommend that you continue to release clutter in your lives. Most of it is old 3D energy that can hold you back from lightening up. This applies to old emotions as well as to material things. You will find as you release it you will also feel better. We want you to have only the highest and the best energy in your lives.

Please acknowledge the earth and pay attention to what she is doing. She is in the process of clearing out negative energies that are unsuitable for the fifth dimension and higher. She is doing this with her own wisdom all the while loving her children. She needs you to take better care of her and it will become obvious what that means. You will do what needs to be done as it is placed in front of you.

Each of you will be gaining new gifts and abilities to use in your new higher dimensional lives. They will keep coming and you will gain a distance from what you did in the third dimension. It is all part of refining and becoming the perfection that you are intended to become.

We follow your progress, your opening hearts and expanding work with happiness and joy. You are doing well and please remind yourselves that we are with you every step of the way.

I am Mira and I love you.

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Heart of the Mountain Retreat at Mt. Shasta

Okay, ground crew, who wants to come with us to my annual retreat at Mt. Shasta? Most of you probably know that I lived at Mt. Shasta for three years so I have firsthand knowledge of great places to go and stories to tell.
Here’s a link to the registration form that you can send to me at: P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.
Or you can use our Donation Page to Register; please mention that you are registering for this retreat.


Come to the Heights of Mt. Shasta for a peak mystical experience!

Facilitated by Valerie Donner
“There is no place like Mt. Shasta—a place where Heaven and Earth meet!”

Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016, 1:00 PM until Sunday July 17, 2016, 2:00 PM
Location: The City of Mt. Shasta (directions will be provided upon registration)
Cost: $444 includes bath and sauna at Stewart Mineral Springs and Sunday brunch at the beautiful Mt. Shasta Resort (Receive a 10% discount-- $44 if you register by June 14)

Go to our Our Donation Page to Register - When you pay, mention that you are registering for this retreat. Or Use our registration form for mail-in registration to Valerie's physical Mailing Address.

Information about lodging and camping will be provided.

Through spending time in nature, walking, meditating, and being nurtured deeply, you will experience teachings, channelings and visits to sacred sites on and around Mt. Shasta. Come be touched in the heart and soul by the beauty of Mt. Shasta. This sacred retreat will facilitate the following:

            • Relaxation and rejuvenation
            • Healing
            • New awareness of self
            • Improved meditation
            • Greater awareness of Mt. Shasta and nature
            • A crystal bowl concert

      Being in joy and beauty at the mountain

Valerie Donner is a spiritual counselor, intuitive reader/healer, teacher and channel. She works deeply at the heart and soul level to facilitate healing and transformation. Valerie has been meditating twice a day for over 40 years. She is the founder of The Ground Crew website, www.thegroundcrew.com. She lived in Mt. Shasta for three years and is pleased to share some of the blessings she discovered of this sacred place.

This is a special event.
Read more about our Mt. Shasta Retreat
A magical 4-day retreat in the beauty of Sacred Mount Shasta.
See our Face Book Page for Pictures!

Heart of the Mountain Retreat Registration Form

Todays Date _______________________________________

Name _____________________________________________

Phone ______________________________________________

E-mail ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

City _______________________________________________

State _______________________________________________

Please make checks out to: The Ground Crew and mail them to P.O. Box 5705, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

We can accept credit cards MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Card number: __________________________________________

Expiration date: _________________________________________Code___________________

Go to our Easy-to-Print Registration Form by clicking here

Space is limited so please register as soon as possible. Registration must be received by July 10, 2016.
Workshop fees are non-transferable and non-refundable unless we are notified 2 weeks in advance of the event.

For questions or to register over the phone please call Valerie Donner, at The Ground Crew, 925-287-8976 or e-mail vdonner99@gmail.com





In Conclusion

During these times of change and challenge it can behoove us to be in nature. The beauty of the earth and the transformative opportunities for healing are profound. Mother Earth has a lot to tell us and so do the nature spirits.

Technology can drain us and sometimes make our lives more stressful. Getting away from all of the electromagnetic currents with which many of us live can create peace and calming. We need this for our healing.

We can have faith that we and our planet are in good hands. Whatever we need will be given to us.

Hang in there, ground crew, the best is yet to come.

Blessings, love and Light,

© The Ground Crew

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Image: Valerie Donner founder of The Ground Crew

 Sessions with Valerie Donner

         Working deeply at the heart soul level, which is where the healing needs to occur, Valerie uses her gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairaudience. She has been meditating twice daily for over 40 years so this enables her to go in depth from her heart when working with people. She has been doing healing work for 15 years and has helped thousands of clients.

                  She invites her client’s team of their own guides, Archangel, Angels and Masters, as well as her own team such as the energies of the Christ, Mother Mary, St. Germain, Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, the Archangels Gabriel, Uriel, Michael and Raphael, the Native American healers, and others, to be with you when the session starts. As she begins running the energy, information comes to her and she will give you a message. From there the session goes accordingly and includes a combination of spiritual counseling, energy healing, intuitive readings, channeling and teaching. It depends upon the clients’ wishes for the session.

         Valerie works with quantum healing because it is a blend of the spiritual body, mental, emotional and physical body. Disease starts at the spiritual level, goes to the mental, the emotional and then the physical body. She gets out of the way so the energies of our Creator can work through her.

Some benefits of having a session include:

  • Greater understanding and clearing of emotional issues with relationships including with those on the other side
  • Energy healing for physical issues as well as from trauma, abuse and addictions
  • Clarity, direction and guidance
  • Release of negative energies
  • Deepening the connection with the inner child and your soul
  • Help with spiritual growth
  • Readings from hour angels and guides
  • Aligned chakras
  • Clearing out of old core issues like fear of being unlovable, fear of the future, fear of being alone or not good enough
  • Insight into your divine purpose
  • Improved self-empowerment and self esteem
  • Feeling lighter and more positive

Valerie also does channelings and readings.

Sessions are available by phone or in person.   Please contact Valerie at: valeriedonner@sbcglobal.net or by phone: 925-287-8976.   Rates are: $60 for 30 minutes, plus $30 for each 15 minute increments. Sliding scales are possible for those who need them.



The information on this web site is presented for the benefit of humanity. All of this information is copyrighted by The Ground Crew and must not be used for any other proprietary purposes.
Permission is granted for personal use only.

© The Ground Crew
Permission must be granted for any use other than personal.


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